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  1. Oh! So easy? !!! .. I'll try it tomorrow at the office. THANK YOU!
  2. I have spent the whole day searching the forum without finding the answer! It seems that the only way to use the repeaters is using FOREACH! I have a template with a repeater field assigned, on the Page I already have several records saved in the repeaters and I need to access the information of one of the repeater items, but in order to select it I need to ask for the current value of one of the item fields. Ex: Page - Repeater Field --- Item1 ----- FieldA = 2 ----- FieldB = BAR ----- FieldC = FOO --- Item2 ----- FieldA = 6 ----- FieldB = FOO ----- FieldC = BAR I need to get the FieldC value of the item that has value=2 in the FieldA ????
  3. Maybe you can try with this: https://www.payoneer.com/solutions/pay-service-provider/ ?
  4. Why I'm still using jQuery in 2019
  5. Awesome! Keep a record of this post for the future module documentation! You mean "Shipping Package" will be the "Calculate Rate" based on the carriers API?
  6. If you're not in a hurry, you can wait the new version of Padloper from @kongondo ... it looks great
  7. Like here for the module version
  8. For multi-language SEO tags you can use a FieldtypeFieldsetGroup in your templates (put it on a new tab for easy access): https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.73-and-new-fieldset-types/ .. echo this vars inside an included file (or use a Markup Region) in the main template file. PS: I never try with FieldtypeFieldsetPage, but can works too
  9. Try to change it in the PHP settings: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8927404/how-to-change-session-save-path-in-php-ini-file
  10. Forget it, it was just an idea. I think it doesn't work. That is why ask at the end of the paragraph
  11. maybe is more efficient to use: $config-> homepagehits .. increment it by 1 at home.php template file and later echo it at any template file.. you never need to query any additional page (homepage) to get that counter because $config is present always by default at your hand.. hummm.. is this correct?
  12. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/224
  13. is Shopmaster ... by the way yesterday I bought a license for Padloper .. and I'll be ready for the new version
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