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  1. It works, but applies the classes to all inputfields, including the form and buttons. Is there any way to ask the type of input (Ex. InputfieldText) before applying the classes? I check the API Reference for inputfield but nothing..
  2. Good job! Maybe you could use bold in the links of the footer, because is not very readable. I like this style!
  3. I like the second solution, I will implement it later. Thank you!
  4. Since I haven't received answers, I add the code directly in the module (I know is bad but I need to finish) Line 264: $inputfield->attr('class','form-control'); It would be great if this option was in the configuration as well as the current option for the Send button
  5. Is there any way to assign a css class directly to the input element? I'm trying to build the form with the bootstrap classes
  6. This look good!!! --> https://github.com/APIs-guru/graphql-voyager
  7. I think it would be great to start the marketplace precisely by doing it with Processwire as a module, then that module is also on offer as a platform demonstration. Maybe?
  8. This should be the simple way, and you can modify anything else inside your card while Show class is on Codepen
  9. http://fontawesome.io/icons/ have this using the Argolia search engine.. maybe we can have something similar using this https://jets.js.org/ .. is very easy to use with html/data tags and really fast
  10. Works!.. Where you learn this??
  11. ..
  12. A super easy way and not complicated to be extended by the client (even for only one product) is using something like this https://modules.processwire.com/modules/textbox-list/ with an implementation like this https://help.shopify.com/manual/using-themes/themes-by-shopify/supply#product-tips-tips-specific later use the API to filter the pages, this works easy with localization too
  13. and maybe: https://github.com/meltingice/CamanJS or https://github.com/girliemac/filterous-2 too
  14. Wow! Just for curiosity, how many hours/years did take you to be in that moment? ..To calculate if I can finish my own "engine" before retiring jjj because I'm right now in the middle of my first "advance" stuff for social media tasks .. Congratulations
  15. It might be interesting to have a module with general functions for the many common problems that we find here every day. Something similar to what Ryan did with the uikit file. I know that just could be a simple file for include like _func.php, but I like much more the module format because it's more easy to include it directly from the repository, easy locate the last version (updated, enhanced and fixed) As a plus maybe you can configure which features to include before you download it..