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  1. Thanks, didn't found something here or in the issues
  2. I've a huge problem after installing updates in my processwire installation. As you can see in the screenshot, everything is labeled "array"! I'm on the "dev" git branch with theses site modules installed: - AllInOneMinify - ProcessTemplateEditor Thanks
  3. Thanks for this module PS: the 2.5 compatibility is not choosen on the module page
  4. Also the cookie condition is slightly wrong and should be this: if ($http_cookie ~* "wire_challenge")
  5. Great article, but it didn't worked without ignoring some headers: fastcgi_ignore_headers "Cache-Control" "Expires" "Set-Cookie";
  6. @ryan: what do you think? createjs in the core? would be awesome!
  7. Maybe you could try createjs.org, looks very promising. PS: thanks for this great software!
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