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  1. HI! I've encountered a problem with the above changes, in that $templateFile->page->template->name doesn't work when checking templates called by the TemplateFile class. The test need to be against $templateFile->filename to work properly in all cases. I submitted an issue on GitHub before seeing this recent conversation, just thought I'd come here to notify.
  2. Mikie


    Hi @Wanze, I was just suggesting for new functionality maybe it is best to default to off initially, eg for this update have Breadcrumb unchecked by default and allow users to opt in and test. Nothing to do with controlling other modules settings. My rationale for this is that since this module directly renders output, updates that add functionality are essentially breaking in that they affect rendered html. I would think only essential updates that are needed for the module to function would default on. Just a thought. You are right re TemplateLatteReplace, This line: https://github.com/rolandtoth/TemplateLatteReplace/blob/cbac28b93e74e3ba51f7ce32f374c385e406d09a/TemplateLatteReplace.module#L186 checks against current page template not the template called by the TemplateFile class. This is fixable by getting the basename from $templateFile->filename instead, will submit an issue to @tpr. Thanks for the response!
  3. Mikie


    Hi @Wanze, getting an error with 0.8.0 update with the structured data breadcrumb template using TemplateLatteReplace module. Its fine as I can ignore that file with Latte using the module settings, but maybe changes relying on rendering templates like this should default to unchecked, as I assume same issue would occur with other template systems.
  4. Hey @Macrura. Great module! Using code example above for the image example, seeing this on latest pw dev: This is happening through the admin theme setting explicit height for the selectize-control div, see below: .uk-form-small:not(textarea):not([multiple]):not([size]) { height: 30px; padding-left: 8px; padding-right: 8px; } .uk-form-small:not(textarea):not([multiple]) { height: 30px; padding-left: 8px; padding-right: 8px; }
  5. Ah interesting to know thanks.
  6. Yeah, but the hype behind it was that everything was swappable, including ssd drives and cpus. There are expansions slots but one of the main issues with the trashcan Mac Pro was that you couldn't upgrade cpus, I'll be interested to see if that's possible. I've actually been waiting for months for this announcement to decide what monitor to buy, I was hoping for an upgraded standalone 5k Thunderbolt Display from apple and they've dashed my hopes. Im as much an old school designer (lots of print work) as a dev and I am dying for retina desktop monitor. Should have got an iMac instead of the Mac mini last year!
  7. I like that new screen, but again now that the prices are out (1k extra for the stand 🧐) the lg 5k is looking affordable. Also if you do the math, you get the 5k monitor in the iMac 27” for way cheaper than market value. What happened to all the talk for years of the upcoming “modular” Mac Pro? Does this live up to the hype? I didn’t see “modular” on the product page but I only skimmed through.
  8. The price will definitely blow your socks off!!! For affordability and power, you can't go wrong with the 2018 Mac mini. Don't believe all the hype about needing an egpu either unless you are running intense games in windows vms or doing hardcore video or 3d work in specific apps... the built in gpu on my Mac mini is by a very long way the least taxed component, most of the time it pretty much idles at under 5% utilisation. Would you ever get one of these Mac Pro's @Jonathan Lahijani?
  9. Not at all. Hoping I didnt open a can of worms! Back to the main topic at hand, I have a question which I'm not sure has been asked or covered already... this thread is getting long! The original modular nature of Padloper, whilst a bit confusing to start with, was great to get going quickly and simply. I remember reading mention of v2 being much more integrated (everything intergated in one install). I'm assuming the base install will be a basic shop, and eg subscriptions or downloads would be something you enable by configuration. Is this the case? Like others v excited by all this. Its ending up way more capable than I imagined.
  10. Since I started this naming discussion I'll chime in. Agree with all the above @kongondo and @teppo, if you think if it as ecommerce for current ProcessWire devs then no worries - the name is unique and already ranks well, and changing things is more work and not something to be done lightly. My rationale for bringing this up was that ecommerce is such a competitive, active space, and the solutions are all so frustrating to work with as most here can probably attest, that I feel like this will definitely draw new devs to PW itself. My original chain of thought was this: although the Pro modules are by convention officially developed and supported by Ryan, something generic like ProShop or ProCommerce which was officially endorsed and listed in the Pro shop would make sense. Then the name also becomes about PW as well, eg Processwire ProCommerce, and it is very clear what the module does and what system it integrates with. Alternatively, I think it is worth considering wording around Padloper and Processwire, like eg. WooCommerce which is the "eCommerce platform for Wordpress". I feel like you could definitely get out there into ecommerce solution comparison lists and quadrant listings and all the constant chatter that goes on around this. The same "what is the best ecommerce platform" or "which is better, shopify or woocommerce" questions are posted on reddit almost weekly, it is more in this space that I am thinking about the use of the name.
  11. Mikie


    Nice one @3fingers. Thanks @Wanze hook works great. I like this truncate function, simple and works as advertised: https://www.the-art-of-web.com/php/truncate/ Regarding the above when you say left to the template engine what do you mean? I assume disable that tag from automatic output by Seo Maestro and add yourself using eg twig filter?
  12. Mikie


    @3fingers Having said all the above, maybe it is easiest to just disable the tag you are having trouble with and add it manually? Or for that template render out each one individually and build the image tag yourself. This is Processwire’s only issue, for every problem there are a million solutions!!!!
  13. Mikie


    @3fingers I feel like the RuntimeMarkup module might be good for this also, although again I’ve never used it don’t know much about it. Im thinking you could create a hidden field to search your matrix and return the image url. This is what I will initially try to use to truncate my too long descriptions.
  14. Mikie


    Hi @3fingers, you could hook page save to copy first image found in the matrix to a hidden image field, then reference that. I literally just installed this module for the first time so I am not exactly sure of the correct way to do it, but you could also probably hook page save to copy the image url directly to the og:image setting. I came to ask a similar question, as mentioned I haven’t even tested this yet so sorry if I missed something ... if you reference a field for the description with large amounts of text does it automatically truncate the text? If not, is there a way to do this in the {field} placeholder, like {field|truncate:200} ? Would be handy.
  15. If time to re-do branding is an issue I'm sure there are plenty of people here who would happily line up to help work on it a few free licenses, myself included.
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