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  1. Thanks @Robin S, I'll check that out 👍
  2. Sorry if this is not too relevant to this thread, but, in case anyone is here trying to solve why they get `?it=` added to the URL and anchor redirects don't work properly, for my install that always failed I finally found a workaround.
  3. Dunno if the problem I have had is exactly the same, but, FWIW, I have a site with ProCache and regardless of whether I delete and rebuild the cache, if I add a redirect in `.htaccess` to a page with an anchor tag, then the site actually ends up at a page with `?it=` and the redirect only gets as far as the page, the scroll to the anchor is ignored. For me the fix was to use this syntax: Redirect 301 /my-short-cut The rule I *would* have used until now was Redirect 301 /my-short-cut but that fails as described. Now I just amend to insert the `/?it=qik/` followed by the text to the right of `301` i.e. `my-short-cut` followed by a `/` and finally the `#anchor`. This was a hard error I could NOT get rid of and I just had to accept not being able to do this. SO glad I found a workaround, hope this helps others 😊 PS: I don't think this is to do with ProCache, I think it's maybe to do with my hoster(?) - I'm not sure, but this one's been *such* a pain I really don't care, just glad to have got past it
  4. THANK you @BitPoet for the answer and @Neo for posting this Q — totally saved me from a frustrating end to a day of coding. I suppose standard practice for uploading a site is to not transfer the contents of the /assets/cache/ folder? If so, I'll bet this is documented and I missed it…
  5. @adrian thank you very much for the tips and that link, off to go and bookmark—brilliant!
  6. o_O s t u n n e d to see what I have been missing by not using Tracy. THANK you again @adrian for the post and for Tracy!
  7. @adrian not at all! I love being reminded of Tracy. Off to go look it up again. I am embarrassed to say I looked briefly when you released Tracy and I think I saw some dependancy of mine that meant a slight question and I never went further. I am very impressed to see that you can do per your screenshot, clearly I am a total newb' in some respects, when it comes to debugging, I will turn on, er, `debug` and that's about as far as I get, then it's adding `echo` here and there to see stuff. tl;dr I am eXCITEd to go look at your module! Thanks! 👍
  8. Oh nos... I was convinced I had ruled out any chance it could be session data, browser cache, etc, for example opening the same URL in a browser I don't use for dev. But I think it was somehow polluted session from using the CodeKit url `http://myMacName.local:5757/` rather than the LAMP url that I tell CodeKit is where my site is running in one tab, and the LAMP (non-CodeKit) url in another tab. tl;dr: $user may not behave as expected when previewing on a CodeKit URL, or if you do and another tab is open at the non-CodeKit URL. Takeaway, check this first and/or if I insist on keeping both Admin and end-user view open, at different URLs, use two different browsers.
  9. Thanks @tpr, I wondered if I had too and so previously had done a `print_r($user)` and got a dump that looked convincingly like an array of user info, so I assumed I had not overwritten it. But I now see I get the same dumped output whether logged in or not... So that seems to suggest it's not null, is an array but looks like maybe it's an array of stuff that is not the $user object! Thanks for the pointer, I will go back and look harder at that now and report back here, cheers!
  10. Thanks @Mustafa-Online - I was pretty certain it was good, now the worse bit, working out what else I have here that's causing this
  11. Thanks @Soma for confirming that. I'm confused in that case as I have a site where this test is failing. I'll go back and re-re-check to see if I am missing something else.., thanks again for the sanity check 👍
  12. Sorry folks if this is obvious to most and I missed something in the docs or here in the forum, but, I have cheerfully used code such as: if($user->isLoggedin()) { echo " loggedIn"; } else { echo " notLoggedIn"; } in PW 2.x sites. Now on a v3 site I am finding even the most basic test to see if the viewer is logged in or `isSuperuser()` is not giving an error but simply doing nothing - not evaluating. For example, the top of a typical template reads: <?php namespace ProcessWire; if($user->isLoggedin()) { echo " loggedIn"; } else { echo " notLoggedIn"; } I have `debug` turned on. Is there something obvious I have missed, perhaps a step required for v3 that's not required for v2 to allow access to $user data? Thanks for any pointers.
  13. That's made me think - I could set up a generic domain, like Campaign Monitor use, and send all emails from that. May do that if I need the emails to be more anonymous for any reason 👍
  14. I am sure I have 'bigged' them up before here yes (it was so lovely meeting them after the bottom fell out of Mandrill when then went for DaftPricing™️. I would like to have individual SPF and DKIM records for each client. A few have asked about why emails though apparently from "noreply at Example Inc." are clearly actually from me@mycorps domain if they reply to one. I've told them all that to save them money the emails come from my DKIM'd and SPF'd email address, but I can do the same for them if they pay for my time setting it up. So far all have said "Oh.., that's why eh? Never mind, leave it as is". One day I will go tell each of them they must get their records setup, but it's just one of those things that's on the ToDo that's not shouting to be done 'today'
  15. I've no experience with Sendgrid but just in case helpful, I used to use Mandril until they changed their pricing model from reasonable to insane (for small users), at that time I went with Postmark and have had a faultless experience with them for over year over multiple sites (I'm not on a commission ;))