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Found 3 results

  1. A client of mine was asking for a solution to send newsletter mails to a list of subscribers. I looked around for a module, but couldn't find any. Then I saw a screenshot on this blog post about UIKit update, and decided to recreate it. Huge thanks to @ryan for the inspiration. The module uses regular pages for building HTML content. These pages can be used to create a fallback link in emails (i.e. "Use this link if you can't view email properly"). During render it injects $page->mailerMode, which can be used to change page output between text and HTML, or to show a simplified, email only HTML output. Screenshots: Main screen is just a list of items. Create page: Module configuration page: During installation, module creates a page under admin for storing items similar to FieldtypeRepeater. It also creates some fields for storing mail info Todo: More testing Sending in batches (with a script that runs in background and real-time progress log) Plans: Integration with Mailchimp (for subscriber lists) Automation (as a separate module for creating email content pages) I'm hoping to complete and release the module in the following days. I think these features should be enough for the beginning, but I'm open to suggestions.
  2. Hello, I'm Just wondering if the Newsletter system is made in Processwire or they use other solutions. like mailchimp. I think should be a fun project making a newsletter system, that powers the processwire newsletter. Using systems like making a newsletter app becomes more straightfoward I think.
  3. Hi guys, im searching for an easy to use solution of a newsletter for a PW. Preferably create pages as email addresses thru API for users. I dunno what would be easyer for me, (im not php magician) use some api ? or is there any other easy solutuion? If api then which one. and how to integrade it with PW so it will use my user base. Ty Paweł