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  1. Hi adrian, many thanks for your help! Now i understand the field pairings setup. Of course, that only makes sense to display the settings in the page settings. The encoding should be Excels fault. I receive many excel files from clients which have wrong encodings (mostly for characters like ä, ö, ü and so on). I've to open this files in Apple Numbers and re-save to fix this. If i understand it right, the CSV file should have a additional column for the title (with the tire size)? This should fix the "Tire" title for every subpage too. Once again many thanks!
  2. Ahh, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was able to import and update the entries from a csv file! But i'm wondering where the field pairings setup is. Of course i read the ReadMe, but from the beginning a was searching for theses settings. I see "Data entry / CSV import settings", but no pairings setup. Maybe i'm blind. I uploaded a test site to the server:
  3. Ah, ok. I thought the title field is separated from the fields in which the entries are imported to. So i've to add a blank column in the csv file or a column with "Import" in every row?
  4. Hi adrian, for my test i use 6 fields of "text" type (from textfield_1 to textfield_6). Textfields should display numbers too, right? The csv file is attached. article-list.csv
  5. Thanks @adrian for your suggestion. But i'm unable to make it work. The csv file has 6 columns (screenshot). So i add 6 fields to my template. When i choose "add" at the Batch Child Editor tab, choose the csv file and hit "save", the error: "The number of columns/fields in your CSV do not match the number of fields in the template. Nothing can be safely imported. If you need to exclude certain fields, make sure the CSV has blank values for the excluded fields." appears. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I also tried the import with 4 fields (because of the 2 blank columns). But with no success. Mario
  6. Many thanks @szabesz and @FrancisChung! I'll try your suggestions. But the problem with both solutions will be, that for the user (editor of the site) it has to be super-easy to load these csv-files on a regular basis. Every few weeks there are a few changes in the file and it should be like "select the file and click upload" to apply the changes.
  7. Hallo, i'm searching for a way to import entries from a css file. I have a csv (or txt) file with some comma-separated data and want to import just 1 entry into a list (text or textarea field) in the PW (3.0.33) backend. I tried the "Import Pages from csv files" module. I'm not sure if this is the right solution. The file can't be imported, because after Step 2 and starting the import, the "Unable to import page because it has no required 'title' field or it is blank" error message appears. I'm doing something wrong or is using this module the wrong way of importing csv entries? Mario
  8. Ok, that makes sense. But what have Checkbox and Email (or something else) in common? I could easily change it from Checkbox to all the other displayed types. Only Options is missing.
  9. Hi Benjamin, no, i think i've explained it wrong. I made a field with the field type of "Checkbox". But now i wanna change it from "Checkbox" to "Options". But under the "Type" select menu i didn't see "Options". (see screenshot) I've to completely delete the field and make a new one. There i have the possibility to choose "Option".
  10. Hi, i just discovered that i can't change the field type after making a field. I made a field "checkbox" and later i decided to want that field as a radio button (Select Options Fieldtype) with two options. But i can't change it under "Basics" -> "Type". I've to delete the field and then make it new. Then i can choose the Select Options Fieldtype. I'm doing something wrong? PW 3.0.24 Mario
  11. Hi Ivan, thanks for your reply! I always forget that technically everything is a "page". ;-)
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