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  1. Congrats on the new job @trussliz. Here's a card: http://t.co/t1K6cLfcuu. Now please do all you can do protect our precious #bees.

  2. Very sad indeed totoff. I miss Opera/Presto ever second I'm online. Nothing else comes close. I've done my best to replicate most of the functionality with numerous plugins and PaleMoon (Firefox), but I just can't achieve the same contented, secure feeling I always had with Opera/Presto. Opera/Presto was solid and they just threw all away in favour of a re-badged Chrome. Opera ASA never gave a single thought for it's devoted user base. It's a tragic waste. Don't let me get started.
  3. RT @unitetheunion: #NoVoteNoVoice Those who didn't vote in 2010 could change everything in 2015 so REGISTER NOW! http://t.co/6YqjUgZMiN htt…

  4. Just to tie things up.... The lack of editing options was due to127.0.0.1/ProcessWire/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.5.8/plugins/inlinepopups/editor_plugin.js prevented from loading. The culprit was the following badly implemented regex in my custom adblock script: .popup.*\.js Either a typo or accidentally left in place after some testing. Removed it and everything is dandy! TinyMCE editing returned to normal. Now I can get on and enjoy PW. Thanks again all I take full responsibility for my clumsiness.
  5. Yes I should have done more investigation browser-wise, but it was that the online demo that worked perfectly that threw me!
  6. Tried in Opera - an old Presto build ironically - and et voila So it was a browser issue all along. Why didn't I check that? Many thanks Nico. I shall now try to work out why this was the case at localhost, but not at the PW online demo, which rendered perfectly. For future reference my main browser - since Opera committed suicide - is PaleMoon, a custom build of Firefox. Though that in itself is clearly not the sole cause. I Many thanks to everyone for being so helpful. Glad I don't have cause to blame PW for this initial glitch, because it appears to be the ideal bloat-free, common sense CMS solution I've been searching for.
  7. Hi totoff. Yes I can edit and save Summary and Title. As this is clearly not a common problem, perhaps I should just download a new package and try another clean install. I'll save this template set to compare later. If all goes ok on second install, I may be able to determin the cause. I shall do this a little later on today and report back. Thanks all. Ivan: JavaScript is running.
  8. Screenshot here: http://imgur.com/yPuxini
  9. Hello Ivan. Yes, the the textarea is inactive. It appears to me as if I simply have insufficient permissions though every setting tells me otherwise.
  10. Hello cstevensjr, thank you. Running current version of PW with the 'demo' skyscraper content locally on Windows 7 with current version of XAMMP. Anything else you need? P.S. This is an 'out-of-the-box install, no additional modules added or custom changes made.
  11. I'm signed-in as admin with guest, superuser roles, but cannot edit any content within Body or Sidebar. This is despite the Access page apparently showing I have permission to do all this. I'm really keen to get started with PW, but this is extremely frustrating.
  12. Love Animals? Support the boycott! #Nikon #Leica #Pentax #Ricoh #Zeiss supply & support hunting. #photography #peta http://t.co/cnrC1Qsfsx

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