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  1. Thanks for all of yout hints... Thanks Hero Member apeisa for giving me the solution! SOLVED!
  2. there are problems with my login "url.../processwire" is there any solution?
  3. There are no status updates to display

  4. Hello there, I have a template only to get a simple structure in my page tree. (for example: a category-site) the sites from this template must be hidden... if they are not hidden, you can see them in my nav-menu! Now - my question: Is there any way to set a permanent hidden-state to the template? Why I need this: ...because there are some admin-noobs... I think they will forget to set the page hidden. Thanks a lot. Stefan
  5. Oh man... thanks a lot. I forgot - I was logged in as admin. damn! thats great. Your code works as admin, too! Best Solution from Soma: $result = $pages->find("has_parent!=2,id!=2|7,status<".Page::statusTrash.",include=all"); Thank you. Best regards Stefan
  6. hi @ all. how can i get a list/array of all pages (recursiv) - but without admin-pages - incluing all sub-pages? pages i won't get: for example: Pages Add Page Page List Save Sort Edit Page Templates Fields Modules Setup Access Users Roles Permissions Edit pages Delete pages Move pages (change parent) View pages Sort child pages Change templates on pages Administer users (role must also have template edit access) User can update profile/password Lock or unlock a page thanks a lot and regards. stefan
  7. Thank you very much for creating our page. -- The friend - I Am! In my opinion it looks great. Stefan
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