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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I've just started my first processwire project and have set the back end to my liking. Upon starting the front end of my site I encountered a very strange problem: The CSS file is not updating. I started off and soon the problem occured. I then simply copied the contents of main.css to a new main2.css file, changed the code in the template file, and it worked again. Thinking it was a one time thing I continued, but it didn't take long for the problem to happen again. Locally the files are changed and the html code of my project is updating normally, but when I inspect the page, the changes in the CSS file are nowhere to be seen. I'm using MAMP to create the local server and Koala to compile my SASS Code. I'm new to processwire and am still pretty early in my web developer career, nontheless I'm very confused about what's happening, since the problem is only partially occuring in the CSS file and not in the HTML (or php) file. Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem could be? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all and thanks again for a perfect product! I'm glad to see Processwire growing and becoming a strong, popular product. The new look of admin interface (uikit-based) is nice and minimalistic. Maybe it's the starting point to think about the consistent identity for the whole Processwire project. The only thing which is more or less consistent now is the main Processwire color. Somewhate between red and maroon, I call it "Thai color" because it's very popular in Thailand. You meet this color at almost any page related to Processwire, and it's good because this color is very distinctive. But what's about PW logo? There's no consistency. And, i'm unhappy to reveal it, the PW logo (at least the sign, not the text part) is not absolutely original. There are at least three different Processwire logos: The text part of logo at PW homepage (and pure-textual logo in most admin themes, e.g. Reno). The sign part of logo present at PW homepage. The new logo (only sign, textless) present in the new Uikit admin theme. For sure it's too much. A single, unique, consistent logo could be better. As to the sign -- small b in circle -- just look at Beats Audio logo which is very similar. And even worse: there's a CMS which is very popular in Russia and called Bitrix, and it has a very similar logo. So i would like to propose another vision of PW logo. Unique, original, but being inherited from current PW logos. It's only a first approach, will be glad to polish it in case of positive feedback. And thanks again for a great product!
  3. Hello, I'm new to PW and need some help. I created a simple gallery which is working fine, but I can't figure it out how to create some styling for pagination. I use this for pagination: <?= $a->renderPager() ?> My html look like this: <div class="numeric-pagination"> <a href="#" class="button"><i class="icons icon-left-dir"></i></a> <a href="#" class="button">1</a> <a href="#" class="button active-button">2</a> <a href="#" class="button">3</a> <a href="#" class="button"><i class="icons icon-right-dir"></i></a> </div> I hope you understand what I want to create. Thank you R
  4. I am a complete newbie in PW with some HTML and CSS understanding and poor PHP skills. I am currently studying PW sample site that comes along with default installation of PW. I opened up every PHP files in there to check at the code, and I just found this to most of them.. <?php /** * Home template * */ include("./head.inc"); echo $page->body; include("./foot.inc"); how did they apply the styles from the css files when it has only these codes?
  5. I've installed ProcessWire onto my site, but I want to change the layout to look like http://www.neilpahl.com/ Where can I browse through the options available?
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