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  1. Hey @Robin S I think there is some confusion with the original non-pro version of the module. LoginRegisterPro has a support forum like the other pro modules, accessible with an active license like usual. It is also has a modules directory listing. Edit: or is that what you are talking about, support thread and listing for the original module?
  2. Thanks Adrian that is perfect!
  3. Hey! I have tried to search for this so apologies if I have missed it. Is it possible to set Tracy module config in config.php? Additionally, it would be great to be able to export current config for this purpose.
  4. Ignore the above I just realised I can use the srcset and sizes methods separately. Man, responsive image markup fries your brain. Great module thanks!
  5. Hi @nbcommunication, am just about to muck around with this module and it looks very robust, thanks! One question which may be premature, I don't see a way to customise attribute names for use with something like https://github.com/verlok/vanilla-lazyload#-demos. Ideally I'd like the following: "data-src", no "src", "data-srcset", plain ol' "sizes". I guess I could use the uk-img option and strip the stuff I don't need post render, but it would be nice to have these configurable both in module config and on the fly.
  6. Hey maybe I am missing something, sorry if I am confused. In a current padloper site I have a multi page select field on the homepage so editors can select products and change them regularly. Also have something similar on editorial articles for “shop this story” style functionality on the front end. When you say this should be managed shop side what do you mean? Im not at all objecting to whatever technical decisions you’ve made, and a custom select field sounds like the right choice. can also envision the need for something more complicated, like a lister with multi filtering like lister pro to replicate the automated collection functionality of shopify. Eg editors can create a collection page and then filter products by any combo of tags, product types, price, sale status etc.
  7. Hey @kongondo I think the question was a page select field for products, eg featured products on homepage.
  8. Just noticed the class name up the top in the blue banner as a sort of title. I still think the class name needs to be spelled out in the module info panel on the right. If you are new pw developer and see the instructions in "Add Module from Directory" section of the admin then you will visit a module page and look for the class name.
  9. Heya, love to see module site in the refreshed look! Am I something here... where is the module class name and version compatibility info listed in each module? There is the user modules list on the left hand side which seems to output class name, but it quite hard to copy from and not noticeable at first.
  10. I've tried using Tailwind but the verbosity of the classnames was a killer for me. Then I tried using tachyons which I much preferred but didn't like the lack of configurability. Tachyons (which came LONG before Tailwind) never pretended to be a holy solution for managing css, it was clearly defined as a quick way to get ideas onto the screen, with the view that you would slowly strip out all the utilities into regular css as your design system evolved. On the flip side, what tailwind did right for me was the theming system, however as a diehard stylus user I found it frustrating I couldn't use the theme variables in my custom stylesheets. Based on the above, I wrote my own utility functions in stylus that could 1:1 replicate tachyons or tailwind (or a mix of the two / whatever you wanted), with a theme defined in stylus hashes that could then be used throughout my custom stylesheets, plus mixins that replicate a lot of the utilities, eg px(2). Even still, I found that generally I would generally only end up using a few of the utilities like spacing, text-align, display etc. These days I follow a methodology mainly based on https://rscss.io and https://piccalil.li/cube-css/, with some ideas from https://github.com/ahmadajmi/awesome-itcss thrown in. I have a theme that defines defaults, still use some utility classes whilst developing, but basically break things up into: - theme (this is very simple similar to https://github.com/hankchizljaw/gorko, generally it just has: colours, breakpoints, media queries, fonts, spacing scale ) - mixins (I use some flex-box grid, media query and spacing mixins and that is about it) - base (resets, classless base styles etc) - elements (semi utilities for type, links, buttons, input fields, sort of like bootstrap) - components (pretty much everything is a component following rscss conventions) - utilities (rather than a separate utility stylesheet I now output the ones I want to use at the end of stylesheet and slowly strip them out) Currently this is working really well for me although I am sure it will continue to evolve. One thing I also do is try never to change classnames with javascript, but instead use data-attributes. This way you can very quickly parse what javascript is doing in your html.
  11. Mikie

    Hanna Code

    That is actually part of what confused me. What that says is the opposite of my experience as outlined above, ie $page in the Hanna Code snippet wasn't scoped to the page with the hanna code.
  12. Mikie

    Hanna Code

    Just writing all that out made me wonder if render accepts more arguments, which it does: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessHannaCode/blob/5801578889bad3786e951427e64f3bc2146d3ba4/TextformatterHannaCode.module#L230 Passing $p from example above as second argument works: echo $hanna->render($p->body, $p);
  13. Mikie

    Hanna Code

    Thanks @kongondo I saw that... when I try that from a script that is bootstrapping processwire the $page variable is not available in the Hanna code snippet. Eg when visiting "test.php" in site root in the browser the below setup results in "Title: 404 not found', the $page variable populated to the Hanna snippet appears to be the 404 resulting from visiting test.php. "body" field content on page /path/to/page/ [[title]] /site/assets/cache/HannaCode/title.php <?php $title = $page->title; echo "Title: $title"; /test.php <?php include "./index.php"; $hanna = wire("modules")->get('TextformatterHannaCode'); $p = wire("pages")->get("/path/to/page/"); echo $hanna->render($p->body);
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