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  1. Hi. I really like this options in date ranges. I do not know if my question is right, but I will explain here, so it will be nice to have some info from your if what I want is possible. I have customer with restaurant and he has from me whole site and I used Form Builder Pro from Ryan for reservations. That customer has requirement to disable specific days which are visible in data picker. For example he wants to disable every Sundays and Mondays and some public holidays. On these days his restaurant is closed and thus not available for reservations. Is it possible with that new Date ranges ? What do you think ? Thanks for answer
  2. Thanks for your answer and explanation. I certainly will use PW and now I clearly know that your modules are also very usable in my project.
  3. Hi. Thanks very much for your answer. Tools your writing are interesting, but application I want is not only for searching in database. I do not have vast experience with PW, but I have several sites built with it and I have to say it is wonderfull system. For me it is decided selection.
  4. Thanks for quick answer. I would like to know what you could recommend for my current project. For right answer I have to explain situation: I am working on customer request to have some app for managing his business contracts and assets. His is doing business with antiquities - so he is receiving valuable items from customers and offers them for sale. Mainly these items are jewellery, art and other antiquities (lots of them). Now he is using very old Windows app based on very old MS Access db. This old app has db with all of his current and old contracts inf form of interconnected tables and also links to tons of images of items (antiquities). So for one contract there could be several connected images. To this day there are lots of images (around 50 000 jpeg/png..) and lots of data in app. This app is not good now for his needs. It takes very long to search anything and also working with images and data is not good.. I decided that I could use PW for his app. And now my questions: Is better to use PW with your modules for import data from that Windows app or is better to use some import module like ImportPagesCSV, link: https://processwire.com/modules/table-csv-import-export/ ? Which other modules would you recommend ? Thanks for your answer. Pavel Radvan
  5. Hi. Nice module. Is possible to use this module to import data to PW ? As it is named "Migrations" it could migrate data (from xml/csv...or other) to PW - could it be done with it?
  6. Hi. I am sorry I did not get to you earlier. Thank you very much for reply. Regarding your answers and questions : Customer is not doing cross selling, he just sell antiquities and lots of his clients just bring something (old ring for example) to sell to him for money or other commodities. So my customer buy this from his client and then usually he put it on eshop to sell. This is just explaining of business of my customer - it is not intended to be incorporated in eshop. It is very simple for him to create new product and make it available on eshop. Every product of his eshop is unique, because there are no new products, only used, returned, old and ancient pieces... Challenges which customer has to solve - problems with current state of PS - it is so modified it is not easy to upgrade and also use it as good platform in future. Sometimes happen that his clients cannot login to system or cannot use basket or mailing is not delivering messages. There is not much user friendly to adjust something from customer side - like some blog posts, integration of instagram, facebook and others...there are also marketing campaigns on facebook and there is not easy to use PS as eshop as should be working... It is very nice you have padloper already with paypal integrated... It could be very nice to have some more options from you to have that custom code for that product reservation system - it something like a booking system in hotel - just to have option to reserve product before buying and to decide later. But is is usually with some more options - like a possible discount or another details. So from my point of view it could be very valuable to discuss this further. What do you need to know about whole system to have some good understanding of this project? Pavel
  7. Hi. I would like to use padloper + PW for my customer to replace prestashop which is his current eshop platform. It is shop with antique objects(atrs, rings, jewellery, pcitures ....) and is selling lots of products. Since it is selling of antiquities there is usually also normal situation of purchasing products from customer's clients to resell them. Shop is now integrated with paypal platform for card payments and is offering to clients to buy even without registration, which is required in our country and also by EU laws. Prestashop as system is used by customer quite long time and I inherited it with a lots of adjustments and modifications from other developers and it is not in good state. Last two years I keep it working but it is not possible to upgrade it easy and without problems. Customer has virtual hosted server dedicated mainly to e-shop platform. About 2 months ago customer and his team tried to make some survey about what to do next with current system and there is no good solution for him to fulfill all needs. Big game changer and also challenge for competitive systems is reservation system which is offering to clients option to reserve certain product for specific period (days/weeks/months). This time is configurable in backend with also other parameters. Reservation system also maintains some queue of people with respective order. When first client who made reservation decide to cancel it, there is option for next client in queue to make reservation. Every client who want to reserve products has to register in system to have in his profile page details and information about reservations. Reservation system is also sending mails to customers with notify of ending of client reservation. I checked demo site https://demo.kongondo.com/ of padloper and it is quite interesting. Do you think is possible to have solution based on ProcessWire and Padloper?
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