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  1. ridgedale

    Reference: PW 3.0.62 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile. I have a table that needs some of its content to be hidden. I've tried applying the following classes and styles to <tr>, <td> and <a> elements all without success: class="hidden" class="uk-hidden" class="uk-invisible" style="display:none" style="visibility:none" style="visibility:collapse" <-- only applicable to rows in this case Is there any way to allow a user to hide content? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. ridgedale

    Hi Robin S, Your suggestion looks like it should fit the bill. Is it possible to reverse sort the repeater fields so the most recent year appears at the top of the list? Thanks again for all your input.
  3. ridgedale

    Thank you for all your feedback, flydev, Robin S and LMD. I should have clarified that I have already setup a Parent page for the newsletters and the Children pages to each hold 10-years' worth of monthly newsletters - the newsletters go back to 1975 (the ones I've scanned and have yet to process) and possibly well beyond. See the screen grabs attached. The thinking behind a single folder hierarchy for the newsletter store is that, firstly, it would allow straightforward portability should the archive ever need to be moved, and, secondly, to facilitate the automatic display of the current newsletter based upon today's yyyy-mm date, provided it has been uploaded, or otherwise display the previous month's newsletter. The problem I foresee with storing the files as media attached to the Pages is that the paths to the files will not be predictable making the automatic displaying of the latest newsletter in the sidebar less than straightforward, if not impossible, and the newsletters will end up being scattered among many different folders meaning the portability of the archive would be less than ideal. Any further thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks again.
  4. Reference: PW 3.0.62 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile. I was wondering if it is possible to create an upload method that is not directly associated with any particular Processwire page so that a custom folder can be used from within the admin frontend to upload for example newsletters so they are stored in one hierarchical location to allow the latest edition to be automatically displayed using a single code call. What I'd like to be able to do is provide an upload method that allows a user to create year folders and upload newsletters to the relevant folders, making sure the uploaded files are named as required. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. ridgedale

    That's exactly what I have been doing ... searching the forums using the built-in search then following up with a Google search. I'll give that a try and have a hunt round the forums. Thanks. The iframe contains OpenStreetMap data. The contributors/users just need to follow the instructions how to add a location map for their group. The locations could be anywhere. If no URLs are entered, that section of code is ignored. Hope that makes sense. Thanks again for your assistance.
  6. ridgedale

    Hi kongondo, Thank you for the reply and the topic link. My searches did not uncover that thread. A lot of my searches tend to return zero results, possibily because I'm entering too much information. It was very helpful to be aware of the potential issues in relation to allowing contributors/users the ability to enter code into fields. Having read through it all I decided to replace the field I setup to hold the iframe code with two fields the contributors can copy and paste the relevant URLs within the iframe code into them as the remainder of the iframe code is identical and it avoids any potential the security issues. Then I needed to do was replace the URLs in the iframe code on the template with the processwire code to load the data from the fields. Many thanks again.
  7. Reference: PW 3.0.62 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile. I wonder if anyone might be able to assist. I've setup a custom field to allow contributors to enter the html code to display an iframe. When I try to call the field nothing is displayed: echo $page->get("/contact")->urliframecode; When I inspect the element nothing is being passed to the web browser. If I enter the code directly in the template, the iframe is displayed correctly. I've tried configuring the custom field has been configured as type text area and as both Unknown/Text as well as Markup/HTML without any success. Any idea where I am going wrong?
  8. ridgedale

    Thanks for the feedback and pointers, once again.
  9. ridgedale

    Thanks for the reply once again, Robin S. I'm not sure this is what I am after as the site in question will have potentially many contributors and potentially many hundreds, if not thousands, of blog-posts (News items). A web search uncovered your experimental VirtualParents module which, at first glance, I thought might fit the bill exactly. The fact that it cannot be used for real children or on actual production websites precludes it from implementation. In essence, if thousands of posts are listed ungrouped below Blog (News in this case) I'm very mindful of the potential that clicking on Blog (News) to display the list of posts would have a significant impact on the performance of the website from a contributor perspective. What I'm hoping to achieve is for the posts to be returned automatically as collapsed groups by year or year/month and then when the group is clicked that the posts are listed in sort order by the custom field currently specfied using the Templates > News (blog) > Family (tab) > Children are sorted by option as follows: News (blog) 2017 3rd Post Title 2nd Post Title 1st Post Title 2016 2015 .... or: News (blog) 2017 2016 12-December 11-November 10-October 3rd Post Title 2nd Post Title 1st Post Title 09-September 08-August 07-July 06-June 05-May 04-April 03-March 02-February 01-January 2015 .... Is it possible to achieve such automatic page listing with Lister or ListerPro without requiring contributors to run filters?
  10. ridgedale

    @benbyf Thanks for the feedback. @BitPoet I'll do that. Thanks, guys.
  11. ridgedale

    @Robin S Please don't apologise. Your assistance has been extremely helpful. I didn't need to execute the API code as I had already gone through all the posts and manually corrected them. The solution was to remove <page id> - from the name field, make any changes and then save them. However, the updated code you have kindly provided resolves the issue and avoids having to do that in future. Many thanks again for all your help.
  12. ridgedale

    @Robin S Just come across an issue with the hook code. If a post needs to be updated, an additional id is added to the name for example after one change and save the name becomes: <id>-<id>-<post-title> and after four changes it becomes <id>-<id>-<id>-<id>-<post-title>. Is there any way to avoid this other than resolving the issue by directly editing the database to remove the unwanted additional ids? Or removing the id from the name before saving the edited post?
  13. ridgedale

    Reference: PW 3.0.62 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile. Please could someone advise what the process is to organise the blog posts under the admin login to avoid very long, random lists of posts. My immediate thought is to have the posts listed in groups by year and month, but I cannot see how tit might be possible to do that.
  14. Please could someone explain how to mark a topic as solved. This does not appear to be covered by the guidelines.
  15. ridgedale

    @Robin S, Thanks for you help. For some reason the page names are now working. There appears to have been some delay before the post names were updated. Plus I needed to review and amend the database entries for the posts where the post names were scrambled/junked during testing. Many thaks to everyone for all their input.