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  1. I will try this first. If is not gonna work form i will go for @kongondo solution. Next few days i will start programming, and I will let you know how it went!
  2. That's exactly what i want to do. The info are gonna be more than six or seven "fields" per person. What i haven't done before is importing with csv and transform to pages, i have to dig more into this. How can i display a ProcessWire table in excecute() ? I can not understand how to do that...
  3. They write to csv, then they send this to the developer. But after i said them they were absolutely doing this directly from the website, they were absolutely enthusiastic. My question is: I have read how to do a module in the Admin (it is very easy to create it), but how i can display the pages only in that new tab? Like an html table or something similar? And maybe in all of those, insert the modify button (that redirect to the normal page edit). Technically i never do this, and i don't know where to start.
  4. 1- the idea was that the client update this list. The option that imports from a csv is an option but can be very handy. What I know is that the interest is to export in a csv registered user and other lists. So I a do people as pages, I can export an hidden category with lots of pages in a csv? 2- The people's list are very very large. Actually there's a database in the old website that I need to import in the first place. 3- will be regularly updated once or twice a year, maybe more. 4- No the people can be pages. The peoples are gonna store in the same database, so the important thing is to have a tab in the admin, so can be easy to the client to see only the people, and not all the pages etc.. I want to create a tab because I think that the page tree, with all the names, are gonna be very large, and not very easy to read.
  5. Hi! I have a big problem with a client of mine. I have to do something that i don't do very often with processwire, and i'm very afraid that i'm not gonna able to do it. So i write to search some help from you experts. The website that i'm gonna create will have a database with infos about users. This users are not the actual registrered users, but possible users. I'll try my best to explain this. What i will have is a datasheet in the database with infos about all the users (name, surname, fiscal Code) that can register to the website. So during registration the website is confront with this database of people, and accept or not your registration to the website. Now. The problems are: the client need a page in the CMS to insert this people in the first place (Custom Admin Page?) in the database. I read what i need to create it, but i don't understand what i need to do next. What i need to do for reading and writing to the database, with data, directly from a custom admin page in processwire? The other thing is. I can do this control during registration? I Can extend fields in the user account? I'm completely in your hands.
  6. no i't not managed by plesk, is a very limited dashboard... i tried that but it gives me the same problem I verified that all folders and files have the permission to write and read I think that i will ask to Aruba.it to change from Windows hosting to Linux Hosting. I tried everything but doesn't work 😞
  7. the fact is that i just added permission to read and write to all the foleders... I will check if it is added to only the roots folders or also the files inside of it 😞
  8. Yeah Windows Hosting. i read that, but i don't know what type of web.config i should use and what i should write in 😞
  9. Yeah i just checked all files to Read/Write.. What i can do?
  10. Hi! I have some problems to trasfer the installation from local to the server. The problem is this error. This is a fresh installation, and the server is an Hosting Windows (Aruba.it). What can i do? I tried various versions of Processwire (from 2.8 to 3.x), i think that the problem is something related to the hosting (the client already buyed this so i can't do much). Pls Help!
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