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  1. Hi can anyone tell me how to use markup cache with images. @Can @pwFoo Thanks regards
  2. @adrian i am still not able to figure it out, can u tell me how can create a page like 'profile' so that when user who logs in can have this page's shortcut on their screen and can just fill this page.
  3. @adrian with your help its working perfectly, i tested it. thanks
  4. thanks @Robin S @kongondo , you both are correct. i will create a page when user is created. Thanks will post the update.
  5. hey its easy, u just have to create a copy of user template for example user-2 template, and also one more template to store user-2 pages as child , for example user2-parent. now u have to apply set family settings as child and parent. in site/config.php you have to define userTemplatesId and userPagesIDs. Then under home create a new page, with user2-parent as its template. Thats it. Now under users when u add a new user it will ask you which template you want to use. Enjoy.
  6. hi, just created a parent page and under this i want a user who is logged in to create only one page, not more than that. how can i do this. thanks
  7. @adrianyour hideotherpages and hideuneditable modules works like charm, but i used createdUser->id with User->id to match and show only those pages which a user has created. Many thanks to adrian, i really appreciated the way he reponds.
  8. @adrian thank you, your module works great, and i have changed a statement after that everything works perfect, now can show only those pages to the logged in users which they have created. this : if($c->createdUser != $this->user) unset($json['children'][$key]); to this: if($c->createdUser->id != $this->user->id) unset($json['children'][$key]);
  9. hi @adrian that worked , now user can edit only those pages which he has created, but user still can see all other pages, can't we do anything to hide other pages that he has not created in list, i already tried to use higepagesuser module, but thats not working. Help
  10. I will definately try these solutions, thank you @adrian and @Robin S.
  11. i have created a custom admin page which shows pages of a template only... below is the code, but i want to show only those pages that are created by the login user. as i already tried other solutions you mentioned above, but i am totally confused that, how can display those pages. <?php $u=$user->id; $this->modules->get('JqueryMagnific'); //render PageListtree with setting the parent page $formImages = $this->modules->get('InputfieldForm'); // prep the form $wrapperImages = new InputfieldWrapper; // a wrapper $wrapperImages->attr('value', '<h2>Artist Registration Page</h2>'); $i = $this->modules->get('ProcessPageList'); // here i want to display only those subpages which matches to the user logged in $i->set('id', 5845); // setting the parent page $pageTreeImages = new InputfieldMarkup; // the placeholder $pageTreeImages->value = $i->execute(); // fill the InputfieldMarkup form field... $wrapperImages->add($pageTreeImages); // put inside the wrapper... $formImages->append($wrapperImages); // append the wrapper ?>
  12. @adrian hi , can you show me the right way to use 'createdUser' api , i want to match this with the logged in user so that i can display those pages only which has been created by the same user who is loggedin. thank you
  13. Thank you adrian, you are so quick, thanks alot, i guess the links you shared can possibly solve my problem and i am also thinking about the way you presented the paging approach. thank you. will update you soon.
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