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  1. J_Szwarga

    Can you give more detail on #3?
  2. Rookie Question Alert: Attached is my piece of code from my _main.php. What do I need to do in this section of my code to remove the dropdown-toggle from the grandchildren of "Home" in my menu? I don't want to remove the toggles from Home's children, but their children I do. if($child->numChildren > 0 && $child->url <> "/"){ $class .= " dropdown-toggle "; } if($page == $child){ $class .= " active "; } elseif ($page->parents->has($child) && $child->url <> "/") { $class .= " active "; }
  3. J_Szwarga

    Do you notice in my screenshot of my site, there's extra divs being generated? I think it's a problem with my foreach loop. I'm guessing the solution would be to stop the foreach loop after all the page references are echoed...if that makes any more sense.
  4. J_Szwarga

    No empty speakers. I'm using a page reference to assign certain speakers to certain camps
  5. J_Szwarga

    All new to Processwire and PHP so be patient! I'm trying to display multiple speakers for some events using a foreach loop. Not all the events have multiple speakers though. So, how can I limit the foreach loop so it stops running all the empty divs? At the top of my php file is this code: <?php namespace ProcessWire; foreach($page->speaker as $speaker): $thumb = $speaker->photo->width(310); endforeach; ?>