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  1. Hello PW Gurus. It´s been a while since i posted here. I am in the process of deciding to update to 3.0.217 from 3.0.213 and have a question. I was using the latests standalone version of the TinyMCE module (6.1.5) with my PW 3.0.213 install. And now the TinyMCE module is in the core with PW 3.0.217 dev as i understand. Should i remove the standalone TinyMCE module before upgrading to 3.0.217 dev or after ? or at all? Does it make any difference ? Hope it make sense, otherwise ask me for more info. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Is it possible to update a module without it being in the module directory? The same way that one in the module directory is.
  3. Our web host upgrades PHP from version 7.4 to 8.1. Currently we run Processwire 3.0.148, which produces errors ("Deprecated...") with PHP 8.1. Does an upgrade to the latest Processwire version 3.0.210 (Master) fix the problem?
  4. Hi there, I have two templates that should talk to each other. One is for events which should access a list of artists (eventually add a new artist) and their images related to that event; the second is the artist page, which the user should be able to add or remove events that they participated, also mentioning which images are related to each event. Some sort of feedback loop between the two. I have tried searching around the community and google, but maybe I'm not formulating the question properly. Thank you all for the amazing work with Processwire and the community support. I have made a few websites with PCW yet I'm still quite between beginner and intermediate.
  5. So I have been diving into hooks lately, and I am enjoying them thus far. However, I guess I am a bit stumped on how to achieve what I want too. I am trying to set up a hook that would create a new child page when the parent page is saved. However, when you save the parent page a second time, I just need to update the child page without creating multiple child pages. What would be the best way to go about this? So after rereading my post, I believe it is a bit vague so I will try to explain more. The Goal: Create a page with a template "one". Once the page is created/saved => create a new child page with the template of "two" If the parent is saved anytime after, do nothing to the child page (limit the parent page to one child page) The parent page is really just being used to output content, whereas the child page is being used to pull out the some fields from the parent to be used elsewhere. I might have made this too complicated in my head.
  6. I have a site that I want to update from 2.6.1 to the latest 2.8. Do I need to go to 2.7 first then 2.8?
  7. Hi there! And thanks for Processwire which i like very much. Got a problem while trying to update from 3.0.65 (with admin theme UIkit ) to 3.0.78 . Tried to do it both via ProcessWireUpgrade module and by copying/replacing the files and dirs manually. In every case i got the problem with UIKit admin theme. The first try to reload any admin page after update gives the following errors: Notice: Undefined variable: adminTheme in D:\work\sites\home\sea.dev\webroot\site\modules\AdminThemeUikit\init.php on line 121 Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on null in D:\work\sites\home\sea.dev\webroot\site\modules\AdminThemeUikit\init.php on line 121 It is officially recommended to reload the page several times after update to get the admin interface functional again, but it's not my case. The problem still persists. It's obvious that $adminTheme is not initialized. Reverting back to /wire dir of version 3.0.65 removes the problem. Switching to default admin theme and then updating to 3.0.78 makes the admin interface fully functional -- but switching to UIKit admin theme leads to the error again. Will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, I'm desperately trying to update my website to PW 3.0.62 and I'm facing issues to to module compatibility. I was stuck with Pages2Pdf which I managed to solve bu updating the module from Github, but now it's the Pages Web Service module... and this time, I don't know wht to do The Module is found there. But it is quite old and I can't find it in the modules catalogue... and my site is making quite a use of it (I can't think of a way to do otherwise, sorry...) After adding the FileCompiler=0 to the module pages, the error I'm stuck with is : Fatal error: Class 'WireData' not found in /home/celfred/PlanetAlert/site/modules/ServicePages/ServicePages.module on line 22 and I have no idea on what to do... I must admit I'm not a programmer but a middle-school teacher... (for your information, here's the site I'm talking about : http://planetalert.tuxfamily.org ) but I'm struggling hard to solve the different issues I have to face and I'm wlling to understand things. I have just spent many hours trying to make 2.8 work on my localhost (and it seems ok ) but I'd like to switch to 3.x to prepare the future If anyone had the will to spend a few minutes to try and help me, I would greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance ! If you need more information to understand my problem, feel free to ask.
  9. Hello I've just started my first processwire project and have set the back end to my liking. Upon starting the front end of my site I encountered a very strange problem: The CSS file is not updating. I started off and soon the problem occured. I then simply copied the contents of main.css to a new main2.css file, changed the code in the template file, and it worked again. Thinking it was a one time thing I continued, but it didn't take long for the problem to happen again. Locally the files are changed and the html code of my project is updating normally, but when I inspect the page, the changes in the CSS file are nowhere to be seen. I'm using MAMP to create the local server and Koala to compile my SASS Code. I'm new to processwire and am still pretty early in my web developer career, nontheless I'm very confused about what's happening, since the problem is only partially occuring in the CSS file and not in the HTML (or php) file. Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem could be? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all, I'm just trying to update a custom field value for a page but I noticed in the DB that the old value is still there? Rather than updating, it appears to create a new record for the updated value and increments the sort value. Why is this? Is it not possible to just overwrite the value within the DB using the API? For example: $pageObject->of(false); $pageObject->customField = "Updated Value"; $pageObject->save(); $pageObject->of(true); I would have expected the value just to be overwritten and persisted to the field table in the database? Obviously I am missing something or just not grasping why it works like this?
  11. After being gently reminded by @adrian here, I recently updated my site from the 2.6.5 to 3.0.53 version of Processwire. I followed the instructions to refresh my admin view repeatedly, and got many messages about modules being updated. Since updating, I have been getting the following errors: 1. Fieldtypeimageextra: the following persistent error code at the top of my admin view: I followed instructions on the FieldtypeImageExtra github page to delete the FieldtypeImageExtra module on my server, and installed the replacement Image Extra module. But I'm not sure what else to do to remove the error. Does anyone have some ideas on how to fix this? 2. Not able to create new pages When I try to publish a new page, I get the following error: Even though no errors are listed on the page - except for the fieldtypeimageextra error - and all required fields have been completed. 3. Error when adding a link in the rich text editor When trying to add a link in the rich text editor I get this error: I'm happy to go in to the code and look at line 374, but I'm wondering: Is there is anything else I should do in the admin panel, or with code on my sites's templates or modules in general, after updating from 2.6.5 to prevent these kind of errors continuing to arise? Or is it such a big problem to update from 2.6.5 to 3.0.53 that I should restore 2.6.5 and then update PW incrementally (ie 2.6.8 then 2.7 then 2.9 etc)?
  12. Hi All! I just did an update on one of my ProcessWire sites, updating from 2.7.something to 3.0.42. As you might have already guessed I'm using the CropImage module...hence the title of the Topic. The thing is, as the 3.0.42 version has a hover-state for images, I can no longer access the button to generate the thumbnail/cropped image (titled news-home in this case). As I'm using these on the overview pages of my website they are quite important I checked if there is an update for the module, unfortunately not, so I'm open for any suggestions... Different module, or is it possible within the new version already?
  13. I need to update prw site but it uses version 2.4 How to update it to 2.5 or 2.6 or maybe to latest. I need it because many usefull modules don't support 2.5 thanks
  14. I have a page configured with a repeater, inside the repeater there is a input file with description. I havent updated the website content in a while but today when I tried to add a new file, the file upload worked correctly but I can't insert a description in the file. Also the previously created instances have the correct description but I can't update them. I added a attachment of the page edit view for better understaning. Also the logs don't show any errors.
  15. How do I update to the latest language pack? Do I only have to download the latest (matching to the version) languages pack and upload all the JSON files to overwrite the existing ones?
  16. Hi, I have a JSON feed that I need to grab and update some pages and fields within ProcessWire. I've created a template with my code that I am going to use. I have fallen at the first hurdle though. I need to first select the pages that are using my specific template as those are the ones that I need to update with the JSON data. When I do this: $my_pages = $pages->find("template=my_template"); Error: Call to a member function find() on a non-object Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I'm new to ProcessWire (liking it so far ) and I was wondering: how can I update the collection of font-awesome icons used by ProcessWire, in such a way that the updated icon set is fully integrated with ProcessWire? I'm guessing there's more to it than simply overwriting the font-awesome folder... I want to update because I'd like to use a specific icon that is not included with the version of font-awesome icons that ProcessWire currently comes with.
  18. I've a huge problem after installing updates in my processwire installation. As you can see in the screenshot, everything is labeled "array"! I'm on the "dev" git branch with theses site modules installed: - AllInOneMinify - ProcessTemplateEditor Thanks
  19. Hi, I upgraded a site in development from 2.5 stable to 2.5.7 dev by copying /wire/, index.php and .htaccess over. After the upgrade, I get a notice on frontend and before login to the admin, when $config->debug = true After login there is no admin page visible, only debug info. I can see in the Variables on local scope that $admin returns a nullpage. When I switch debug to false, I can see and use the admin. Couldn't find anything related here in the forum. Any pointers how I can fix this? Thank you.
  20. I updated an installation from 2.4.9 to 2.5.10 and now on every page in admin the update messages fill up the whole screen and won't go away. I simply replaced the wire dir, the .htaccess and the index.php. Any Ideas? Thanks
  21. I've updated PW to 2.5 and had installed CKEditor before. Module is 1.1.9 and editor is 4.4.2. Now I have major problems using CKEditor. How can I deinstall the old module in my sites folder? Or do I have to update "InputfieldCKEditor" in my sites folder?
  22. I've just installed Kongondo's awesome new blog module (highly recommended by the way). It creates a number of new templates along with associated template files, which I promptly changed to match my site. This got me thinking: if I update a module which has created templates, and in the meantime I've changed those templated, is it possible for the update to overwrite my changes?
  23. I was following the examples given in Diogo's answer here - However, I am either making a mistake or not getting it. $products = $pages->find("parent=/products/"); foreach ($products as $product) { //Database queries and while loops to give me the width, depth, height and seat_height variable values. They echo out fine. echo "<p><strong>The next dims are: " . $width . ", " . $depth . ", " . $height . (isset($sh)?", " . $sh:"") . "</strong></p><br />"; $product->of(false); $product->width = $width; $product->depth = $depth; $product->height = $height; if(isset($sh)){ $product->seat_height; } $product->save; //print_r($product); if(isset($sh)){ unset($sh); } } The script completed without errors, but nothing appeared in the forms for the individual product pages in admin. However, the values do appear in the array if I print out the $product array, for example: Array ( [title] => 111 Spindle Side Chair => 111 [width] => 490 [depth] => 530 [height] => 830 [seat_height] => 465 ) Bit confused. Any help appreciated.
  24. Maybe I missed that somehow - but how do I update a module? I‘m using the "Version Control for Text Fields" module, for example, in version 0.9.1. But here the module is listed with version 1.0.6. My first step was to use my modules list in the admin backend, but right there I can only install other modules. My search in this forum wasn‘t successful... Soooo... someone help me please. Thanks! (Damned noobie-question, I know.)
  25. I store each of my PW projects in separate repos. When it comes to updating the version of PW used for a project, I'm sure there has to be an easy way to merge the master or dev branch of the PW repo into am update branch of the current project's repo. I already added the PW repo as remote source. But as I'm far from being a git pro, I haven't found the right way to do an update appropriately without getting everything messed up. It would be great if one or two of you guys would sketch their approach to updating a PW installation using git and github in a few words.
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