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  1. This is great work here in this thread tho, awesome stuff.
  2. If you have mod_pagespeed on your server it can convert jpg to webp on the fly. Can do lots of other amazing stuff also.
  3. @wbmnfktr I've started to see this kind of thing more, like here https://webpack.js.org What do you think of this? To me I find it a bit weird that the skeletons don't match the content, however I get why people use it in PWAs since they are so fast to route.
  4. Mikie

    Module logs

    Awesome thanks.
  5. As mentioned I am going to try to submit some issues / pull requests for this, just super busy right now and want to take some time to fully understand how Ryan has set up the admin theme first.
  6. @bernhard yes that screencast is exactly what I am talking about. What you mention is one solution but as @tpr says it does slow down perception of load. A good analogy is a large gallery of images on the front-end. You could wait for all the images to load then show the parent div, but this would obviously take time. Or you could lazy-load (render the layout and load in images with js via src tag manipulation as you scroll), however if you don't add a placeholder file or do styling to match the aspect ratio and appearance of the final image then your gallery will jump all over the place as different images load in. In your screencast, if the the footer were hidden until the main tab content was loaded then the whole feeling of that page would be smoother.
  7. Hey, what's best practice for saving logs generated by a module? Like if I'm making a module that requires logging for reference, do I save to site/assets/modulename/logfile.text or site/assets/logs/logfile.txt ?
  8. @Robin S was just typing a reply to say I was thinking there might be quick css fixes, maybe more complicated js ones. I was hoping someone with a bit more knowledge of the theme code might know some quick ones, and lo and behold! This is good stuff thanks. Totally get Ryan doesn't monitor the forums but just wanted to see if anyone had any more knowledge of this before attempting to do so myself. Issue / requests definitely the most proactive way to move forward. @wbmnfktr its just little bits and pieces that I feel could be optimized. I am maybe noticing it right now because I am clicking around the admin a lot for a new site. Generally didnt want to bring this up as a major flaw or need for a rewrite, just hoping there might be ways to optimise this stuff. Beyond Robin's suggestions my hunch is there is also probably also some weird interplay between UIKit js and jqueryui going, but I need to dig in and have a look. Thanks all for the feedback, if anyone has any other fixes maybe PM me or post back here, at some point soon I'll put these into issues / requests.
  9. Hey just bringing up as a point for discussion. I find in various areas of the admin there is quite a lot of reflowing of content and flash of unstyled content (FOUC). Examples are: the pages listing animation pushes the footer down the page every time, and this can also be seen on various pages where content doesn't load immediately (footer will fly down the page) basic pages with no fields – sit there and refresh a basic page a few times, you will see a flash of all content before tabs are created pages with lots of fields – progressive loading and rendering of different fields and groups causes lots of reflow, particularly loading wysiwyg and image fields modules eg lister-pro – loads the add new button initially on the left then it jumps to the top right as the lister loads, then columns reflow and resize as content loads in and classes are applied Whilst pw is very fast to render admin page html, to me the above makes it feel quite jarring and heavy. Generally speaking you want to aim for no reflow or FOUC whatsoever for a good user experience. I know there is a lot going on here and it is not a simple thing to manage an admin like this, but does anyone notice the same thing and have any ideas about how this can be optimised? Below are some relevant links. Minimising animations is the best place to start, although before anyone suggests it just using AdminOnSteroids to disable animations doesn't fix a lot of what I am talking about. https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/browser-reflow https://gist.github.com/paulirish/5d52fb081b3570c81e3a
  10. Hey @bernhard ploi does look good and good to get on cheap plans now before they up the price later like these services always do. However when I tried it out they hadn’t set up multiple system users yet, and I found their admin a bit all over the place. I’m sticking with runcloud for now, however with them I’ve had problems trying to amend Nginx configs for their Nginx + Apache setup, they lock you out of certain sections and it makes some things like cache headers hard to customize. Another one that is very different but technically much more secure, optimized and capable is this https://apnscp.com/, but the documentation is literally all over the place. More info here https://amp.reddit.com/r/webhosting/comments/arqya9/built_a_control_panel_over_16_years_free_lifetime/
  11. Hey @dragan and @flydev thanks for the responses. @flydev you solved it. My sanitised variable wasn't beautified and had multiple dashes to replace dirty characters, so the get was failing. Thanks so much for the help!
  12. @happywire check out services like https://runcloud.io or https://ploi.io for managing multiple vps. For deploying code https://github.com/git-ftp/git-ftp works really well for a simple workflow, and syncing files / database up or down can be done in one command with a simple bash script if you have ssh access, there are plenty of references if you search GitHub gists.
  13. Hi there! I'm experiencing a weird problem creating pages via the api. My actual code is a bit more complicated, but the below summarises the issue. Would explicitly setting the name when creating a page cause this problem in anyone's experience? I am doing this for a reason, as I am creating thousands of pages through the api and the page titles have all sorts of characters that break selectors in them. I was experiencing issues both sanitising the titles (titles wrapped in quotations) and searching with sanitised titles, I thought creating a sanitised name variable would help my logic for checking for page existence and let me leave the titles as they were. $title = "Page Name"; $name = $sanitizer->pageName($title); $parent = $pages->get("name=parent"); $p = new Page(); $p->template = "template"; $p->parent = $parent; $p->title = $title; $p->name = $name; $p->save(); $test1 = $pages->get("name=$name,parent=$parent"); // NullPage $test2 = $pages->get("title=$title,parent=$parent"); // correct Page object
  14. Thanks @horst & @szabesz. I wouldn't want to install Admin on Steroids just for this, I actually use your module @horst https://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-tree-add-new-childs-reverse/ but personally I think this kind of thing should be in core. Why not multi-sort? Or at least a site-wide config flag to change default page tree sort from ascending to descending. This is a hurdle I hit every project, and I remember initially when using ProcessWire it was a roadblock until I discovered the modules to fix. It is more developers that are coming from other CMS that I am thinking of.
  15. Would be great to either enable multi-sort for pages in the admin or to be able to set an initial sort order to apply before Manual Drag and Drop. The main goal is for new pages to be added to the top of page listings in the tree when Manual sort is enabled. There are a lot of historical posts about this in the forums, and I keep hitting this hurdle when I try to migrate clients from other CMS to PW. It is actually almost a dealbreaker for them wanting to use PW. I have never actually had a job where it was possible to sort by date created / published by itself. For example I do a lot of sites for creative clients who have listings of "projects" and want the admin to look like the front-end (most recent first), but like to retain the ablility to tweak the order of their latest jobs. Thanks!
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