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  1. Finally I have found the solution. Looking at built in modules I found the way how could I add new roles to modules: permission' => 'manage-orders', 'permissions' => array('manage-orders' => 'Manage orders'), Added them to getModuleInfo() function, reinstall the module and now I can manage trough roles. That's why I like this CMS.
  2. Hi, I am using a modified version of ProcessWire's Apeisa shop module for a project. I would like give access to a group of users with a given role to enable only the "Manage orders" page in the navigation. This page uses "admin" template like most of other pages under Administration page. The role has viewing/editing premissions, but pages under "admin" are not visible at all. I have given the required permissions in admin template. How could enable to a role to see pages under admin? Is there a way to give different access to pages instead of templated?
  3. It is solved. The problem was the different RootPath and DOCUMENT_ROOT. I can't exactly say why it happened because we have just reported the different paths to the server administrator. But now everything works well. Thanks to everyone for tips.
  4. Not found anything in apache and php error log. But when I add $page->title to index.php I got the value of 404 Not Found page.
  5. One more thing. When I run the following code: $rootPath = dirname(__FILE__); echo "RootPath:".$rootPath."</br>"; if(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR != '/') $rootPath = str_replace(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, '/', $rootPath); echo "NewRootPath:".$rootPath."</br>"; echo "HTTP_HOST:".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']."<br/>"; echo "DOCUMENT_ROOT:".$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."<br/>"; $rootURL = isset($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) ? substr($rootPath, strlen(rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], '/'))) . '/' : '/'; echo "RootURL:".$rootURL; I got the following result: RootPath:e:\sitename.hu NewRootPath:e:/sitename.hu HTTP_HOST:www.sitename.hu DOCUMENT_ROOT:C:/webserver/html/sitename.hu RootURL:/ Can't windows backslashes cause a problem like this? I asked the php and apache error log from system administrator.
  6. 1. It returns with 200 response code, so everything is fine there. 2. First time when I migrated from an another host I created with Blank profile. Then I tried to install a fresh copy of the latest PW with Classic profile. Each site had same issue. I tried to install in a subfolder and then in the root too. .htaccess was not combined. If I print a $config variable or a $pages variable in index.php(!) it works well, but templates and nothing else is loaded. For example the $page variable doesn't even exist. I think the problem is not with the Rewrite, because the variables mentioned above are printed on every url. So routing works well. When I add wrong database details, errors messages are shown correctly, so the site is connected to the database. (+ I can print for example $pages->get(1)->title in index.php) The site I try to migrate works everywhere excluding this server. I have never seen this problem before. I've already built several sites with PW. And it's really strange, no error messages. just plain pages. It looks nothing else is loaded after index.php and config.php.
  7. If it's server configuration problem I think not an obvious one. We could run other systems like Concrete5 and Statamic properly on this system. But I couldn't find out what could be the problem. There is no error message, nothing more just blank pages.
  8. I 've printed a PW config variable on index.php and works correctly. It's also printed on backend URL, so the routing and initializing processwire works fine.
  9. It's running on windows server uses Apache 2 server.
  10. Hi Everyone, I made a site on localhost and after migrating I get blank screen on frontend and backend too. Tried with a fresh copy too and after installing it I got the same problem. During installation everything looks great. - Debug mode is true - Tried in subfolder and then in root too. - There are no messages in error log. - Sessions are created in site/assets/sessions/ -> I think it's not a permission related problem and processwire could be initialized - .htaccess is working Any hints what could be the problem? I've worked with several ProcessWire sites and I had no this issue before, but it's the first time installing on windows server with apache.
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