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  1. Aaand here is the fix courtesy of @valan :
  2. I just ran into the same problem, the address box is gone and underneath it says "N/A". Anyone know what could cause this?
  3. Hi @inspeCTor, I'm afraid I didn't, remains a mystery, I haven't had this problem before or after. Spent some time figuring out what could be different with this one installation, but there shouldn't be anything special there. Please do report if you find some clues, thanks!
  4. Hi there, This has always worked without a hitch, but I'm a bit stumped now. I'm using this for the body field, I have a youtube URL in a paragraph, but I can't get the player to show, just the URL text as is. I then tried with a Vimeo video, no luck there either, but in that case it creates the TextformatterVideoEmbed div (<div class="TextformatterVideoEmbed"></div>), but the div has no content. I'm running PW 2.6.1 and the latest version of TextformatterVideoEmbed. Any idea what's going on here?
  5. Ran into the same message trying to reach the uploaded document by clicking the link in the entry, any idea of what could be going on? The site is running ProcessWire 2.4.0 and Form Builder 0.2.2. The URL looks like this:,17133,37943.png,1c94a26a226b90fce23f6687fb786f95ec3f26f5
  6. Hi guys, hadn't tried this before, seems to be working great, just a couple of questions: My query works as it should, but there's bunch of fields that include letters like Å, Ä and Ö and these letters are encoded, a title like "Riihimäki" is encoded to "Riihim\u00c5boki", how can I avoid this and just have the values as is? Further on, the path value (a relative path) is added by default, any chance of overriding or adding to it, so I could get the absolute/full path for each page?
  7. Glad I stumbled upon this topic, I'm in!
  8. This is a great module, thanks Ryan! I find myself in the peculiar situation where I need to limit access to the title field of a specific template, you mention on the module page that this is doable, would you mind giving some pointers on how this could be done with the help of this module? Thanks!
  9. That's right, no problem whatsoever with ProcessWire, just a server outage. I suspect the database had gone first (hence the "Unable to complete this request due to an error") and soon after the rest. Now everything's running smoothly.
  10. Phew, it's all working now. The server died before I had a chance to get the log file, but after a few hours of waiting everything is now working great. Apparently the server had been overloaded. This is what I found in the log file (actually around a hundred of these): 2011-06-22 22:59:40: Unknown User:/?/:ProcessWire Error:Exception: (in /home/vhome/tms/www/wire/core/Database.php line 72) Thanks again Ryan!
  11. Hi all, My client has happily been updating their site (using ProcessWire) for a couple of months, all of a sudden the site now says: "Unable to complete this request due to an error". What could cause this so suddenly? No one has touched the files, so could this be some sort of server issue or what? All help very much appreciated, thanks!
  12. Don't know how I missed the docs for pagination, this along with your other link got me on the right track. Thank you!
  13. Hi there, Building my first site with PW and everything's coming together nicely, so thanks for a wonderful CMS. There's one thing that has got me a bit stumped though. I need to create a navigation between a group of sibling pages (at the moment I identify this group by using a selector). The navigation consists of just two links, "previous page" and "next page", what would be the best way to do this? These pages will also have sub pages and the navigation will be used there too. Any hints or code would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!