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  1. Changing it to null
  2. Changing it to null
  3. Thanks @louisstephens, it's resolved!
  4. Surely, I can do that! Attaching the template PHP file for your reference @louisstephens Kindly guide me
  5. I am not sure @bernhard Although, I checked the files section of the template, attaching the same for your reference: Please check and let me know how to go ahead for the same
  6. Hi, I have one URL - writerrelocations.com/contact-now/ I have one issue where my header Image is appearing again after the contact form, for your reference: I have checked my processwire template section where have not added any Image field besides Header Image, attaching the same for the reference: PLEASE help me to get rid of the image below contact form Waiting for the swift response! Thanks
  7. Hi, Can anyone help me: how to edit the social media icons on footer section? My website is: writerlocations.com Attaching the Image for the same too:
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