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  1. Add the "Paid" field to the user template: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/16400-is-it-possible-to-add-custom-user-properties-to-the-user/ Then you can update that field: $user->setAndSave('paid', 'true'); You can use a FieldtypeCheckbox for that too, then the ON value is 1 and OFF value is 0
  2. https://prog.tube/laravel-php-create-a-social-network-full-app https://github.com/lvntayn/laravel-social-network
  3. This is my code fragment that is currently working.. but I save the image to file because my case // here I load the SVG file $svg = file_get_contents("https://www.domain.com/site/templates/images/$image.svg"); // here goes code to modify some elements, colors and texts in the svg .... // here I set the SVG var to Imagick and save to a PNG file ready for download $im = new \Imagick(); $im->readImageBlob($svg); $im->setImageFormat("png24"); $im->scaleImage(1024, 1024, true); $im->writeImage("../downloads/$filename"); $im->clear(); $im->destroy(); $file = "https://www.domain.com/site/downloads/$filename"; echo $file; I implemented it as a service that is called by AJAX and returns the URL to the generated image.
  4. It work for me. Try to assign the image path manually to verify that the Imagick is working: $im->readImageBlob("https://www.domain.com/site/templates/images/image.svg"); If you are able to open the picture in the browser using the path, this should render the picture on the page.
  5. @adrian I tried this and works with wrong password entries, but if both parameters are ok, then I get a fatal error: Error: Exception: Login not attempted due to overflow. Please wait at least 20 seconds before attempting another login. (in /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/app.domain.com/wire/modules/Session/SessionLoginThrottle/SessionLoginThrottle.module line 150)
  6. In the Login/Register module I receive this error when the email exist but the password is incorrect. Any solution? Because the module has no new updates. Notice: Trying to get property 'name' of non-object in /var/www/vhosts/pdhvac.com/wms.pdhvac.com/site/modules/LoginRegister/LoginRegister.module on line 394
  7. No idea... try this alternative: $im = new \Imagick(); $im->readImageBlob($imageurl);
  8. try $config->path https://processwire.com/api/ref/config/path/
  9. It seems that the website is very simple in its structure: lists/details structure.. maybe even with the ProcessBlog module and using categories you can make the whole site. If I had to do it, I would do the following process without having to study another platform or make new code: - I would use a scrapper software on the current site and export the data to a csv file with the fields and names I want. - I would create the templates in PW for the parent listing page / child detail page for each data model or use only one for all with tags/categories, depend on your idea - I would use the ImportPagesCSV module to create all pages in only one step All this you can do without having the html+css design implemented. I think that having the idea of fields and templates, this would not take me more than 4 hours of work. If you don't have access to a scrapper software, there are some extensions for chrome that can help you, or you can make a small code and use https://github.com/paquettg/php-html-parser. The idea with this is to avoid understanding CodeIgniter or the database. I have done this before for marketing affiliate pages = 100% Guaranteed 🙂
  10. WOW! .. THANKS @Robin S ..You always helping! I'll tray this 🙂
  11. Does anyone know how to save an Array or a WireArray back to the YAML field in the page? In the source code I saw some functions for "Dump", but I don't know which one would be the right one, or how to use it.
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