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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I have a big problem with a client of mine. I have to do something that i don't do very often with processwire, and i'm very afraid that i'm not gonna able to do it. So i write to search some help from you experts. The website that i'm gonna create will have a database with infos about users. This users are not the actual registrered users, but possible users. I'll try my best to explain this. What i will have is a datasheet in the database with infos about all the users (name, surname, fiscal Code) that can register to the website. So during registration the website is confront with this database of people, and accept or not your registration to the website. Now. The problems are: the client need a page in the CMS to insert this people in the first place (Custom Admin Page?) in the database. I read what i need to create it, but i don't understand what i need to do next. What i need to do for reading and writing to the database, with data, directly from a custom admin page in processwire? The other thing is. I can do this control during registration? I Can extend fields in the user account? I'm completely in your hands.
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to processwire, but really appreciate the way its works. Thank you Ryan. I need your help guys, any help would be appreciated, as i am searching the forum since last 1 month. but couldn't found out how to achieve. My issue is as my user registers on my website, it will be assigned a role. eg Register but what i want to achieve is that after login i want user to have edit profile , logout and Add Page. But i want user to add only one time, only single page can be post by him. if user adds the page, and login into account it must show edit page. Please help me guys.
  3. We have been asked by a potential client to conceive a national registration system. The client: a sport association that is divided into divisions, districts, clubs, and, of course, members. While any serious CMS would be able to help with this task, there is an aspect of the registration that puzzles us. The actual registration form would have mandatory fields, requested by the national organization. However, each division and/or club should be able to add, remove, modify any other type of fields to the same form and leaving intact the mandatory fields (since each divisions or club has its own perquisites). There are about 400 clubs in this associations (38 000 members), 5 divisions. So, in theory, there would be 400 registration forms, 400 clubs administrating their own form (which means 400 admin users), 5 divisions being able to add their own fields, etc. Of course, this has to be user friendly... A complete custom solution (with the help of an established framework) is, at the moment, our choice, but I am wondering if PW could not help us. I see in the Form builder a way to ease the programming process. But is it possible to limit the admin of a club to just the form of their club? Along with this form come all the actions pertaining to administrate membership information, payments, etc. The system has to be multilingual.
  4. Hello, community. How to create user registration form on front end?
  5. Lately I’ve been building a little script for a local journalist who manages a open Google Docs spreadsheet where Swiss journalists can enter there social media data like Twitter names etc. The script updates a Twitter list with the collected Twitter names in the spreadsheet, means it gets the document feed through Google Docs API and updates the list through Twitter API. Long story short I’ve been dealing with the oauth authentication mechanism. I started thinking about creating a module for PW to connect user accounts with oauth providers like Twitter. Could be helpful in more community focussed projects.
  6. I'm running into a problem with my registration form, I'm trying to run an if statement if a username is already taken. The code I was trying was: elseif (in_array($input->post->signup_name, $users)) { $output = "<h6 class='error'>Unfortunately that username is taken, please try another.</h6>"; } Either there is a problem with my if statement (can $users be used as an array in this way?) or PW is finding the duplicate before my check even takes place as when submitting the form I get the following error: "Error exception: Duplicate entry" Would appreciate it if anyone has run into similar problems. Thanks!
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