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  1. I haven’t read to deeply on this thread but just wanted to point out quickly that infinite scroll libraries lean towards leaving HTML page markup in place for seo reasons in that you most likely want those pages indexed like any other paginated content.
  2. Nice one Ryan. Looking forward to the new ProCache! Already one of the best modules out there, interested to see what is different.
  3. Hi @Andoro I don't believe Padloper 1 has a site profile unfortunately. Someone will correct me if I am wrong. Best bet is to follow the installation instructions here https://padloper.pw/documentation/installing-padloper/
  4. @DV-JF Kongongdo has outlined in his first post the billing / license structure will be similar to Ryan's pro modules, and that current Padloper users will get an upgrade discount on release. No mention of free upgrades however, and no way of knowing the actual pricing of upcoming Padloper version or when it will be released. Just my opinion but if you have experience with current Padloper seems like a no-brainer to me, you can charge the license cost on to your client for less than a month or two of shopify.
  5. Having built a semi complicated site with original Padloper, I have a few questions: 1. Customer Accounts: by this I mean something like WooCommerce's My Account, ie a user registration / login process and front end customer dashboard for editing account info, viewing order status etc. I bought this up a while back and it was determined this won't be part of Padloper. This is fine, but my question is how easily will Padloper integrate with Processwire users. For example a major problem with original Padloper was there was no direct way to manage different customer billing and shipping addresses... I had to hack the Padloper module files to do this which is obviously not ideal. A standard offering in all e-commerce platform is optional account creation and management. 2. Order status pages: following on from the above, will there be a concept similar to the Shopify "order status page"? This is a self contained url endpoint for an order that a customer can visit any time to track order delivery information. Generally this is linked to from order confirmation emails, so even if a user has checkout out as guest they can still visit a page to see delivery status updates. I am not sure if Shopify put this behind some kind of auth process, but doing so might be a nice touch. 3. Performance: WooCommerce is notorious for slowing down considerably with more than a few hundred products. Magento requires 1 cpu core per 2 simultaneous backend requests https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.3/performance-best-practices/hardware.html 🔥💥!!!! Whilst I am sure this has been a consideration, I'm still interested in the performance characteristics of the new Padloper. Will we processwire devs need to get more familiar with solutions other projects use like Redis for object caching? Does it inherently benefit from being built on top of Processwire and thus scale easier? Hope this is all relevant and makes sense. Cheers! Edit: removed first question as I was confused about Stripes offering.
  6. Hi @DV-JF I would look into SnipWire for now. Original Padloper is essentially a dead project, and is complicated enough that the time spent trawling the forum for answers won't pay off your end.
  7. I have personally found errors related to imagick and pageimage.php to be misleading as the failure can happen at the server / imagick module level and can be due to issues with multi-threading. Are you in a multi-threaded (ie two or more cpu cores) environment and are the timeouts happening much faster than 30 seconds?
  8. Thanks @bernhard, didn't know about ProcessEmailToPage. Yup, extensions are pretty easy I've made a few for personal use, eg one for emulating a user scrolling a page to capture consistent videos of page scrolls. What you suggest is exactly what I thought, could distribute builds to each user with a unique token.
  9. Random question, but does anyone have any guidance or experience in alternate methods for posting content as an authenticated user. Basically as a personal covid-19 project I want to set up a site for my friends to post YouTube videos, but allow them to do so in the easiest / quickest possible way. Ideas I have had so far are: creating a custom browser extension that works with one click when on a YouTube url setting up a system whereby they can email a specific address with the YouTube url as the subject line Can't seem to find much info around these two scenarios or other automated posting methods in the forums. Would love some input!
  10. Mikie


    Hey @Wanze, would be good to be able to set default change frequency to null by default. See here for info from google rep: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-priority-change-frequency-xml-sitemap-20273.html
  11. Yeah I didnt even know about this until the replies here.
  12. In reply to the my post above, disabling automatic rendering in the Factory lets me render pages / templates however I want. Much more flexible imo, and solves my issue.
  13. Thanks for that @adrian. I thought it might specifically be part of the current styleguide for a reason. Understandable if Ryan works that way, we all want him to be as productive as possible!
  14. I think the ProcessWire style guide should move to recommending stripping trailing whitespace, and this should be implemented throughout core / recommened for all modules. This would be inline with official php style guides, eg https://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-12/ Just a thought. To me it is better to keep things cleaner than not. Would make diffing easier for those whose editors automatically highlight and strip whitespace on save, eg when trying to diff htaccess.txt and an edited .htaccess.
  15. Awesome! ClearCacheAdmin needed some love, this is definitely better IMO. Will PM you on this, not sure how much I am allowed to talk about it here.
  16. Thanks @teppo. Did you get a chance to look at that GitHub issue? Single page ref fields are getting skipped... https://github.com/teppokoivula/SearchEngine/issues/10 The solution posted by Theominator works fine in my testing.
  17. Hi @MateThemes. I think below is what you mean? This is for the portfolio-index.php. Pagination is a bit more involved. You could use the inbuilt pager https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/markup-pager-nav/ <?php namespace Processwire; $entries = $page->children(); foreach ($entries as $entry) { echo "<p>{$entry->title}</p>"; foreach ($entry->images as $image) { $imgUrl = $image->width(600)->url; echo '<img src="' . $imgUrl '">'; } }
  18. Hey @Mike-it did you have any luck? Sorry no-one has responded but I'm assuming someone contacted you via pm or something..
  19. No worries! Can confirm had setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_US.UTF-8'); in my site config. I only do this when PW tells me to, haven't taken the time to even understand why. Turning that off fixed the issue also. There's enough discussion within that silverstripe GitHub issue about the alternatives. Very very edge, will leave up to you!
  20. And it only happens on mac as well! Wow, what an edge case.
  21. Here is the exact issue. Set locale seems to be the problem, when combined with preg_replace on white-space... https://github.com/silverstripe/silverstripe-framework/issues/7132 Not at the comp right now but will check when I get back.
  22. Yeah I wouldnt worry about it too much. If you can’t replicate your end it’s definitely a problem with the environment. Will try to figure out from my end.
  23. Here is a dump adding that unicode aware regex tag: Sorry about the line numbers in Tracey output, I had hacked your module to add tables 😏
  24. I've edited this reply, since I double-checked and it is happening both with and without entity encoders active on CKEditor fields when trying to save the search index. See screenshots below, with the text Testing “testing” à 123 in a ckeditor field. Strange quotes get converted to utf-8 from html encoding, but the "à" symbol utf-8 gets clipped in half. Can confirm PW / DB / db table / db column all using utf8mb4 + unicode_ci (learnt alot about this stuff past few days!).
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