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  1. This is my code <form method="post" action="<?php echo $page->url;?>"> <?php $idiomas = $pages->get('/tabla/idioma/')->children(); foreach($idiomas AS $idioma) { ?> <input type="checkbox" name="idiomas[]" id="idioma_<?php echo $idioma->id; ?>" value="<?php echo $idioma->id; ?>" <?php if ($page->htl_idiomas->has($idioma)) { echo "checked"; } ?>> <label for="idioma_<?php echo $idioma->id; ?>" class="label"><?php echo $idioma->title; ?></label> <?php } ?> <input type="submit" value="submit" /> </form> What I could not do it when I get the POST, save the selected values if($input->post->btn_submit) { $page->setOutputFormatting(false); foreach($input->post->htl_idiomas- AS $idioma_id ){ $page->htl_idiomas = $pages->get((int)$idioma_id); } $page->save(); } Can you give me a hand? Thanks
  2. Hello! I am building a searching mechanism where the search key will be compared to three different fields in heirarchy and the matching search results will be saved to a PageArray. Like below $pageData = new PageArray(); $pageData->append($page->children('field_1*=' . $search_key )); $pageData->append($page->children('field_2*=' . $search_key )); $pageData->append($page->children('field_3*=' . $search_key )); $pageData = $pageData->unique(); What I need, is the results of the first query to show up first, then the second and then the third. But the resulted PageArray looks something like the below when printed: ProcessWire\PageArray Object ( [count] => 11 [items] => Array ( [Page:6] => Array ( [id] => 25468 [name] => forage-grass [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Forage Grass ) [Page:7] => Array ( [id] => 29724 [name] => 3d-laser-scanners [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Laser Scanners) [Page:0] => Array ( [id] => 34700 [name] => 3d-art [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D art) [Page:8] => Array ( [id] => 34711 [name] => 3d-paint [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Paint) [Page:1] => Array ( [id] => 34734 [name] => 3d-mapping-and-modelling [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Mapping and Modelling) [Page:2] => Array ( [id] => 34746 [name] => 3d-secure-pay [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Secure Pay) [Page:3] => Array ( [id] => 35930 [name] => 3d-food-printing [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Food Printing ) [Page:4] => Array ( [id] => 37142 [name] => 3d-mapping-and-modelling [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Mapping and Modelling) [Page:5] => Array ( [id] => 37154 [name] => 3d-secure-pay-authentication [parent] => /reports/ [template] => report_detailed_page [title] => 3D Secure Pay Authentication) ) [selectors] => ) As you can see, the pages are sorted according to their IDs. While the keys in the array show the actual order in which they were added to the PageArray. I tried to use the sort() method but could not get it to work. I want to print these according to the order they were added to the PageArray. Please help me understanding what might be wrong or what I should be doing! Thank you!
  3. i have a event-page with a table. first column in this table is page-reference-field how can i find out if a urlSegment matches one of the rows having the same page-reference-field (page-id)? // all guests $allguests = new pageArray(); foreach($page->event_guests_table as $event_guests_table_row) { $allguests->prepend($event_table_row->guest); } // echo allguests would output: 1101|1102|1103|… // domain.tld/event/1101/ // show content if guest is in the table or redirect if($input->urlSegment1 ~= $allguests ) { // show content } else { // redirect } which selector operator do i have to use? the one above does not work
  4. Hi, I have a page with a repeater called teams with two fields: team (a pageReference with a list of teams) and people (a pageReference with a list of people who likes this team). I'm trying to populate the people field in the repeater according to the value of the team field in the same repeater. So far. I'm able to get the pageArray that I want to assign to the people field, but i don't know how to "save" the value for each instance of the repeater. I hope somebody can give me a light. Thanks in advance. $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if($event->object->hasField == 'people') { $repeaterField = $event->arguments('page')->teams; foreach ($repeaterField as $t) { // Is this the way to loop the instances of the repeater? $team = $t->team->id; $t->people = $event->pages->find("template=user, team={$team}"); var_dump($t->people); // This returns the values that i want to assign for each repeate instance $event->return = $t->people; // I hope this assign a custom pageArray for each repeater, but it assigns the same for all the instances of the repeater } } });
  5. I can't add a new value to a custom PageArray field for my user. However, when I create a new user, I CAN add the new PageArray value: I need help. Thank you very much.
  6. I have a page field on my home template with output set to multiple pages (PageArray). I can echo its value, 1111|2222, or foreach $nav as $p echo $p, 11112222. But when I do this that I need to, it doesn't work: foreach ($mainnav as $p) { if($page->rootParent->id == $p->id) $current = 'style="background: #fff;"'; else $current = ''; echo "<a href='{$pages->get($p)->url}' $current class='{$pages->get($p)->name}'>" . strToUpper($pages->get($p)->name) . "</a>"; } I get: I've tried the conditional in the code with one and three = signs.
  7. Hello there! I'd love to see more array operation functions such as map/reduce. There are already a few helpful functions there like pop, shift, etc. I find myself turning pageArrays into arrays, do array_map or similar and create pageArrays again from that data. For Processwire, it would be really helpful to perform forEach operations more comfortably. E.g. <?php $allTitles = $pages->map(function($page){return $page->title}); // vs traditionally: $allTitles = []; foreach($pages as $page) { array_push($allTitles, $page->title); } $pages->reduce would be really helpful too. This would avoid many in-between variables when calculating sums of fields stored in individual pages. Thank you in advance Best, Martin
  8. Good Day! I am a beginer of processwire project. Thanks developers for your great work. this CMS is very Good! I have a question: how get Pageimage object of PageArray from "Page" (PageArray) field type? I have too tamplates: affiliates and their teachers. The template of affiliates have a field "teachers_list" wich is "Page" (PageArray) type. When I vaffiliate teachers in a cycle, I can not access the teacher photo object and change its size. I get an error returning: " Fatal error: Call to a member function maxWidth() on null ". When i trying get URL attribute : $teacherItem->teacher_photo->url, i receive message: " Trying to get property of non-object ". But this code works: $teacherItem->teacher_photo["url"]. The print_r function outputs the following information: "ProcessWire \ Pageimage Object ([changes] => Array ([0] => formatted) [hooks] => Array ([Pageimage :: pim2Load] => PageImageManipulator02-> getPageImageManipulator02 () in PageImageManipulator02.module ) [Data] => Array ([basename] => p16.jpg [description] => .... - ..... [tags] => [formatted] => 1 [modified] => 1487079115 [created ] => 1487079115))". my PHP code: foreach ($page->teacher_list as $teacherItem): $out .= " <tr> <td class=\"alignTop\"> /* !!! my truble */ <img src=\"{$teacherItem->teacher_photo->maxWidth(250)->url}\" /> /* !!! my truble */ </td> <td class=\"alignTop\"> <div class=\"teach_style12\"> <strong>$teacherItem->fio</strong><br/> $teacherItem->degree<br/> $teacherItem->headline_detail </div> <div class=\"teach_style9\"> $teacherItem->body </div> </td> </tr>"; endforeach; Please, help me. Where is my error?
  9. Hello everyone, i guess my php knowledge is not good enough to find a solution for the following problem: I'm building a website where i have projects. Each project has tags like "webdesign, responsive, cms, print, flyer" etc. At the end of a project i want to recommend other projects, which have similar tags. I want to limit the recommendations to three other projects sorted by the hightest amount of same tags. This is how far i got: I'm using <?php $interessantes = $pages->find("tags=$page->tags, id!=$page->id"); ?> to find other projects with the same tags, excluding the page i'm already on. Then i'm using three foreach-functions to go through the projects i found, the tags they have and compare them with the tags of the project i'm looking at. If i have two identical tags, i count up a variable. <?php // Projects i have found foreach($interessantes as $interessant): $i = 0; // Tags of the projects i have found foreach($interessant->tags as $tag): // Tags of the project i'm looking at foreach($page->tags as $tagreferenz): if($tag == $tagreferenz): $i++; endif; endforeach; endforeach; endforeach; ?> You can see what it looks like in the screenshot with a bit of HTML. I marked the tags of the current project green and the identical tags of other projects red with the amount of hits below. So in this example i would want to have three projects with three similar tags and get rid of those with only two and one. I guess i have to put my pages into an array (with the number of hits?), sort them and echo them with "limit=3"? Unfortunately i have no idea how to do this. You probably have an even better/shorter solution. Links to other topics are welcome to and i'll try to get my head around it. If you need further explanation, i'll try my best. Best regards
  10. I've got this code to fetch all pages: /** @var PageArray $pages */ $pages = $this ->wire('pages') ->find(sprintf( 'has_parent!=2,id!=2|7,status<%s', Page::statusTrash )); With this I fetch all pages except admin, but that includes the 404 page as well. Is there a way to exclude pages like the 404 page from the result? Or maybe loop through the result set to check for the pages response code (without curl that is)? I want to avoid filtering the 404 page by ID if possible.
  11. Hey, I've searched for this and I couldn't find it, what i want to do is check if a page (object) already is in a PageArray field? Ofcourse i can go through it with a loop but if theres already a method to do this then i dont want to re invent the wheel.
  12. I have a situation where a pagearray appears to lose its sort order. 1. template xyzzy.php fetches a pagearray with code similar to: // in an external include file function get_pages($selector) { $found = wire('pages')->find($selector); wire('log')->save('fubar', count($found)); return $found; } // in the template xyzzy $pa = get_pages($some_selector); $pa->sort('-timestamp'); 2. main.inc is appended to the template. in main.inc an additional file is included, './layouts/xyzzy.php' 3. './layouts/xyzzy.php' then references $pa as such: <? foreach($pa as $p): ?> // do stuff with $p // log for debugging wire('log')->save('xyzzy', $p->name); <? endforeach ?> 4. The $pa that './xyzzy.php' sees is sorted while the $pa that './layouts/xyzzy.php' sees is NOT sorted. It seems like the PageArray/WireArray got copied at some point but the './layouts/xyzzy.php' file shouldn't have been included until 'main.inc' is appended. What am I missing?
  13. I have several fields on a site I am working on and want to pull values from a multiselect field but all I get are the page_ids. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I have an array of Page IDs ($matches) which I'm using in a PageArray ($matches_limit): $matches_limit = $pages->find("id=$matches, limit=$page_limit"); This is working fine but I need to maintain the sort order of $matches, however $matches_limit reorders the $matches (I guess to sort=sort). Is it possible somehow to maintain the order $matches when outputted in the pagearray?
  15. Hello together, this might be a newbie questions, but I got some problems with a PageArray and don’t know how to go on. My goal is give out the parent.name of a page that was found earlier and was put into a PageArray. My found pages: $matches = $pages->find($selector); Some of the pages that are present in $matches need to be put into a new array $the_page_array. I do this via a this foreach loop, but I do not foreach($matches as $match) { if ($match==condition_blah_blah) { $the_page_array[]=$match; // if condition true, then add pages to new array } } From here, I can print out some stuff, e.g. my parent.name of the $single_page: foreach($the_page_array as $single_page) { echo „<a target='_blank' href='$single_page->url'>$single_page->title</a> "; echo $single_page>parent->name; } So far so good. But from here I want to find some pages in the PageArray that have a given parent.name: $filtered_matches = $the_page_array->find(„parent.name=blahblahblah"); But this gives out an error: Error: Call to a member function find() on array In fact, I can use any PageArray function like $filtered_matches = $plz_page->getTotal(); and I get the same error. I believe this has something to do that $the_page_array is an PageArray (or not)? Any help or hint would be wonderful. Thanks in advance Thomas
  16. Hi, Run into a bit of an issue with pagination on a site I am working on. I am sure the answer is really simple, but struggling to figure out what's going wrong. I have a bunch of articles, but I only want the ones where the date is less than the current date. I then want to limit the array so that I can paginate it. <?php $allNews = $page->children("template=news"); $oldNews = new PageArray(); foreach($allNews as $article) : if(strtotime($article->date) <= strtotime('now')): $oldNews->import($article); endif; endforeach; $oldNews = $oldNews->find('limit=2, sort=date'); echo $oldNews->renderPager(); foreach ($oldNews as $article) : ... endforeach; ?> The limit is being applied, however I don't see any pagination and navigation to the different pages returns the same first two articles. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  17. I've poked around the forums and can't figure out the following: I have a page that uses a $pages->find to generate a pageArray called $test. I am then using $test->render(); to create a list of page links for returned results. When I click on one of the page links it takes me to the correct page (let's call it Page1). So far so good. Now, on Page1 I have some $page->prev and $page->next stuff going on. My problem is that it is creating links for direct siblings to Page1 based on PW's Page Tree and not my previous page's $test pageArray of links. I tried the following: $page->next($test); but this didn't work because I presume $test doesn't actually exist as part of Page1 (the pageArray was generated on the previous list page). I don't know how to make my initial pageArray pass through to subsequent pages and then have a prev / next nav that cycles through my pageArray results. Or am I thinking and going about this all wrong? Thanks.
  18. Hi there, I'm having trouble instantiating a PageArray and was wondering if i've overlooked something very obvious (Won't be the first time!) I've included a snippet of the code The Error I'm getting is "Class 'Site\PageArray' not found". I'm using namespaces as I've had name collisions before. Still stumbling my way through PHP and any guidance would be much appreciate. ---------------------------- G namespace Site; class Data { /** * Wrapper function to return items inside a PageArray. * @param $items * @return PageArray - A PageArray containing all the items passed in */ static function PageArrayWithChildren($items) { //$array = new wire(PageArray); $array = new PageArray(); foreach($items as $item) { $array->import($item->children()); } return $array; } }
  19. I want to create a basic breadcrumb menu on my site and i'm using this code <?php $parents = $page->parents(); ?> <?php foreach( $parents as $item): ?> <span><a href='<?php echo $item->url; ?>'><?php echo $item->title; ?></a></span> <?php endforeach; ?> <span><?php echo $page->title; ?></span> When i print_r $page->parents() it has the correct count and urls. But when i go to foreach it misses out a step. for example if i was on the curriculum page it should say: home > about us > curriculum but it just echo's out: home > curriculum Am i doing the foreach wrong? i followed the example code Ryan posted for making a breadcrumb menu.
  20. Hi. I need to compare two pagefields. I tried this: $page->locations->has($user->locations) But this doesn't work. I need to compare them and find out if the $page->locations has one or more of the same locations as the $user->locations. Hope it makes sense.
  21. I am having trouble working out the syntax for outputting relational data that is nested inside a repeater field. I only started using repeater fields a couple of days ago, and pagearray fields three weeks ago. The problem involves the following templates and fields: classlesson_plan_section (repeater field, containing the following)lesson_plan_time lesson_plan_subject lesson_plan_section_type (pagearray field) online_tools (pagearray field) lesson_plan_section_typetitle lesson_plan_section_description online_toolstitle url I have outputted the regular text areas of the repeater field fine, like this: *table beginning code snipped off* foreach($section as $item) { $lesson_list .= "<tr><td>" . $item->lesson_plan_time . "</td><td><p><strong>" . $item->lesson_plan_subject . "</strong><br> </td><td> </td></tr>"; } *table end code snipped off* I can get the repeater fields to output, and usually I can get pagearray fields to output, but I am having trouble now that the pagearray is inside a repeater field. Do I need to add the repeater field to my syntax? I mean like this: online_tools=$page->lesson_plan_section->online_tools I have been doing various, ridiculous things with my code to try to replace the '$nbsp;'s with the lesson_plan_section_description and online_tools pages selected in the repeater field, but without luck. I know I that before output, I have to find the pages like so: $section_type = $page->lesson_plan_section_type; $tools = $page->online_tools; $section_find = $pages->find("template=lesson_plan_section_type, lesson_plan_section_type=$page->lesson_plan_section_type"); $ot_find = $pages->find("template=online_tools, online_tools=$page->online_tools"); But this is as far as I got. Can someone provide me with a hint to get me a little further?
  22. How can I programatically Save() to a Page Type field that contain multiple pages (PageArray)? This attempt fails with no error message, nothing is saved: $p = $pages->get(1234); $p->of(false); $p->foo = 4321; # Page Type field, I am trying to update the ID. // $p->foo = "bar"; // $p->foo->id = 4321; # Results in "Fatal error: Exception: Item 'id' set to PageArray is not an allowed type". $p->save(); Observation: It's hard to search documentation and forum entries for this topic because the keywords Page, Type and Save are frequently used in different contexts. I guess the most logical place to find information would be on 1) the "API Variable > $page" page - and/or, the "API Variable > FieldTypes" page. My request is that the documentation at some point will cover how to programatically CRUD each core field type (Checkbox, Datetime, Email, FieldsetOpen, FieldsetTabOpen, File, Float, Image, Integer, Page, Password, (Repeater), Text, Textarea, URL). Merry Christmas and thanks. Related: Create/Update a page programmatically
  23. To get a page by index number from a PageArray is easy: /* returns a page object */ $pagebyindex = $myparentpage->children->eq(integer $num); Now I needed a function which returns the Index of the page from the siblings. It took me a while to figure this out, and I like to share this here: /* returns an integer */ $indexbypage = $myparentpage->children->getItemKey($page); // or $indexbypage = $page->siblings->getItemKey($page); Found this information in http://cheatsheet.processwire.com/ under section PageArray/WireArray and here: http://processwire.com/apigen/ To get complete information about API this page is your (and my) friend. Have a nice day
  24. Let's say I've got a template with a field of a Page type. This field is set to handle multiple options (PageArray). Now, I want to select all pages using this template, that have specific page set in the PageArray field. Basically, something like this: $pages->find('template=x pagearrayfield.contains=page1') Is this possible? Any hints? Thanks in advance.
  25. I'm not able to get my array list. I have a menu template and I'm grabbing it, but it won't let me go inside it I get this error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /x/site/templates/includes/header.inc on line 61 $items = $pages->find('template=menu, title=Toolbar Menu, include=all'); //THIS SHOULD WORK foreach ($items->menu_item as $item) { $output .= '<li><a href="' . $item->link . '"'; if ($item->open_in_new_window) $output .= ' target="_blank"'; $output .= '>' . $item->title . '</a></li>'; } I'm attaching a screenshot of a selector test
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