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  1. https://auth0.com/blog/converting-your-web-app-to-mobile/
  2. I can't disable that in my chrome console because I use it in my own css during development, maybe the pw styles should be compiled without the option of source map files enabled if it's the case that those files are not going to be included in the distribution
  3. yes, all the time.. the installation did not include the source map for less/css files.. It's not a big problem, but the constant notifications bother
  4. Take a look at this, maybe can be adapted to build the form configuration with a graphical UI: https://formbuilder.online/ here a test page for different actions and get the config in different formats (use the Save button): https://kevinchappell.github.io/formBuilder/
  5. https://github.com/apeisa/PaymentStripe https://github.com/apeisa/PaymentPaypal https://github.com/apeisa/PaymentModule https://github.com/apeisa/PaymentInvoice
  6. This was tested and works... _func.php function toc( $heading, $content ) { $heading = str_replace( ',', ' ', $heading ); $heading = explode( ' ', $heading ); foreach ( $heading as $k => $v )$heading[ $k ] = trim( $v ); $heading = implode( '|', $heading ); $anchors = array(); if ( preg_match_all( '{<(' . $heading . ')[^>]*>(.+?)</\1>}i', $content, $matches ) ) { foreach ( $matches[ 1 ] as $key => $tag ) { $text = $matches[ 2 ][ $key ]; $anchor = wire('sanitizer')->pageName($text, true); $anchors[ $anchor ] = $text; $full = $matches[ 0 ][ $key ]; $content = str_replace( $full, "<a name='$anchor' href='#'></a>$full", $content ); } } if ( count( $anchors ) ) { $toc = "<ul class='article-toc'>"; $url= wire('page')->url; foreach ( $anchors as $anchor => $text ) { $toc .= "<li><a href='$url#$anchor'>$text</a></li>"; } $toc .= "</ul>"; return array( $toc, $content ); } else { return null; } } article.php (example template file) <?php $out = toc("h2 h3 h4",$page->body); ?> <div class="page"> <div class="main"> <?=$out[1]?> </div> <div class="sidebar"> <h3>Table of Contents</h3> <?=$out[0]?> </div> </div> the previous published function was updated because we need to use wire() in _func.php
  7. my comment was ironic about avoid 3rd party dependencies
  8. I'm in the web design since 1998, and I remember when the war against inline styles began, you put a little style="margin-bottom:10px" in a unique element in the project and you are a renegade man from the old days, you need to create a new css class for it ... after decades learning to avoid them at all cost.. now in 2017 the new trend that coder influencers propose as good modern practices (because of React, etc) is using it! you get this and is OK.. Whaaat? !! ..hahaha.. the previous was a joke.. but seriously.. the best practice is to be practical, logic and simple always as @BitPoet said
  9. For me, the reality is that when I use "vanilla" scripts, each one coming from different developers with its own code for dom traversal and manipulation, yes they are in plain js without dependencies ... but with a tons of redundant code for the same tasks ... so when I finally managed to finish a complex website with sliders, accordions, calendar, date selectors, drop-down menus, parallax, forms and looong, etc. each has its own code to select nodes, add/remove classes and looong, etc. I have a lot of repetitive code, for what? For a trend? yes it's true jQuery 1x is obsolete and fat due to the support of old browsers, but jQuery 3x is as slim as you need. The reality is that we need a library for common tasks (give it the name you want). For today jQuery allows me to do simple tasks on a regular website without additional efforts (ie a website like processwire.com, not a web application, or a project for Córdoba).. well.. if someone create that library, pleeeease use an API similar to PW/JQUERY.. it's so easy to use and learn for us, the non pro developers!!
  10. So, we should build the next PW admin without uikit framework too? Because we will no longer depend on jQuery but will depend on UIKit or any other library that we need to function properly. Really I don't understand which is the trending goal of eliminating jQuery like a disease?
  11. You can adapt the following Hanna Code example to a function for output anywhere... without dependencies ---------------- Jumplinks Hanna Code This Hanna code is meant to be used in your body copy. It collects all the headline tags in the text and turns them into anchor jump links while outputting a linked table of contents. It will put the table of contents wherever you type the Hanna code. $for = str_replace(',', ' ', $for); $for = explode(' ', $for); foreach($for as $k => $v) $for[$k] = trim($v); $for = implode('|', $for); $anchors = array(); $value = $hanna->value; if(preg_match_all('{<(' . $for . ')[^>]*>(.+?)</\1>}i', $value, $matches)) { foreach($matches[1] as $key => $tag) { $text = $matches[2][$key]; $anchor = $sanitizer->pageName($text, true); $anchors[$anchor] = $text; $full = $matches[0][$key]; $value = str_replace($full, "<a name='$anchor' href='#'></a>$full", $value); } $hanna->value = $value; } if(isset($topic)) { $topic = $topic; } else { $topic = 'Page'; } if(count($anchors)) { echo "<div class='toc'>"; echo "<p>On this $topic:</p>"; echo "<ol class='article-toc'>"; foreach($anchors as $anchor => $text) { echo "<li><a href='$page->url#$anchor'>$text</a></li>"; } echo "</ol>"; echo "</div>"; } else { echo ''; } Usage Examples: [[jumplinks]] Locates all h2 and h3 headlines, turns them into anchors, and generates a table of contents. This is the default behavior with no attributes. [[jumplinks for=h2]] Here we specify a 'for' attribute. It produces the same behavior as above except only anchors h2 headlines. [[jumplinks for="h2 h4"]] Same as above except only anchors h2 and h4 headlines. ---------------- $for is the heading tags that you want to link in the TOC $hanna->value is the string with the html content you want to process and update This script modify the original HTML content to include the new anchors, and create the markup for the TOC. Instead of direct echo the markup, you need to return the output... maybe something like the following code (you need to check if I'm using the PHP best practices because I'm not a coder) function toc( $heading, $content ) { $heading = str_replace( ',', ' ', $heading ); $heading = explode( ' ', $heading ); foreach ( $heading as $k => $v )$heading[ $k ] = trim( $v ); $heading = implode( '|', $heading ); $anchors = array(); if ( preg_match_all( '{<(' . $heading . ')[^>]*>(.+?)</\1>}i', $content, $matches ) ) { foreach ( $matches[ 1 ] as $key => $tag ) { $text = $matches[ 2 ][ $key ]; $anchor = $sanitizer->pageName( $text, true ); $anchors[ $anchor ] = $text; $full = $matches[ 0 ][ $key ]; $content = str_replace( $full, "<a name='$anchor' href='#'></a>$full", $content ); } } if ( count( $anchors ) ) { $toc = "<ul class='article-toc'>"; foreach ( $anchors as $anchor => $text ) { $toc .= "<li><a href='$page->url#$anchor'>$text</a></li>"; } $toc .= "</ul>"; return array( $toc, $content ); } else { return null; } } ..or maybe output only the $anchors array and customize the markup in your template according to your page design
  12. Good point about usability, maybe something like a outlined button could work. I would not like to replace the current link with a dropdown menu because it would be better to preserve the function of the current link and add the new function. The theme is the regular Reno that comes with PW installation, you can access it in the admin profile.
  13. yes, off course you are right about the ids.. I only change the div for the pw-region tags
  14. Don't use div element in the document head, it's incorrect.. instead use this Processwire markup region option <pw-region id="title-region"> <title id="title-region"><?php echo $page->title; ?> | <?php echo $page->template->name; ?> | schildpad | Chrysemys</title> </pw-region> ... <pw-region id="google_map"></pw-region>
  15. Hi guys! What do you think about something like this? Because I use this option regularly in the Windows File Explorer breadcrumb and it's very useful. The drop-down menu can display only published/visible child pages. I've tried to find how to do it as a module, but I'm not a coder with enough skills for that ... or I don't know if I can use hooks to do that ...