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Found 8 results

  1. How do I grab the admin user's email address? Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, Looking for Best Approach to Allow Created By Changes to Non Superusers. Any ideas on the best approach?
  3. In my world, Super Users / Editors should only be able to work with Pages and administer users. Everything else is the domain of the web master. The purpose is to prevent technically inexperienced editors from destroying core elements of a site, such as fields and templates. That leaves me with the question, how to deny Super Users access to Setup, Modules and Roles / Permissions? PS: May I also suggest that it shall be possible to set Permission for each of the main menu items - including their sub-menu items.
  4. I've got my first Processwire site all set up and everything was pretty much straight forward, but I am stuck on literally the last thing I have to do which is locking down some of the features within the admin area. I have three users, a Superuser, an Admin and a guest. The Superuser account is for me so that I can make higher level changes, and the regular Admin user is for the person who manages the copy on the site, so ideally they will only have the ability to add, edit or delete pages, and not be able to mess with any of the settings such as templates or fields. So I would like to be able to hide three of the top navigation tabs from the Admin user (Setup, Modules and Access). I've tried making the pages hidden in their settings tabs, but even as the Superuser, the page is locked for edits.
  5. Hi, I am using a modified version of ProcessWire's Apeisa shop module for a project. I would like give access to a group of users with a given role to enable only the "Manage orders" page in the navigation. This page uses "admin" template like most of other pages under Administration page. The role has viewing/editing premissions, but pages under "admin" are not visible at all. I have given the required permissions in admin template. How could enable to a role to see pages under admin? Is there a way to give different access to pages instead of templated?
  6. So far I have seen that you can only allow superuser to manage roles, however I don't need the admin of the site managing everything else. I need to add a permission to allow them to add roles if needed and delete roles if needed.. Basically control roles. Any thoughts on accomplishing this?
  7. I'm signed-in as admin with guest, superuser roles, but cannot edit any content within Body or Sidebar. This is despite the Access page apparently showing I have permission to do all this. I'm really keen to get started with PW, but this is extremely frustrating.
  8. Hi there, I have successfully installed the latest version of Processwire (2.3.0) and as I entered the cms login information and moved to the next page, it returned me the following error: Error: Exception: (in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Database.php line 118) This error message was shown because Superuser has never logged in. Error has been logged. I have tried again and again, but with no success. Can anyone help me please? Thanks
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