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  1. With further analysis I have found I was wrong about the use of Ajax. The client side script in InputfieldFile.js was using Ajax based file upload but it was just not working and not returning any errors. As soon as I commented out the following code block and replaced it with InitOldSchool() both image and file uploads worked fine not using Ajax. * if (window.File && window.FileList && window.FileReader && $("#PageIDIndicator").size() > 0) { * InitHTML5(); * } else { * InitOldSchool(); * } So any guess as to why Ajax based file uploads have stopped workin
  2. Don't believe its memory. The pdf files I have been testing with are less than 270KB and site hosting disk space allowance is 2GB with only 163MB used. In the associated posting the following recommendation was provided: Given the above and that I found that the file field on the hosted site is currently not using Ajax based uploads does anyone know how I can configure the file field/site to use Ajax?
  3. I have a PW site where I had been successfully uploading png and jpeg files. Recently the file and image file fields don't save. The upload status bar completes (100%) without error but when the page with the file field is saved the uploaded file name is missing from the refreshed page. This must be due to a site hosting change but I need more specific info like error details before I raise it with them. The php v5.4 config has file uploads enabled and safe mode is off. I have tried the following to fix this without success: I have read and tried the fixes to the similar posting from So
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