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  1. With Hanna Code (TextformatterHannaCode) it works like this: $hanna = $modules->get('TextformatterHannaCode'); $page->body = $hanna->render($page->body); see: https://processwire.com/modules/process-hanna-code/
  2. Hi! I want to create greyscaled versions of color images for a hover effect. In my template I am doing this: $is = new ImageSizer('/path/to/filename.ext'); $is->convertToGreyscale('/path/to/filename_new.ext'); (In my real code I am using filenames from page fields – the above code is just a shortened example.) Doing this, the original files always are overwritten. I checked the source code and found, that the optional parameter $dstFilename isn't passed through when calling convertToGreyscale. $dstFilename get's lost in /wire/core/ImageSizer.php: /** * Convert image to greyscale (black and white) * * @return bool * */ public function convertToGreyscale() { return $this->getEngine()->convertToGreyscale(); } I changed the method in /wire/core/ImageSizer.php to the follwoing code: public function convertToGreyscale($dstFilename = '') { return $this->getEngine()->convertToGreyscale($dstFilename); } Now, my template code works, but I changed a core file. I am wondering, if this is an issue with ImageSizer or if I am doing it wrong. Do I have to call convertToGreyscale in some other way?
  3. Thanks for this awesome module! Here is some feedback after some hours of testing: When using MediaManager along with Ryan’s ProDrafts, I had to manually disable ProDrafts support for the MediaManager specific templates. Otherwise, inserted images from the MediaManager would not display in the saved pages (neither drafts nor published versions). I figure this was because the images in MediaManager were by default also handled as drafts. After disabling ProDrafts for the MediaManager templates, everything – including working with drafts – works just fine.
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