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  1. Hi I just tested version 3.0.190 and noticed some bugs on the repeaterMatrix color usage : The background color is not applied (example: Colonnes not applied but Test is applied on all matrix item) Single quote characters are not displayed (encoding problem) Color codes appear in the labels to add item
  2. Hi I get a fatal error when I click on "Debugger" in module settings page. Return value of SearchEngine\Debugger::getWords() must be of the type array, null returned File: .../modules/SearchEngine/lib/Debugger.php:599 Sorry I just update the module and I resolved it with the 0.30.3 version. have a nice day
  3. Hi @AndZyk and @Zeka Thanks for these solutions. The first solution (disable Languages Support - Tabs) will indeed impact the entire back office, regardless of the template. But as said Zeka, I can fork and adapt this module. Zeka, thanks a lot for your codes. I will see how to get inspired to achieve my goal. Have a nice day
  4. Hi 1. By default, every fields in page are lang tabs UI. If I click on folder icon on top right of a field, the lang versions of this fields are extending. I see all version of this lang for this field. My client would like to have this behavior by default on some templates. Is there a simple way to do that ? Hook or just a Javascript added in Admin ? 2. Is there a solution to allow the publication of a page only if the mandatory fields are filled in for all languages? Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Hi I found ! Two pages references with a selector all pages... It was a mistake. Simple and done 😀
  6. Hi I'm using Processwire 3.0.180. When I edit a page in admin, Tracy Debugger count between 50 and 100 pages loaded, depending on the templates. All pages open in less than a second. But when I edited pages from a certain template, this pages opened in more than 40 seconds and Tracy Debugger count more than 14000 pages loaded. When I look in the pages loaded list, I find a very large amount of lines that look like this: 1247 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-182/for-page-1246/ Page 1248 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-158/for-page-1246/ Page 1249 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-159/for-page-1246/ Page 1250 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-169/for-page-1246/ Page 1251 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-170/for-page-1246/ Page 1252 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-180/for-page-1246/ Page 1254 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-137/for-page-1253/ Page 1256 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-182/for-page-1255/ Page 1258 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-170/for-page-1195/ Page 1261 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-182/for-page-1132/ Page 1262 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-159/for-page-1132/ Page 1263 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-169/for-page-1132/ Page 1264 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-170/for-page-1132/ Page 1265 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-180/for-page-1132/ Page Or other like : 10222 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-5710/1623420295-8678-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10232 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-5710/1623420316-7346-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10242 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-5708/1623482402-7605-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10256 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624257169-0968-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10266 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624257191-2937-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10278 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624257284-3093-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10289 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624258816-4716-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10302 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259001-0062-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10312 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259056-5808-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10326 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259204-4337-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10336 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259240-545-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10347 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259280-7777-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10357 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10254/1624259299-317-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10369 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-6006/1624259684-8705-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage 10381 /sc_admin/repeaters/for-field-138/for-page-10379/1624259765-4187-1/ RepeaterMatrixPage More than 10000... This template doesn't contain repeaterMatrix. How can I understand what's happened ? Thanks for your help
  7. Hi @netcarver I tried with quotes and without but the result is the same : no effect...
  8. Hi @Saleena Jhon Something like that ? $pages->find('template=event, date_start <= ' . $customDateStart . ', date_end >= ' . $customDateEnd . ', sort=date_start, sort=date_end');
  9. Thanks a lot @Kiwi Chris. It was a bug in 3.0.179. I just upgraded to 3.0.180 and it's work fin.
  10. Hi On Processwire 3.0.179 Create a fieldtype image named "img_test" with option "Use custom fields" On the template "field-img_text" add a title field On a repeater matrix, add a new type with the field "img_test" Add the repeater matrix on basic-page Create a new page and add an image in the repeater matrix, in the field img_test and fill in the title field from the image field Save and reload : the title field from img_test in the repeater matrix is empty In older Processwire versions, the first time I saved this custom fields were not saved, but on the second one, yes. Any idea about it ? A bug or a bad setting ?
  11. Hi I'm using this module for the first time in a multilingual website. In my home, language prefix are empty because I manage URL directly: mydomain.fr for French mydomain.com for English mydomain.de for Deutsch The the MarkupSitemap module rendered something like that for each page (on mydomain.fr), after set default language (in module settings) to "fr" : <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="fr" href="https://mydomain.fr/"/> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="" href="https://mydomain.fr/"/> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="" href="https://mydomain.fr/"/> But I would like to render : <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="fr" href="https://mydomain.fr/"/> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="https://mydomain.com/"/> <xhtml:link rel="alternate" hreflang="de" href="https://mydomain.de/"/> I tried to use Hook like that : wire()->addHookAfter(MarkupSitemap::getAdditionalPages, function ($event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); $language = $event->arguments(1); MarkupSitemap::applyLanguageSupportHooks(); return [ 'url' => 'https://mydomain.fr/test', 'fr' => [ 'url' => 'https://mydomain.fr/test', ], 'en' => [ 'url' => 'https://mydomain.com/test', ] 'de' => [ 'url' => 'https://mydomain.de/test', ], ]; }); But the sitemap rendering is the same. How can use the Hook to set alternate language URL from pages ?
  12. Thanks a lot @BitPoet. I didn't know the "user access > permission page" on Processwire Doc. I just applied the permission and it works nicely 🙂
  13. Hello One of my customers needs to have his site translated by a publisher. He asks me if it is possible to create a role that could only edit the German version of the pages, without permission on the English version. I haven't found any permission related to this need, but maybe it's possible from a hook? Thank you for your help
  14. @ryan Since upgrade to 3.0.172, I have this notification alert : And if use "Publish" button to publish a page I have this notification alert : But if I uncheck "Unpublish" or if I publish from page list, the page is published. Any idea ? How can I look for something to resolve it ?
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