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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all I am newbie.Wanted to know does processwire will allow to display external website content and other sources to my website using API powered by processwire
  2. ridgedale

    Reference: PW 3.0.62 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile. I have a table that needs some of its content to be hidden. I've tried applying the following classes and styles to <tr>, <td> and <a> elements all without success: class="hidden" class="uk-hidden" class="uk-invisible" style="display:none" style="visibility:none" style="visibility:collapse" <-- only applicable to rows in this case Is there any way to allow a user to hide content? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. Hi all, A few of our clients are having issues receiving emails sent via form builder after a client submits a form. They display fine in certain clients but in Outlook especially the body content is either missing or the raw code is displayed. Does anybody have any ideas why this might be the case or any ideas about how to diagnose the issue? Not sure if this is an issue with the emails themselves or the server from which they are being sent. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?
  4. ridgedale

    Hi, I'm trying to append a contact form to the existing contact page content. The existing content for the _main.php page is as follows: <div id='content-body'> <?=page()->body?> </div> I've created a contact.php page and have included the following code but the form is not being rendered: <?php namespace ProcessWire; // This is the form for the /contact/ page. ?> <div pw-append="content-body"> <div id="contact-form"> // ... contact form details here </div> <p>&nbsp;</p> </div> The following is returned in debugging mode which doesn't appear to be of much help: Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? Any help appreciated.
  5. Hi there, I was wondering if there's a module that allows me to copy certain pages or content from one instance of Processwire to another instance? Unfortunately, I can't copy a whole instance across as there needs to be some major cleanup job performed and it won't get done in time. Otherwise, if anyone has any code samples that would be much appreciated.
  6. a-ok

    Hi folks, I used to be a big fan of WP, but luckily found ProcessWire and in general it has been so great and super flexible... so thanks for that and all your hard work. It's appreciated. One thing I was a big fan of on WP when using the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) was the 'Flexible Content' add-on ( which essentially allowed you to build a series of elements to use (textarea, image etc) then when a user came to build this section on the CMS, they could build a flexible page using those defined elements. So one page might be textarea, image, image, textarea and another may be image, textarea, image, image, image, textarea etc. They have the fields and they build the order. Is there anything PW offers in this respect? I was checking out Tables ( but it's quite strict and not that flexible (unless I am missing something!) Thanks and hope you can help, R
  7. With all the past PW projects I have refrained from giving users the TinyMC html-editor and stuck to Markdown. This has proved to be a great decision. Most practical problems with past CMS:s has been with content formatting, users not knowing how or messing styles. Not giving them that possibility is just great. However, now I am looking at a project with tables (prices and specs). Anyone have wisdom to share here? Best way to allow users to create tables in their content without generating support request for table formatting, Office-copy-pas messes etc? Thanks!
  8. cell21

    I'm signed-in as admin with guest, superuser roles, but cannot edit any content within Body or Sidebar. This is despite the Access page apparently showing I have permission to do all this. I'm really keen to get started with PW, but this is extremely frustrating.