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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I'm creating a site where people can vote on dogs. To start with, I need the dog owners to register and then upload text, images, and videos about their dog. What I thought I could do is to create a page when the user registers. The page would be unique by using the member ID. So I would end up with: Home - Members -1001 -1021 -1025 Then each member page would have 1 or more children which would be the dogs that they have added. I just wanted to ask if that is a good way of doing things or if there's maybe a much simpler way of doing this. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Reference: PW 3.0.111 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile. Despite my searches of the forum I'm somewhat confused about how to create new child pages on the frontend when a user clicks on a button on the parent page. I also have an equivalent button that is intended for uploading a .csv file to automatically create multiple new pages. This basically relates to a club (parent) and members (child) template configuration. Hopefully this explanation makes sense. A button should be able to launch the code needed to initiate the script required to create a new page using something like: <a href="/path/page.php">New +</a> <a href="/path/page.php">New ++</a> Does the code to create the new page or new pages need to be run from the template file for the child or the parent? A new individual member page will need to be editable manually at the point of page creation as well as subsequently, whereas multiple new pages will need to be editable after they have created and populated with data, again, as well as subsequently. I would very grateful for any advice or pointers as to how to achieve this.
  3. Hello all, I'm putting first bricks of the social network that I've decided to make using ProcessWire. But before I start I wish to (again) make it clear that I'm not a programmer, I'm more of a designer. I wanted to create this social network for over a year but the developers kept messing it up or charging too much so I decided to make it myself. So, I've decided to go step by step with this. It'll be like mini facebook. Every user will have his profile page as a unique page. Eg. http://example.com/vineet.sawant He/she would have several things to do like posting a 140 chars long status, posting a long post, share images & links etc. For that I've thought of PW's page structure as follows: Home - - Users(hidden page) - - vineet.sawant - - - - bio-page - - - - status - - - - posts - - - - images But for the first step, all I want to do is sign up user & dynamically create a page for him/her same as his/her username. I've already tried FrontendUserProfilesPW module but it gives some error. I wish to do this using default users api. Can anyone guide me on how can I do this? Also most importantly, how do I create page dynamically and add specific template to it? Thanks.
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