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  1. Thanks' for reply. I'll check with "toggle" later.
  2. Thanks for this module! It saved many hours for me. And one more thing i noticed. It has some bugs with toggle field value as dependency and when is used for field_tab But all other are works grate!)) Thanks again!
  3. Is there any more simple and not paid solution?
  4. How to create in template two fields (page_reference both) where the second field dropdown list depends on first (page_reference) field selected value?
  5. Can anyone tell me how to find pages in propper way)) Now i solved taks like this //$place = 1036 //$type = 1122 //doctors_office = page field with multiselect by checkbox //direction_category = page field with select field for one value can be choosen foreach ($pages->find("template=doctor") as $doc) { foreach($doc->doctors_office as $item) { if($item->id == $place){ if($doc->direction_category->id == $type){ $list[] = $doc->title; } } }
  6. Thanks. As i wrote on github, i started project with v1 of this plugin. So there is no time to check. After i'll finish, i'll test. Thanks again.
  7. Can't use this module if select any parser (smarty or twig) Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Twig_Loader_Filesystem' not found
  8. Could anyone tell my how to make thing like this: 1) When subpage for page with special template is created in admin than no fields to enter "title" and "name" is displayed - page creates automatic skipping this step and it has "name" and "title" like so - "post_1122" 2) And of course if this page is created from script - things go the same. I think hooks can help by i don't know how to use them in my case. Thanks a lot.
  9. I have to languages - english and russian. I need russian language to be set as default for admin panel. How to do it? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for recipe. It works well but i can't get values before selecting template ( So if i put this code in init.php nothing works. I think it's because at this step there is no variable mobileDetect if($config->mobileDetect->deviceType!='desktop'){ $config->urls->templates = $config->urls->site . 'm_templates/'; $config->paths->templates = $config->paths->site . 'm_templates/'; }
  11. Hi all. I need to change $config->paths->data['templates'] value from "templates" to "m_templates" for example. I think this wil be more easy to use specific folder for mobile view. How to change depending on some actions? (detecting if site viewing on mobile browser) Thanks
  12. field.count=0,field=1 ( not works) so i need to find page that containes field value = 1 and all pages that not containing any value. solved: field=0|1
  13. That's not work for me. If just copy all files to domain 2 folder and change path to "site" folder - how to do it.
  14. Hi all. Could anybody help with this: I have two domains: site1.domain.com and site2.domain.com They are hosted at one server and put in folders site1: /home/site1/public site2: /home/site2/public (for example) All processwire files are in site1 folder and this site goes well. I put file index.php in site2 folder with the same content as it is in site1 folder but only changed $rootPath to path for site1 folder But still i can use only api but site doesn't loads the same way as site1 I need to you use one installation of prw to load site at two domains (copy) What i need to do to start it works!?
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