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  1. Sorry for this late andswer. Thanks a lot for this module I didn't know. It does exactly what I wanted :-)
  2. Hi For example the content tree : Home Page 1 Page 1.a Page 1.b Page 1.b.i Page 1.b.ii Page 2 Page 2.a All pages except Home are using the basic-page template. Is there a way to configure a user role "page1_webmaster" to manage just the branch from root "Page 1" ? Or other solution to restrict a user to manage just a defined branch ? Thanks
  3. Hello I used this module and all work very well. Thanks for this 😄 I have just 2 questions : Is there a way/option/hook to not appy the clustering in a multi-markers map ? OR define a threshold (10 markers for example or 100 kilometers between markers or 100 pixels between markers) ? Is there a way/option/hook to add margin or padding when fitToMarkers is true ? Because some edge markers are cut... Thanks a lot for your help
  4. Hello Please can you explain how delete a geographic point ? I saw in javascript that if Lat is 0 no marker. But how can I set Lat 0 in the InputField ? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for this ! I didn't know gulp-foreach 😉
  6. Hi Flydev Can you past your gulpfile.js please. I'm interesting to see how you do main-tpl-css/js tasks ? Thanks a lot
  7. Hi I'm using this great module to display points from a page list. I added a leafletmap field on page template and all is good. That's work ! But now, how can I remove geolocalized informations on some pages ? For example: on a page I set a location to Paris in leafletmap field on the "france" page. Now I would like to delete this geographic information (lat, lng, address, zoom) to remove this point (location to Paris)... How can I do ? When a point is set, it seems to be impossible to delete it... Is there a solution ? Thks in advance
  8. Houra !!! I don't know why, but in the MaintenanceMode module from @Pete, I get a buggy value. I set the field "Redirect to another URL" to "/waiting.html". The maintenance mode was disable but I have strange value in the filed "Redirect to another page instead of the login page?" : it was set to "Login" and impossible to change it. I just uninstalled and install again the module and now all is OK ! Thanks a lot for your help @dragan, @Robin S and @horst
  9. Hi @horst. I just tried your solution. I installed SiteProfileExporter module on production website. I created a backup. I installed on dev a new Processwire install with this site profile, but in the end of the install process, I clicked on "Login To admin" button. Then no admin login form, just a redirection to the home page ! This solution don't work !
  10. OK Then Don't work : I truncate table caches I go to /gestion and I refresh modules twice I'm signing out and I go to www.test.com (Root URL) I go to /gestion and I'm redirecting to root url again ! So I don't understand why !
  11. Them for AOIM module, I replaced in line 707 : // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Initialize timestamp variable. // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ $_timestamp = ''; By // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Initialize timestamp variable. // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ $_timestamp = 0; And All is good !
  12. Hi @Robin S I read this post and I refresh Modules. But some module don't work anymore. For example, I use AOIM and for CSS cal I have this error : <br /><b>Warning</b>: A non-numeric value encountered in <b>/home/srufer/public_html/client_mairiestoffenge/www/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module</b> on line <b>713</b><br /> /site/assets/aiom/css_b828a2467647aa875f44be4891e380f6.css
  13. OK. Then I downloaded all processwire folder from prod to dev. I dump the prod database and import it in the dev environnement. And... It's the same thing on dev : when I go to the admin path I'm redirecting to root URL. If I truncate the caches table in the dev database : I get the login form but lot off bugs because of the truncate caches table... How can I do without this bad effect ?
  14. I also tried to rename in the database the page ID 2 from "gestion" to "processwire" but the result is /processwire is redirecting to / without login form...
  15. @dragan Sorry I'm not well expressed. I just wanted to say that if /gestion73100 was not recognized, I would have got a 404 error. If I go to https://www.test.com/gestion (the admin path) I'am redirecting (302) to https://www.test.com/ (root path) without any option to login. I already read this chapter about login troubleshooting but I don't find a solution... In PW error log and Apache error log, I don't see anything bad. I don't understand what happens. This morning all was good. I just installed PageimageRemoveVariations module. Is it possible to delete the last installed module : PageimageRemoveVariations ?
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