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  1. Macrura- Thank you I will make sure next time post in the correct form I will try tomorrow when I am at work and see if I can update the form builder.
  2. cstevensjr- thank you for your reply when I click check for update it says it is on the newest version.
  3. Macrura - Thank for quick reply I am going to post all the details you have asked for: -Form builder settings version 0.2.2 licensed / inputfield types : 16 / where can form be embedded : global_textarea_body. Norhing else have changed. - Processwire is the newest install and 5 modules installed we run processwire on IIS server with mysql for windows environment. There no error reported and everything used is the updated version. There no errors reported when we submit a form it gose through and adds a data base entry but we will not receive any email and I tried to see anything is failing no errors.
  4. Hi I have got the wiremail working with smtp with google apps and when I test any email address from wiremail I will get the email. But when I try to submit a form on my website using form builder I will not receive email but details of the user will get register in the database. Please I need help I have tried everything possible but form build will not deliver the email.
  5. Joss - I am also stuck in the place with google app. Did you get it working, I am trying to do it with form builder it register the form in the database but I will not receive any email. I have got the smtp working and tested with gmail and I get the email but from form builder when anyone fills out the form I will not get and email.
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