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  1. this is how i initialise them by the way all path seems correct damn it im so stupidd! i found at the bottom that theres another js script i havent properly initialise with <?php echo $config->urls->templates?>
  2. yup there is $(document).ready(function() { $("#owl-demo").owlCarousel(); }); at the bottom of my code. I think there is something wrong with my implementation of the loop? can you see it? coz i really cant figure it out. maybe something i miss with the quotes? its so hard
  3. am i coding this r ight guys? this still doesnt work it only works only if i remove div before the for each but the images all showed vertically not as a slider
  4. im using kongodo link tried them problem is i cant incorporate it on my code above
  5. guys i get error with this can you help me? i get error
  6. thanks for the link $image = $page->images->first(); but can i just use this code like change the first() into second() third() forth() and so on?
  7. I made an image field name slider1 with max of 3 images. uploaded the 3 images for my slider to use on my slider in my homepage. but how do i call it one by one? for ex. ignore the code for my first item it doesnt work but how do i make my slider work? have 3 images uploded on a single image field called slider1 how do i call each of them , what is the code to be put on img src for each item
  8. thanks for the help guys kinda figure it out had to make images field then upload then call it using <img src=<?php echo $page->my_imagefield->url; ?> /> sorry for the trouble , im such a noob hehe
  9. omg i think i got it now? i think i have to make image field first and upload the images in pw first then call them with api's gonna try it now ill get back to you guys if theres still problem sorry for this im such a noob with pw
  10. Joss the code works as it is since it is a working template from responsee. when I just use the original html file from the template. im trying to port it on pw, right now im just changing the path of the files (css, js ) etc.. to make it look like the original template the problem is i dont think the .js files are being loaded by pw? thats why the slider and the feature slider at the bottom part wont show up also the logo?
  11. Nico Knoll the problem is i mean my website should look like this its actually a template from responsee but mine looks like this all css is working except for some of the .js files is it just a js problem?
  12. what do you mean checked my console? tried downloading it and did this still not working yup did that and it says jquery is loaded
  13. the problem is with the "http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.8.3.min.js" it doesnt work
  14. thats what im planning to do, but lets say I want to call it that way , i want to call it on the jqeury website instead of a physical .js file? is there any way I can do that?
  15. how do I get jquery/javascript code online and use it on pw? I'm trying to port my static html in pw by the way. I successfully used the css code since there are css files included in my template folders which I placed it there. and used the <?php echo $config->urls->templates?> to make it work. see code above. however there is a jquery code which is being called online. I know <?php echo $config->urls->templates?> wont work. So how do I call it in pw? to make the jquery codes work? it doesnt work if I left it like that by the way. or should I just download the js files place it on my scripts folder then use <?php echo $config->urls->templates?> way again?
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