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Found 5 results

  1. Our web host upgrades PHP from version 7.4 to 8.1. Currently we run Processwire 3.0.148, which produces errors ("Deprecated...") with PHP 8.1. Does an upgrade to the latest Processwire version 3.0.210 (Master) fix the problem?
  2. Hello everyone! I recently downloaded ProcessWire and after playing around with it I've found its flexibility and ease of use to be really promising. I'm working on a site to publicize upcoming live music events and archive past events at our venue. Each event has the usual start time/end time/price/etc fields and can be associated with any number of bands (usually just one or two). Each band has name/website/description (short bio)/image fields. At the moment I have a page field on my event template allowing each event to be tagged with the required bands, either by choosing existing band pages (for bands which have played at our venue before) or by creating a new band page. I can then reference each band's name/website/description/image in the event template php. There are two key ways users will discover events on the public-facing site: 1) Through the events index page, listing events which can be filtered using dates and keywords 2) Through the band index page, listing bands whose pages will list past/upcoming events where they have performed. However, since: a) many bands have gone through minor lineup changes since they started playing at our venue, b) many bands have released (and want to promote) new material since they started playing at our venue, each band's description and image fields might (but not always) need to vary between events. I would like past event pages to show the band's description/image that was relevant when the event occurred, not the most recent revision. On adding band pages to new events pages, I would like the default description/image to be the most recent version for the band, with the option to replace this with a new description/image if required. It would be unnecessary to provide a new description/image for each band at each event if there were no lineup changes or releases of new material since they last performed. My first thought was to have a repeater field for description/image/start time/end time on the band template, where the start and end times help my php template decide which description and image to pair with a particular event. However, the band page field on the events template will not allow me to edit the referenced band page's attributes; it only lets me select band pages and reorder them. If I wanted to update the band description (while preserving the history of previous revisions) I would therefore have to find that band's page elsewhere in the admin then add a repeater row and enter the new description there, keeping the image field blank for that row if the image doesn't need updating. This would require the start time (of the new row) and end time (of the previous row) to be input manually... I'm convinced there must be a simpler way to maintain the links between events and band info. My current structure is: Home -- Events Index ---- Event 1 ---- Event 2 ---- Event 3 -- Bands Index ---- Band 1 ---- Band 2 ---- Band 3 Apologies if I've misused any terminology Could anyone advise on sensible strategies for achieving this using Core ProcessWire or modules? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Starting to see alot more errors running PW on php 5.3.3 mainly to do with modules. I am looking to update my VPS soon and was wondering if there was a recommended version e.g. php 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x etc Thanks
  4. I need to do some testing and im in need for an "old" version op PW, namely 2.2.9 Is there a place where i can download older versions of PW?
  5. As a general rule of thumb, is it recommended to keep ones copy of PW up-to-date via pulls off git, or, is it better to wait for an announcement that a new version is ready to u/g to? And if the latter, where does one subscribe to ensure one is notified when official version changes occur? Please and thanks!
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