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Found 10 results

  1. Reference: PW 3.0.62 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile. I have a table that needs some of its content to be hidden. I've tried applying the following classes and styles to <tr>, <td> and <a> elements all without success: class="hidden" class="uk-hidden" class="uk-invisible" style="display:none" style="visibility:none" style="visibility:collapse" <-- only applicable to rows in this case Is there any way to allow a user to hide content? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. https://github.com/benbyford/PublishAsHidden Adds new button on edit page if page unpublished. Button saves page and sets flags to hidden and published.
  3. I need to create an electronic gateway that will hide a particular file until a user first enters and confirms their country of residence, and I'm not sure where to start. The basic process is – a form is displayed asking for country of residence, a checkbox for terms and conditions, and a submit button. After passing this there is a second screen which reiterates the conditions, possibly with extra information, and a second checkbox/submit button. Passing that will display the file. They's also like to obfuscate the URL or similar, so the screens above can't be bypassed and the file accessed directly. I've been looking through the creating forms with the api thread but it's a very long topic and Ive not been able to get very far with it. I implemented Soma's first bit of code from that thread but it doesn't seem to process the form/pick up any errors, etc. Is this the best route to stick with, or would FormBuilder be a good alternative?
  4. Hi, I've been using PW for a pretty long time now, and this kind of thing is happening for the very first time. I'm setting up an API for the App I'm creating for my client. So I've created a hidden page called API which is located right under the Home. When I'm trying to write code for API and test it, the output is only visible for logged in user, i.e., the output is only available if I'm logged in, which is not going to be the case when I'm using app to request JSON. So, question is, how to keep the page hidden but accessible to guest user? I checked the permissions under settings tab. Who can access this page? Tab says it's accessible to guest & superuser but for some reason, it's only working for superuser. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  5. For some reason this is not getting the content from the hidden child pages that I was hoping to see. $staff = $pages->get("/about-us/meet-the-team/, include=hidden")->children; ?> <div class="row firstrow lastrow"> <?php foreach($staff as $member){ echo $member->body; } As you can see, I am trying to publish hidden staff pages as content on a single page. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?
  6. Pretty new to processwire and really enjoying it so far. I'm trying to build a pretty simple Ajax driven website (pretty new to me so excuse my general ignorance regarding ajax) which inserts content from child pages into a parent page. I've read through Ryan's thread here which was super helpful, but still can't quite figure out the best practices for what I'm trying to achieve. For now, all I'm trying to do is have the parent page load content from a child page with an ajax request, BUT these child pages also need to be inaccessible via the URL processwire creates for them. So the child pages are hidden via their template's access options. The /parent/ page successfully loads some initial content from these child pages using the "include=all" selector ( $pages->get("/parent/")->children('include=all'); ) as recommended in this thread. However as the child pages are hidden any ajax request to pull data from them results in a 404. If anyone can suggest the best practices for using processwire to create a site like this it would be a huge help. I assume that later I may have issues with linking/indexing by using this approach, but am happy to figure those out later.
  7. I looked through field settings, but it doesn't seem to be possible to make a field hidden/disabled on a permissions or superuser basis. For example, if there were fields in a template type that are too complex or "dangerous" to allow editing by a normal user, but should appear for an admin user to edit. Right now, if I set a field to be hidden, it hides it from all users, even the superuser. Anyone ever have the need to get around this? Worse comes to worse, I'll code a simple admin-only page with autogenerated form fields that will allow the admin to edit the specific fields while they stay disabled within the normal pwire UI. Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. Hello there, I have a template only to get a simple structure in my page tree. (for example: a category-site) the sites from this template must be hidden... if they are not hidden, you can see them in my nav-menu! Now - my question: Is there any way to set a permanent hidden-state to the template? Why I need this: ...because there are some admin-noobs... I think they will forget to set the page hidden. Thanks a lot. Stefan
  9. Hello again. I'd want to customize the admin for my client. My intention is to hide one panel for one specific user. Information related to users/roles I wouldn't want be visible, so... How should you do if I want to hide "Who can access this page?" panel in Setting page for one specific user? Should I do it through .css instead? This is the panel (red) I want to hide: Any clue will be welcome Ps: Sorry, the title should be "How to hide 'who can access this page?' section", but I didn't find how change it
  10. Hi guys, am having a problem with my navigation. For some reason the code I always use and is taken from Ryan's head.inc template is including hidden pages. The pages are also not displaying in the normal tree order. My code is the following: <ul id="main_nav" class="span3 hidden-phone"> <?php $homepage = $pages->get("/"); $children = $homepage->children; foreach($children as $child) { $class = ""; if ($child === $page->rootParent) { $class = ' class="active"'; } ?> <li class="nav_class_<?php echo ($xyz++%4); ?>"><a href="<?php echo $child->url; ?>"<?php echo $class; ?>><?php echo $child->title; ?></a></li> <?php } ?> </ul> <!-- /#main_nav.span3 hidden-phone --> Strange as this has always worked perfectly on all my other projects. Perhaps it's too late and I'm missing something obvious!
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