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Found 12 results

  1. Hallo, i'm searching for a way to import entries from a css file. I have a csv (or txt) file with some comma-separated data and want to import just 1 entry into a list (text or textarea field) in the PW (3.0.33) backend. I tried the "Import Pages from csv files" module. I'm not sure if this is the right solution. The file can't be imported, because after Step 2 and starting the import, the "Unable to import page because it has no required 'title' field or it is blank" error message appears. I'm doing something wrong or is using this module the wrong way of importing csv entries? Mario
  2. Is it possible to export pages to a csv file, in the same way you can import with this module? I couldn't find anything in the modules section
  3. Hi, I'm trying to import some heavy data into Processwire, but I'm not sure what would be the best way to do it. Usually I use CSV to Pages plugin, but this time the data is too heavy(~40k rows with 10+ columns of excel sheet), thus this plugin can't help. I also tried Tasker plugin but I can't seem to go through the setup itself, it requires some template setup but I'm totally clueless about how to do it, so that plugin is not of any use either. I wanted to know from you guys how you do it and in future what would be the best way to migrate thousands of rows of data in to PW. Thanks.
  4. Hi all I need to export all the texts from a website to a translation company (as json or csv or txt...). How can this be done? Of course manually, but this website is huge and it would take me years... Also, as a second step, importing the translation ... Any ideas anyone? Tutorials? Plugins? Thanks for your help.
  5. Does anyone know how to do an export of a page entries to CSV using the Processwire way? I'm trying to setup a list where the client can see a list of user's form values. Example -> A front end form -> Upon submit -> Adds to database -> Shows on the admin of Processwire. From there, I can see the entries and sort stuff. And lastly I can export them in CSV. I'm looking at the Processwire cheatsheet and see the $files, is this the one I should be looking at?
  6. I am working on a module that runs/previews (for pub/unpub) imports on importer page view. The template has to be in site/templates, so far as I know, so one is created there on install which includes a file to run from within the module, but then when it's run and tries to read the importer csv file it cannot, since it's in the admin, I guess... Is it possible to set the template page to a file in the module directory? Will that work?
  7. Resources (Ryan's own): ImportPagesCSV FieldtypeMapMarker So I edit the accepted $fieldtypes on :76: /** * List of Fieldtypes that we support importing to * */ protected $fieldtypes = array( 'FieldtypePageTitle', 'FieldtypeText', 'FieldtypeTextarea', 'FieldtypeInteger', 'FieldtypeFloat', 'FieldtypeEmail', 'FieldtypeURL', 'FieldtypeCheckbox', 'FieldtypeFile', 'FieldtypePage', 'FieldtypeMapMarker', 'FieldtypePassword', 'FieldtypeRepeater' ); Page, MapMarker, Password and Repeater were added by me. Then alter importPageValue: /** * Assign a value to a page field * */ protected function importPageValue(Page $page, $name, $value) { $field = $this->fields->get($name); if($field->type instanceof FieldtypeFile) { $value = trim($value); // split delimeted data to an array $value = preg_split('/[\r\n\t|]+/', $value); if($field->maxFiles == 1) $value = array_shift($value); $data = $page->ImportPagesCSVData; $data[$name] = $value; $page->ImportPagesCSVData = $data; } elseif($field->type instanceof FieldtypePage) { $value = trim($value); if(wire("pages")->find("$name=$value")) $page->set($name, $value); } elseif($field->type instanceof FieldtypeMapMarker) { $value = trim($value); $page->set($name->address, $value); } elseif($field->type instanceof FieldtypeRepeater) { // } else { $page->set($name, $value); if($name == 'title') $page->name = $this->sanitizer->pageName($value, 2); // Sanitizer::translate elseif($name == 'fullname') { $page->name = $this->sanitizer->pageName($value, true); } } } Page import works with ID values, which was trivial to incorporate; passwords too. MapMarker and Repeater as you might guess do not. How can I save the map->address value? Hopefully it will update the corresponding map fields too but one thing at a time. As for the repeaters... LostKobrakai tipped me off to foreach($page->engines as $e) { foreach($e->fields as $field) { echo $field; echo $e->get($field); } } which works for their names and values, but in this function you're passed the field, and something like foreach($page->$field as $e) { foreach($e->fields as $field) { echo $field; echo $e->get($field); } } doesn't work... and what it would need to do inside anyway is check for a subfield whose name is equal to the column header (choose the repeater field itself e.g., engines in the select per repeater subfield value, e.g., engine_fueltype), then explode that cell value by pipes ('|'), and for each subvalue, populate the repeater#->subvalue... but before all that I need to be able to iterate through the subfields from the field in this function. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Would anyone here be able and inspired to develop a ProcessWire equivalent to the WordPress plugin WP All Import Pro? or to help me do so? This is what I'm envisioning... Upon installation the module creates an admin page titled "Import & Update". On the module config page you can specify allowed templates to run this on, otherwise allowing any. Include the following PHP libraries: hQuery for web scraping, Csv for CSV handling, and Parser for XML. Create template "import-update". On the "Import & Update" page, a list of current import/updaters will be displayed (0 initially), each with corresponding links to "edit" or "run". When you "Add New", this be the "import-update" template (with all module-specific fields tagged "impupd"): title destination (req.): parent, template source (req.): type (web, csv, xml) location (url, file, text) if web: opt. index URL & link selector, + paginator selector if csv: opt. ignore 1st row if xml: req. individual item node xpath actions (check): import (if none matching UID) update (if matching UID & field values differ) save() [req. here in flow] map (repeater): input (select fields from specified template to affect) intake (corresponding DOM selectors / CSV col. letters/headers / xpath per field) (req.) UID (unique ID; field reference to compare against, from selected input fields) (req.) Lazy Cron interval Scripts can be run via the import-update template; keep logs; show preview (iframe/ajax) for manual runs. ...
  9. [Posted this in another post, but realized it's doesn't really pertain to it, so I've moved it to this new topic -- again sorry] Hi Ryan (and everyone else!), Just starting using PW and I'm loving it... I've got a site build that requires a bunch of CSV loading and would like some help with API Importing, as I am running into some glitches with page fields. So far I have a bunch of CSVs that work fine with my php code, but I have one that crashes, unless I put in the pageID. I think it may be something larger as I have tried using both BatchChildEditor & ImportPagesCSV modules with a modified CSV, and both get the same error as my code. So, here's my code, it does the following: Reads a page field to get CSV filename Reads 1st row of file to figure out what template and parent to use Reads 2nd row for field titles Processes the remaining rows as data, it also echoes out what it is doing -- not elegant, but it's only for my use // If no filename exit if ($wire->page->getUnformatted('section_slogan') == '') throw new Wire404Exception(); // File Pointer $myfile = "http://" . $config->httpHost . $config->urls->templates . "loaders/" . $wire->page->getUnformatted('csvfilename'); $content = "<p>Using Loader File '{$myfile}'</p><hr/>"; // Read The Data File if (($handle = fopen("$myfile", "r")) !== FALSE) { // Get the Setup Info if (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $myTemplate = $templates->get("$data[0]"); $myParent = $wire->pages->get("path='$data[1]'"); if (($myTemplate->id == 'NullPage') || ($myParent->id == 'NullPage')){ throw new Wire404Exception(); } } else { throw new Wire404Exception(); } // Setup the parent $newItem = new Page(); $newItem->template = $myTemplate; // Tell User what's going on: $content .= "<p>Adding New Pages based on the '{$newItem->template->name}' template to parent '{$myParent->title}' path: '{$myParent->path}'</p><hr/>"; // List out the fields in the template $num = count($newItem->fields); $content .= "<p> $num fields in template</p><ol>"; foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { $content .= "<li>" . $itemfd->name . "</li>"; } $content .= "</ol><hr/>"; // Read header record and match-up fields to template $fieldmatchup = ''; if (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $num = count($data); for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) { foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { if($data[$c] == $itemfd->name) { $fieldmatchup[$itemfd->name] = $c; } } } } // Show the File's Field Array $content .= "<p>Display the Field Array</p><ul>"; foreach($fieldmatchup as $item_key => $item_value) { $content .= "<li>['" . $item_key . "'] = '" . $item_value . "'</li>"; } $content .= "</ul><hr/><h4>Reading File</h4><hr/>"; // Now add the data $row = 0; $newItem = ''; while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $num = count($data)-1; $row++; $mySel = "parent=" . $myParent->id . ", title='" . $data[$fieldmatchup['title']] . "'"; $dupPage = $wire->pages->get($mySel); if($dupPage->id == 'NullPage') { $content .= "<p>newItem (" . $mySel . ")<br/><b>-- Creating from File</b>.</p>\n"; // Setup blank WireArray based on a template $newItem = new Page(); $newItem->template = $myTemplate; $newItem->title = $data[$fieldmatchup['title']]; $newItem->parent = $myParent; $newItem->save(); } else { $content .= "<p>Duplicate Found (" . $mySel . ")<br/><b>-- Updating from File</b>.</p>\n"; $newItem = $dupPage; } $content .= "<p> {$num} fields in record {$row}: <br /></p>\n"; $newItem->of(false); foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { $key = $itemfd->name; if ($key != 'title') { $value = $data[$fieldmatchup[$key]]; $content .= "[{$key}] = [{$value}]<br />\n"; $newItem->set($key, $value); } } $newItem->save(); $content .= "<b>-- Saved: </b> <a target='_blank' href='" . $newItem->editUrl . "'>" . $newItem->title . " [" . $newItem->id . "]</a><hr/>"; } fclose($handle); } $content .= "<b>{$row} records added/updated</b>"; And here's a sample of data that works: (associated_stat & special_category are page fields) skill,"/systems/sol/" title,associated_stat,multiplier,special,special_category,body Alien Archeology,Int,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Tech,Tech,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Weapons,Ref,4,1,Weapons,"Skill description" And the file that's giving me issues:(pc_role_category, associated_book, sa_skill are page fields, career_skills is a multiple page field) cp-role,"/systems/sol/" title,pc_role_category,associated_book,page_no,verified_via,sa_skill,career_skills,body "Merc","Combat Related","Book Name","8","Book Review","Combat Zen","Athletics|Alien Tech|Drive|Shoot","Role Description" It's the associated_book field that's giving me the issue, if I blank it or put in the PageID it works, but with anything else it errors out with this: Fatal Error Call to a member function __unset() on boolean search Source File: ...\core\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypePage.module:439 431: if($value instanceof Page) { 432: // ok 433: } else if($value instanceof PageArray) { 434: $value = $value->first(); 435: } else if(is_string($value) || is_int($value)) { 436: $value = $this->sanitizeValueString($page, $field, $value); 437: if($value instanceof PageArray) $value = $value->first(); 438: if($value->_FieldtypePage_remove === $value->id) { 439: $value->__unset('_FieldtypePage_remove'); 440: $value = null; // remove item 441: } 442: } So, looking at this field, and the associated page template, everything is setup the same as all the other page fields, except that the page template in question (books) has a field that references a page field (associated_system) that I'm not even referencing, so I'm not sure if that's the culprit or not, but that is the only thing that separated this template from the others is this custom label code and that the pages are outside of the parent: And yes, I've removed the custom label and it still has the same error. With my luck it's something simple, but I can't see it... Any help would be appreciated
  10. hi! i'm using Import Pages from CSV module to import data from csv file, but i see that this module does not support multilanguage fields. did you know any other way to do that? thanks!
  11. To increase usuability and much faster working when setting up a site it would be great to have a field for csv,txt data to be imported as new pages. Already there is a csv import module which is working good but to work fast in creating a pagetree or several subpages with several templates assigned each it is slow as you need to create the parentpage in pagetree than click - click to the csv import module and again you need to select the right template and the pagetreepage and than you can import. While the csv import module as a immediate switch to go to the pagetree after an import it would be nice to have the same vice versa and even much much better to have simply the csv import integrated in to the child page TAB field. --- There is also no way to get back to the Children TAB after yo have created one Children Page. It would be good that there is a way to get immediately back to the Children Tab of a Page after creating the first, than the second etc page. Right now it is cumbersom Click on Add new page in children tab and the new page gets created, you save and publish it (actually it would be also good to have a way to save and publish in one step) than you need to click on the breadcrumb to get to the parentpage, which loads the complete pagetree, which is actually not needed right now as you only want to create the next children Page from the Children Tab "Add Page" Thanks
  12. Hey there everybody, yet another general question in the attempt to clarify some of my understanding. I have a great tag system up and running and would like to provide the client a quick way to tag multiple items within the site. There are situations as such: A batch of work is going to be displayed in a section that pulls via a selected tag. These works will be selected individually and may be based on all sorts of criteria things like price, or medium, or artist country of origin. For this what I invision is the ability to create a selector in batcher and update all of these items with a specific tag. Is this funcitonality something that already exists in a module? I know I can currently build these queries in batcher, but unfortunately there is no way to add fields to the editior to be able to batch update many items.
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