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  1. i have been trying this for a while and what even is imageSizer? is it like a hook ? if so i get error everytime i try ti save it ProcessPageEdit: Unable to read: /site-hry/assets/files/1027/flash_fishy_screenshot.png and when i put it into template i get different error do i understand it incorrectly ? i have this setup $word = ".png"; foreach($page->subor_hry as $file) { if(strpos($file, $word) !== false){ $image = new Pageimage($page->images_thumb, $file->url); } }
  2. So hello i am trying to get a .png file from file field and put it automatically to image field, why png image is in the file field is because i already have a hook that extracts .zip and uploads all content into file field, but i just realizes i cant use size() function on image in file field so i am tryin got reupload it to images field i already have something like this in ready.php $word = ".png"; foreach($page->subor_hry as $file) { if(strpos($file, $word) !== false){ $page->images_thumb = $file->url; } } by my logic it should work but it dosnt i get error ProcessPageEdit: Unable to read: /site-hry/assets/files/1027/flash_fishy_screenshot.png when i remove url from $file->url i just get ProcessPageEdit: Item added to ProcessWire\Pageimages is not an allowed type so what am i doing wrong? is there some other way to do this ? also can i have all this in $this->addHookAfter('Pages::saveReady', function(HookEvent $event) { whats the correct function to have it apply on all pages ?
  3. ye welp, its still an image, so ill probably have to make some sort of hook to put image into image field and then output them, well thanks for confirmation
  4. so hello there i have fiel field type i have lots of stuff there, and also an image i can easily get image from that field using $options = array('quality' => 85, 'upscaling' => true, 'cropping' => 'north', 'sharpening' => 'medium'); $word = ".png"; // Test if string contains the word foreach($childgames->subor_hry as $file) { if(strpos($file, $word) !== false){ /* $imger = $file->size(473, 266, $options); */ echo $file; /* echo $file->url; */ } } so i get the fiel i tried invoking size on it like the commented out part and it doesnt work i get error Oh snizzle… Error: Exception: Method Pagefile::size does not exist or is not callable in this context (in what am i doing wrong? can you guys help me by all logic this should work
  5. so what i am trying to do is that i uploded some files into file field, and then i want hook to get MD5sum and other stuff from .xml and put it into text field into it coresponding pages, pages like this are gonna be many, for each one i want it to output it into its fields
  6. oh nevermind i gues this works ? if($media->r_soc->title == 'facebook') { $soc = 'facebook'; } elseif($media->r_soc->title == 'twitter') { $soc = 'twitter';
  7. so i made some options in t he field type, and i want to check if selected title is that output this is my sample code if($media->r_soc == 'facebook') { $soc = 'facebook'; } elseif($media->r_soc == 'twitter') { $soc = 'twitter'; } i just basically want to check if the user in CMS selected option facebokk and then outpit it into variable which is later outputted into fa icon, oh and also this is all in repeat field foreach($ikonky as $media) { so thats why its $media, but as of now it outputs blank state, not sure why, it doesnt outpit anything none of the check goes throught these are options i have in the field 1=facebook 2=twitter 3=instagram 4=youtube 5=github 6=linkedin
  8. well, no it doesnt help, beacuse its in CKEDITOR, the text in the same editor is visible, but not the images, and the image filed where the iamges are uploaded is visible on the page but not when embeded into ckfield
  9. so this is really weird issue i am so confused about this, so i have setup 'images' field where i put images and the include them in CKeditor, should work right? well it works on some sites, i use it nearly in every page but at one page, the images included in that CKeditor only show up, when i am logged into processwire, when i turn on incognito mode the images dissapear, but only on this specific page, everywhere else it works perfectly, has anyone came across this issue? i have nowhere in the site login checker, i have no idea what is going on
  10. oh found it ! https://processwire.com/api/ref/pageimage/ thanks for the help, i didnt knew it was called pageimage :D. ill mark this as solved, it works perfectly, but i still wonder why getimagesize didnt worked 😕
  11. oh well i tried googling 'processwire how to get images dimension' but didnt found anything, thanks for the tip i'll try it out
  12. so i am trying to fetch dimensions of image using getimagesize() but it returns nothing, at least i think so, i want to feed it to data attribute, bit its emtpy, i tried feeding it the image directly or just image->url here is my source code foreach($page->repeat_body as $r_body) { /* other code here*/ if ($r_body->gallery_check == 1) { echo "<div class='my-gallery' id='grid-gallery' itemscope itemtype='http://schema.org/ImageGallery'>"; foreach($r_body->image as $image) { $options = array('quality' => 80, 'upscaling' => true, 'cropping' => 'north', 'sharpening'=>'medium'); $thumb = $image->size(400, 400, $options); $large = $image->size(1280, 0, $options); list($width, $height) = getimagesize($image->url); echo " <figure itemprop='associatedMedia' itemscope itemtype='http://schema.org/ImageObject'> <a href='$large->url' itemprop='contentUrl' data-size='$widthx$height' data-index='0'> <img src='$thumb->url' height='$height' width='$width' itemprop='thumbnail' alt='Beach'> </a> </figure>"; } echo "</div>"; } /* other code here*/ } now, the images are outputted correctly, i can open then and browse them
  13. ye that link just links to my-url.com/processwire/repeaters/for-field-158/for-page-1240/1604946038-3619-1/ so i guess it works? or odesnt not sure. EDIT: okey it works like that echo $child->repeat_body->first()->body; i dont know what happend probably mistyped, okay it works thanks !
  14. so i am trying to fetch repeat field from page and output it, but only first one !, i thought first() would work and i googled something and came up with this if ($pages->get('/ponuka/')->title) { $ponuka = $pages->get('/ponuka/'); } else { $ponuka = $pages->get(1239); } //echo $ponuka; foreach($ponuka->children as $child) { $first = $child->repeat_body->find("limit=1"); $image = $child->pod_thumb; $options = array('quality' => 70, 'upscaling' => true, 'cropping' => 'north', 'sharpening'=>'medium'); $thumb = $image->size(400, 300, $options); echo " <li> <h3>$child->title</h3> <div class='split reversed'> <div class='content'>"; foreach($ponuka->repeat_body->find("limit=1") as $rep) { echo $rep->body; } echo "<ul class='actions'> <li><a href='{$child->repeat_body->first()->url}' class='button'>Pokračovať</a></li> </ul> </div> <div class='image'><img src='$thumb->url' alt='' /></div> </div> </li>"; } first check is just, if client somehow renames the site or changes url of that site, that it would fall back to fetching it from ID, and if they delete that site and create new one but with same name it will still work, so i hope that wont be a problem, then i output some stuff from that site, but i have trouble outputting the repeat field, as you can i see i tried it with find but didnt worked, what is the correct way to approach this ?
  15. so am trying to make a simple navigation, just few dropdowns no custom classes nothing its so simple everything is dome but somehow that plugin markupmenubuilder? look how stupid it looks,i dont know why there is such a gap, and when i open submenu all the way to the right the dropdown is clipping into previous dropdown its all broken, deefault navigation has no problem what the hell is going on, i tried looking into code, and it seems that that plugin is applying left: internal css, not sure why? but how do i get rid of it? and its weird that the whole navigation is copied below footer, why is that ? why not use the HTML that already exists
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