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  1. @arjen : Thank you so much. This old thread gave me the explanation I needed. That's cool. For the moment, I did how @ryan suggested in the above-mentionned thread and it works just fine πŸ™‚ So again : thanks a lot !
  2. Oh, I've just re-re-re-re-read the API documentation, and maybe I've seen something : Does $session->set($key, $value) only work with strings for $value ? Maybe this is my issue trying to pass a PageArray ??? And then, how would you do that, then, passing a 'big' pageArray without having to do the DB request again ? I thought I could do it through $session ?
  3. Thanks for your concern @arjen. I appreciate your help. It doesn't do much except a $pages->find("template=player, team=$selectedTeam") according to the logged in user. But your comment made me think of another test. I simplified by wroting : $session->set('allPlayers', 'test'); But I get nothing on my ajaxContent.php page... $session->getAll() lists previously set variables only. So I kept trying things and went on delogging my user and trying to re-log and noticed it didn't work as expected any longer. So I switched to my dev branch and logging in functionality came back. So I started inspecting my code and here's what I noticed : If I put this in my head.inc : $session->set('allTeams', 'test'); Everything works as expected. No more issue anywhere. If i put this instead : $session->set('allTeams, $allTeams); $allTeams being a pageArray that the actual logged-in user receives from a $pages request (actually the different classes for the logged-in teacher), my logging-in system doesn't work any longer and I get my initial issue. Actually, I interpret this as an impossibility to update in any way my $session... So I'm slowly stepping forward, but I still don't understand anything about this behavior... You also mentionned : And I have no idea of what that means, sorry... If incognito screen is a 'guest' view, for the moment, I just want a specific role to have this functionality. I stay tuned for explanations πŸ™‚
  4. Hello, I'm facing a weird issue here. I have a page loaded with this code inside (my comments in line ends) : if ($session->allPlayers) { // Set in a head.inc file. I have also a $session->set('allTeams', $allTeams); in my head.inc $allPlayers = $session->allPlayers; } else { $allPlayers = getAllPlayers($user, false); $session->set('allPlayers', $allPlayers); } bd($session->getAll()); // HERE, I get a number of 11 variables which is what I expect In the same page, I have a link pointing to ajaxContent.php that loads stuff via Ajax. I just write this in my ajaxContent.php to test : bd($session->getAll()); // HERE, I get only 9 variables. All my newly set $session variables ($allTeams and $allPlayers) are not conveyed to ajaxContent.php ??? Would you have any idea why is that ??? Another thing : I have a $session->headMenu set in my head.inc, and this one works fine. I can retrieve it in my ajaxContent.php page. I've tried cleaning all caches but it doesn't change anything 😞 At first, I expected it to be a 15-minute update to my site... It turns out to be a 2-hour issue and I'm still stuck. Thanks for your ideas !
  5. Back here with... quite an amount of shame... I'm sorry I have taken time from you all. Here's the thing : my site/ready.php which I thought did not have access to bd() because I couldn't even see a simple bd('ok'); was not at the right place. A bell just rang in my head a few minutes ago after making a fresh re-install of a blank profile ! I came back to my original local site and thought : "No way, Fred ! site/ready.php NOT your-website-root/ready.php !!!!" I moved ready.php and.... tada ! (Of course...). What a nerd... So again, SORRY for having taken some of your time, but thanks for your helpful answers. I still have learned quite a lot from our exchange and that is the most important thing. I'm glad I posted in 'Getting started' ;)
  6. @Robin S : OK ! I'll test during the day. Actually, I think I did test in site/ready.php but I was wondering if bd() would work there and I imagined then that I had no simple way to see if everything worked (see my dev level !). Since I already had a couple of working hooks in templates/_init.php, I used it again here... So most of my last tests (disabling all modules for example) need to be re-tested in site/ready.php. I'll do this during the day and tell you how this is going. @adrian Oh ok; Then, I'll do that also from a blank-site profile. Thanks a lot !
  7. Indeed Tracy allows to easily disable modules. I did check them all and... no change... Regarding a fresh install, that sounds like a huge task to me : reinstall a new database, reinstall the different modules I use, re-import data... and how will I put that back to my remote site if it solves the issue ? I'm speechless πŸ™‚ I've just started looking at the 'Export Profile' and trying to follow the instructions on a new local installation. But it fails. I get many errors creating the database (pa.pages does not exist, pa.modules does not exist...) and it freezes. I guess my files are too large... And I'm wondering if that's the proper way to do things : I have a feeling doing an export on a new install will export the problem as well, no ? I tend to think I'll have to do all steps I've mentionned in my preceding paragraph one by one (can you confirm this is what I should do ?) but then that would take me a very long time... So I would tell you in a few days (or even weeks ?) I can't understand how I got into this situation 😞 Anyway, thanks a lot for your help and as I said, once you'd confirm I have to re-install things 1 by 1, I will get to it at my possible pace πŸ˜‰
  8. Thanks again, but nothing changes... So you know : I disabled FrontEndEdit module I cleaned all my files in the assets/cache/folder I updated on my local site to PW 3.0.123 And my Page::render hook is still ignored. I tried Page::loaded and this one works well (I get my 'inside' message). This is driving me crazy 😞
  9. Ouah... I'm again discovering things here πŸ™‚ @BitPoet I've tested your code and here's what I get (Now what it means is a little over my head...) :
  10. I'm viewing my homepage on localhost (the page can be seen there), but actually I went on many other pages to test, checked cache and so on... but no change... I was just thinking about this. But I'm afraid I won't be able to do that right now. I always get scared of such a major update in case I break things πŸ™‚ I prefer having more time ahead of me to do such an action. I'm not trusting my dev abilities ! So I stay tuned for ideas and I'll keep you updated when I update. But thanks a lot for your help @adrian.
  11. Ok. I have the same as you then in PageRender.module, but... hooking into PageRender::renderPage keeps me 'outside' 😞
  12. Ah... This TracyDebugger is indeed extraordinary πŸ™‚ There might be a clue here : my Page hooks are in lesser number than yours (no 'if', no 'links'). If I use Page::path, my 'inside' gets triggered, but as soon as I use Page::render, nothing happens 😞 And why is Page::render not listed our tables (only renderField or renderValue) ?
  13. Well... I have this in the preceding lines which seems to work ok : $wire->addHook('LazyCron::everyDay', null, 'checkActivity'); // Check all players activity $wire->addHook('LazyCron::everyDay', null, 'randomSpecial'); // Set random special monsters $wire->addHook('LazyCron::everyDay', null, 'emptyTmp'); // Empty /tmp subtree every night $wire->addHook('LazyCron::everyDay', null, 'cleanTest'); // Init test-team players Is there a basic hook other that Page::render which I could test with ? (I must admit I'm getting lost in all those hooks, hence my post in the 'Get started' forum πŸ™‚ ) For info, I'm with PW 3.0.62. Thanks for the help !
  14. Hello, I am getting nuts trying to understand hooks and I hope someone in the community will be able to help. This is deiving me crazy ! I have tested tens of possibilities to eventually reduce my code to this : bd('outside'); $wire->addHookAfter('Page::render', function($event) { bd('inside'); }); And if someone could tell me why my bd('inside'); never triggers... I would be infinitely grateful ! EDIT : Forgot to say : this piece of code is in my _init.php included in my template (but I've also tried in my site/ready.php for no better results...)
  15. Thanks @OLSA for this reply. This put me back on some tests I had done previously but didn't work, but I've managed thanks to you ! πŸ™‚ In fact, I had tested the hook you mentionned (for the 1st time, by reading about it in the 'Custom PHP cide' section in the template page) but I had put it in a _init.php file I include in all my templates, but I guess this was the wrong place for back-end templates. From what you've indicated, I put my code in admin.php and it works as expected πŸ™‚ So a big thanks to you ! For information in case someone reads this, here's my code : $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function(HookEvent $e) { $user = wire('user'); $pages = wire('pages'); if($e->object->name == 'group') { if ($user->isSuperuser()) { $selector = "template=group, sort=title"; } else { $selector = "template=group, created_users_id=$user->id, sort=title"; } $e->return = $e->pages->find($selector); } }); Of course, I had to remove my selector string in the template page because it triggered an error otherwise by indicating that the saved page didn't match.
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