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  1. .. or you can use $input->get() check docs here: https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-input/get/ if you want to learn how to use ulrSegments, read this: https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/how-to-use-url-segments/
  2. ProcessWire can be checked? https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-releases-new-open-source-security-software-program-scorecards/ https://github.com/ossf/scorecard
  3. I implemented that previously. In my experience, if you create a page for each event (using child pages or repeater) you will end up with hundreds of thousands of pages quickly, and in each one you will recorded only a minimum data. I think that is very inefficient. Maybe using ProTable is a better solution. I finally ended up using a textarea and saved one event in each line, when I was going to show the timeline I parsed it with regex, as well to update the tracking info this is very easy. Maybe if I do that again, I would avoid parsing every request for the tracking info by saving/reading/updating the events in JSON format.
  4. I think the "correct" way to do it, is how you have it implemented now: for each portfolio, you query the related user to obtain the additional data. It's true that if you are constantly making queries of this type (ex: inside a loop), that performance is not optimal. Maybe if you use some kind of page/template cache you can solve it. Another way could be to keep a copy of the user's data in a "user" field of the portfolio template (using a textarea field and save all user data in JSON, or use the new ProFields Combo field) and implement a synchronization system based on hooks, then in the users' Page Save hook, find the related portfolio and updates that JSON field. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I have been using exactly that workflow for a long time now, with total success in medium to complex projects. Additionally I add components and partials using wireRenderFile or wireIncludeFile and that's all I have needed. It's important to note that all my projects are one man projects.
  6. Check this: https://www.fastcomet.com/processwire-hosting I never try this Managed Processwire Hosting, but I used their regular hosting plans, and they comes with cpanel + softaculous, so you can install PW easily.. fast hosting
  7. https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/set-and-save/ // Not needed: $order->of(false); $order->setAndSave([ 'pad_user' => $u->id, 'expire_date' => $expireDate, ]);
  8. Tip: always use Google to find information about Processwire
  9. You can use this too: <?php echo $pages->get(1025)->FIELD ?? ''; ?>
  10. In the meantime you can go using this: https://www.uniformserver.com/ it has worked wonderfully for me
  11. I'm sorry.. I did not want to distort this forum topic, it is just that this fact caught my attention .. ProcessFileManager is an interesting solution to fix something in a hurry, you just have to apply a very good access control. Years ago, when I was traveling and I was using ICE Coder (https://icecoder.net/) in a project and it worked well for me, then when I return I uninstalled it.
  12. Is Processwire losing traction?? ... lately I have read many comments in this forum from several of the most prominent people in the discussions who are no longer working with Processwire .. 😱??
  13. ADVICE: Jump directly to this: https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/output/markup-regions/
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