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  1. Looking forward to when the good news comes! 👍🤞 As @Pete said earlier, if you need anyone to test it out, give us a shout.
  2. Here's my query: $pages->find("template=collection, sort=-children.count"); However it is sorting my collections based on the total number of children. I've searched all over and cannot find a way to take visibility into account for this property. (I don't want to include any hidden or unpublished children). While rendering the child items in the html, I use $collection->numChildren(true) to show the number of visible, published children. But the sorting is all messed up because it includes all the hidden and unpublished. There's got to be some way to find the count of visible children in an efficient manner, without retrieving every single record to check it with a for loop??
  3. Can this module be altered to work with 12 HR instead of 24 HR?
  4. @Macrura Would you be able to provide some example code for how to implement fullcalendar? Trying to get it working for several projects.
  5. @gmclelland Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I've been searching the forums for this exact thing and can't find anyone else with this problem. Thanks!
  6. What is the best practice for having a form (only accessible to a logged in user) save the user's progress between sections of the form? Fieldsets? Multiple forms? Use case: I have a very long application form that would take 30 minutes for the applicant to fill out and I would hate for all progress to be lost due to user error. The progress needs to be logged into the user's page. Thanks!
  7. Rookie Question Alert: Attached is my piece of code from my _main.php. What do I need to do in this section of my code to remove the dropdown-toggle from the grandchildren of "Home" in my menu? I don't want to remove the toggles from Home's children, but their children I do. if($child->numChildren > 0 && $child->url <> "/"){ $class .= " dropdown-toggle "; } if($page == $child){ $class .= " active "; } elseif ($page->parents->has($child) && $child->url <> "/") { $class .= " active "; }
  8. Do you notice in my screenshot of my site, there's extra divs being generated? I think it's a problem with my foreach loop. I'm guessing the solution would be to stop the foreach loop after all the page references are echoed...if that makes any more sense.
  9. No empty speakers. I'm using a page reference to assign certain speakers to certain camps
  10. All new to Processwire and PHP so be patient! I'm trying to display multiple speakers for some events using a foreach loop. Not all the events have multiple speakers though. So, how can I limit the foreach loop so it stops running all the empty divs? At the top of my php file is this code: <?php namespace ProcessWire; foreach($page->speaker as $speaker): $thumb = $speaker->photo->width(310); endforeach; ?>
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