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Found 5 results

  1. hello! I created a new site for my podcast Machines-ethics.net and thought I should create a version for anyone to use. With PW-podcast profile you can create one or more lists of pages with content and create one or more itunes RSS feeds to syndicate your podcast (as well as listening online). There is also a blog section and basic pages for anyother page you need. Check out the example site here: http://pw-podcast.nicegrp.com/ and the github here: https://github.com/benbyford/pw-podcast
  2. Would anyone here be able and inspired to develop a ProcessWire equivalent to the WordPress plugin WP All Import Pro? or to help me do so? This is what I'm envisioning... Upon installation the module creates an admin page titled "Import & Update". On the module config page you can specify allowed templates to run this on, otherwise allowing any. Include the following PHP libraries: hQuery for web scraping, Csv for CSV handling, and Parser for XML. Create template "import-update". On the "Import & Update" page, a list of current import/updaters will be displayed (0 initially), each with corresponding links to "edit" or "run". When you "Add New", this be the "import-update" template (with all module-specific fields tagged "impupd"): title destination (req.): parent, template source (req.): type (web, csv, xml) location (url, file, text) if web: opt. index URL & link selector, + paginator selector if csv: opt. ignore 1st row if xml: req. individual item node xpath actions (check): import (if none matching UID) update (if matching UID & field values differ) save() [req. here in flow] map (repeater): input (select fields from specified template to affect) intake (corresponding DOM selectors / CSV col. letters/headers / xpath per field) (req.) UID (unique ID; field reference to compare against, from selected input fields) (req.) Lazy Cron interval Scripts can be run via the import-update template; keep logs; show preview (iframe/ajax) for manual runs. ...
  3. Hi, I have a JSON feed that I need to grab and update some pages and fields within ProcessWire. I've created a template with my code that I am going to use. I have fallen at the first hurdle though. I need to first select the pages that are using my specific template as those are the ones that I need to update with the JSON data. When I do this: $my_pages = $pages->find("template=my_template"); Error: Call to a member function find() on a non-object Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  4. I'm currently developing a website and we need to get some information from an external provider for display on a few different sections of the site. We have a couple of different options - an xml feed or information provided as an iframe. I'd rather go the XML route and have full control over how we display the information, but I've not really dabbled in XML before and I'm a bit lost on where to start with this. Should it be possible to use the MarkupLoadRSS as a starting point for this?
  5. I am in need of some quick help from anyone who might be able to assist. I've just discovered that our RSS feed is 8 days behind for some reason and I can't seem to get in touch with Ryan (he appears to be gone for a week). If anyone can assist, please drop me an email to mike@cmscritic.com (happy to pay for your time). Experience PW users only please. Thank you. Mike
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