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  1. I always use: <pw-region id="content">...<pw-region> ..works like a charm
  2. It depends on the specific case, some examples $tpl = file_get_contents($config->paths->templates . 'html/my-file.html'); //ex: <p>This is a test: {foo}, and this is another test: {bar}</p> ..or.. $tpl2 = "<p>This is a test: {foo}, and this is another test: {bar}</p>"; $vars = [ 'foo' => 'FOO!', 'bar' => $pages->get('/')->title, ]; // Sometime later echo wirePopulateStringTags($tpl2, $vars); ..or you can use PHP heredoc $testing123 = "123"; $html = <<<HTML <div class='something'> <ul class='mylist'> <li>FOO!</li> <li>{$pages->get('/')->title}</li> <li>$testing123</li> </ul> </div> HTML; // Sometime later echo $html;
  3. I use Profield Table in my sites, I think this component is not for this specific case
  4. But for that only, you have the Children tab by default in each page, it have pagination and ajax loading
  5. Yes, thank you very much @dragan, I actually ended up using the findIDs call, but that's to querying the database .. my question refers to WireArray, because I supposed it would be faster to request the pages once to DB and then do the search operations on that array.
  6. Today I found out that querying WireArray is a lot slower than querying the database. First I implemented the first piece of code, and after that I wanted to optimize it thinking that consulting the database only once and then searching in the Wirearray will be better, but I discover that this is not an optimization, instead it's slower 2/3 times! $today = strtotime('today'); $month = strtotime('first day of this month'); /* DATABASE QUERY = FASTER */ $shipments_active = count($pages->find("template=page-shipment,ship_status=1")); $shipments_today = count($pages->find("template=page-shipment,created>$today")); $shipments_month = count($pages->find("template=page-shipment,created>$month")); /* WIREARRAY QUERY = SLOWER */ $shipments = $pages->find("template=page-shipment"); $shipments_active = $shipments->find("ship_status=1")->count(); $shipments_today = $shipments->find("created>$today")->count(); $shipments_month = $shipments->find("created>$month")->count(); Is this normal? Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  7. Check here: https://www.gethalfmoon.com
  8. Free Postman alternative: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/apidebug-http-test/ieoejemkppmjcdfbnfphhpbfmallhfnc https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/postwoman-http接口调试插件/hoeapaidnfedjfbdghipliboclcighij PS: same extension, different name
  9. Looks interesting: https://pinegrow.com/tailwind-visual-editor
  10. I have this implemented as a REST service and not as a script. I just tested the task scheduler on the server by calling the endpoint and it worked perfectly, the app did not freeze. I have read that this happens when you make the curl call (I use wirehttp) from the browser. I was testing the app using a Chrome extension very similar to Postman, perhaps it is the cause of the problem.
  11. Hi @androbey and @Craig thanks for your support! I finally found the bottleneck and it's not in the database itself. So I'll rollback to MyISAM, because I can't limit the system to search in the DB using the customers email. Already tested write speeds on both engines and it's very similar, at least in the order of the 100s of pages. The problem really is PHP, specifically curl, fopen, etc. when you execute a http request, these commands block php until it receives a response. Additionally, some of the web services that I use have a rate limit, which sometimes slows down the service responses. This really doesn't worry me if it happens in the background, because I don't need to have the data in real time. But when you join curl limitations and the rate limit together, the entire app stops, sometimes up to 30 sec! that is inadmissible. I will look for a solution, and I will let you know here. I think PHP should improve this if it wants to remain as an application development option. It must be updated to the new times, now almost everything is based on third-party services and the iterations between platforms, and everything flows through http calls.
  12. Laragon said: mysql-5.7.24 and Adminer said on Table: field_page_information: PRIMARY pages_id INDEX data(250) FULLTEXT data
  13. Tested, do not works.. I fixed your code here: $value = $sanitizer->selectorValue($search); //instead $email Thanks
  14. https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=74042 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25088183/mysql-fulltext-search-with-symbol-produces-error-syntax-error-unexpected https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8961148/mysql-match-against-when-searching-e-mail-addresses You found a solution? @ryan this is a comment from the second link: I fixed this same issue, (not a syntax error either - only occurs when string has '@' in it) and i fixed by changing to NATURAL LANGUAGE MODE instead of BOOLEAN MODE
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