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  1. Ive just updated to PW v3.0.62. As Pretobrazza mentioned on May 3rd in this post, I think there maybe a compatibility issue with this module when trying to import 'ProFields Textareas - Textarea Definitions' fields. Any help would be useful. It is impossible to import these fields using the 'Import pages from CSV' module, I've several hundred pages to import that require these fields populating.
  2. I am trying to import several child pages using a cvs file. All normal field types are importing without a problem, but when importing 'ProFields Textareas' fields, these fields are not being populated with the specified data form the CSV file. My Textareas field type is named “chartNumbers”, which contains 3 ‘Textarea Definitions’: “fieldfrom”, “fieldto”, fieldsplit”. I have written the ‘CSV filed pairings’ in my page settings like this: 1:title 2:page_shorttitle 3:page_subtitle 4:page_summary 5:chartNumbers.fieldfrom 6:chartNumbers.fieldto 7:chartNumbers.fieldsplit I believe that the above field parings are correct based on what I read in this post . Having spent almost 5-hours trying to figure this out, my brain has decided to give up at 5:30am. Can anybody tell me what I’m doing incorrect (if that is the case), or help me figure out what is going wrong. My setup: PW v3.0.61 Master, ProFields Textareas v0.0.7, Batch Child Editor v1.6.6
  3. Hi Kongondo, I have been searching this support forum for an answer to my scenario for a while to no avail, and was hoping you could advise me on the following: Scenario: I have created a menu using MB with a structure similar to this: Menu Builder items: Home Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Contact My problem: in the PW page tree ‘Page 1’ has 20-children. I don’t want to include the 20-children in MB. However, I want ‘Page 1’ to maintain the <li class=“active”> if I navigate to any of its 20 children. Question: Is it possible to keep ‘Page 1’ <li class=“active”>, without the children of ‘Page 1’ being included and output into the MB HTML?
  4. Thanks Macrura and Pwired. I've gone with the second option Pwired suggested as this works great for my needs.
  5. Hi guys, I've been looking for a solution to prevent ckeditor from wrapping images in a paragraph within the html output. At the moment, if I insert an image, with or without an alignment class, it outputs the image wrapped in a paragraph: <p>Line of text one</p> <p><img src="myimage.jpg" alt="My Image" /></p> <p>Line of text two</p> What I need (and what i think should happen) is this: <p>Line of text one</p> <img src="myimage.jpg" alt="My Image" /> <p>Line of text two</p> I'm sure there must be a solution without having to mess with the core module config, anybody have any solutions?
  6. LostKobraki... You know what, I am a complete numpty and seriously need to sharpen my act! ... It just so happens that I had the home.php file with a uppercase "H"! changed it to lowercase and problem solved. Thank you
  7. The file permissions on my folders are set to 0755 and files 0644. The live testing server is on a shared hosting platform, but reliably used for over 8-years and have had no problems with WP installations.... Everything seems to be working fine other than not being able to show the home page content. I cross referenced the admin pages in both the live and local host and noticed that the home page does not display a view button on the live server, as per the image below:
  8. Hi fellow Processwire people. I have just moved a test site from my local server to my live test server following the instructions exactly as described in the tutorial by "Joss Sanglier": http://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/installation-moving-and-troubleshooting/page5. Im am using the latest dev version of PW. Now the strange thing is, all the child pages of the home page work and display correctly, all the modules function as they should, I have debug mode switched on and no errors. However what is baffling me is that the home page displays a 404 error. Im 100% sure I have setup the config.php file correctly as per the instructions in 'Joss Sanglier's tutorial, so after an hour of trying to figure this problem out, I am now stumped as to what the issue is... Does anybody have any ideas why the home page is displaying the 404 error?
  9. Yes, it was a problem with the code in my head.inc template... Sorry for taking your time to help me with this, as it was such a stupid and simple issue that should not have happened if I had been paying more attention to what I was trying to do... Lesson Learnt!! Many thanks
  10. Soma, LostKobrakai, Wanze Many thanks for your time helping me try to figure this out... I did a fresh install of PW and imported the templates and fields (not including the cottage template). When I attempted to create a "region" page using the region template, I was thrown this error: Error #2 is what was causing the problem!!!! As it happens I had this line of code in my "head" template (TMP_head.inc): <div id="wrapper" <?php if ($page->template = cottage): echo 'class="cottage-listings"'?> <?php endif ?>> When it should have been: <div id="wrapper" <?php if($page->template == location) echo 'class="cottage-listings"'?>> What an idiot I am ... Thank you all once again for your assistance and support.
  11. Here is the complete code for the "location: template: Removed code as I fixed the problem, and it was not with the code in this post Code removed
  12. Soma, Custom modules: I only have the "Page Field Select Creator" Module installed...
  13. Soma, I now get :"template: cottage pagenum: 0" But I don't understand why, because this pages template is set to "location" see screenshot below:
  14. Soma, Yes, I want the children of this template to be paginated. I also what the child pages of the next level paginated... My Page structure is: region template = central-lakes location template = ambleside HOME - ( home template ) - Region 1 ( region template ) paginates child pages ( Locations ) -- Location 1 ( location template ) paginates child pages (cottages) --- Cottage 1 ( cottage template ) --- Cottage 2 ( cottage template ) --- Cottage 3 ( cottage template ) --- Cottage 4 ( cottage template ) -- Location 2 ( location template ) paginates child pages (cottages) --- Cottage 1 ( cottage template ) --- Cottage 2 ( cottage template ) --- Cottage 3 ( cottage template ) --- Cottage 4 ( cottage template ) The code I originally posted represents this, (i think).
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