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[solved] Invalid Module Name

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This is my first attempt to write a PW module. I have built dozens of sites without writing my own modules, but figured it is time to up my PW game. I assume this is a stupid noob error, but I get the "Invalid Module Name" error in admin when I refresh the modules list.

Name of class: CCBillIntegration, Name of Module file: CCBillIntegration.module

Full extent of .module file:

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

class CCBillIntegration extends WireData implements Module {
	 * getModuleInfo is a module required by all modules to tell ProcessWire about them
	 * @return array
	public static function getModuleInfo() 
		return array(
			'title' => 'CCBill Integration', 
			'version' => "0.1.0", 
			'summary' => 'A module to allow CCBill payment processing and user management integration.',
			'singular' => true, 
			'autoload' => true, 
			'icon' => 'credit-card' 



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ProcessWire doesn't like module names that have an uppercase letter at the second position, so switching that to lowercase should fix it. Just change CCBillIntegration to CcBillIntegration.

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Moderator note: I'm moving this thread to the "Module/Plugin Development" section. Modules/Plugins section is intended for support threads for existing modules only 🙂

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