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  1. formulate

    I'm still having an issue with this. Both with my older PW sites and my newer 3.0+ sites. I can see the rule in the htaccess, but .well-known is still blocked. Any ideas?
  2. formulate

    It's been a while since I had these issues, but yes it's definitely tied to some setting in CKEditor as not everyone seems to have this issue. As Robin mentioned, it's most likely one of the image related settings in CKEditor under the "HTML Options" settings. One of those checkboxes is messing with things. I haven't had time to try and debug/test it further, but that's where my suspicions are at.
  3. While I can't speak for everyone, I think we're all being positive and supportive. We are grateful this now exists. However, I think there is a valid argument to be made in the desire for a paid enterprise level solution that will give us peace of mind in trusting that such a critical component of a website is a high priority with proper attention, development and support. Raising this point isn't negativity, it's just an expression of concern. I work with large organizations that have thousands of members. I need a solution that is rock solid, that I can trust will have bugs and support issues attended to in a timely manner. It just stands to reason that a paid solution is going to receive higher priority than a free one. You're right, it's new and let's see how things are in a few months.
  4. I fully agree with Lance. Firstly, a HUGE thank you to Ryan for doing this. It was badly needed and the only thing that held me back on converting some of my legacy ModX sites. I love PW and this was the missing piece for me. I can't thank Ryan enough for turning his attention to this sorely lacking functionality that almost every other CMS has. However, I'm very sad that this isn't a pro module. Rather than being part of the core to "guarantee" attention and updates (as others above have indicated), I would have preferred this to be a paid module to ensure such attention and updates. That's not to say Ryan won't be maintaining this module in a reasonable fashion, just that this is a huge enough component of a CMS that it absolutely could have warranted being a pro module and there are many of us that would have gladly paid for it. I will gladly use this module, provide feedback on bugs, questions on customizing, etc. and hope that all such things are attended to in a timely manner. While I appreciate that it is *FREE*, Ryan, please consider making it a pro module. I'm sure you have your reasons for not doing so and I guess I'm just worried it won't get the attention it deserves. It will be critical to many of my membership sites that I will now convert to PW and thus I'm worried about future development on it. Things like images support are crucial and if this was a paid module, may be higher up Ryan's priority list.
  5. formulate

    Thanks everyone! This solved my issue. K.
  6. formulate

    In the admin template's URL settings I forced HTTPS. However, I do not actually have an SSL cert in place and now I can no longer access the admin (shared hosting issue, it redirects me to some other site). How do I undo this? I've searched everywhere in the database and files for the setting and can't find it. I also tried forcing http in the .htaccess file and that didn't work. I found the template settings in the database, but couldn't see anything I could change for the URL setting. Help!
  7. formulate

    Ah ha! That makes sense from my end. At the time I was having problems, it was on a server that was using Cloudflare. I had disabled Cloudflare for other reasons (namely their CSS caching drives me bonkers) and that resolved my issues, but I had never made the connection between the two. Thanks for coming back and chiming in with your findings.
  8. For what it's worth, I'm running it with 2.8.x no problem. Aren't 3.0 and 2.8.x essentially the same apart from the namespaces stuff? Does namespaces affect the module?
  9. formulate

    Sorry, forgot to state that I had re-built the site using it's own domain. It's no longer subject to the multiple copies of PW issues. It's something specific to this site and I think I'm starting to track down the issue. There's a broken image in one of the CKeditor fields and it's causing the logout. I'm going to manually remove the image using phpMyAdmin and see what happens... UPDATE: FIXED! For some reason, if there's a broken (ie: missing) image in a rich text editor field it causes logouts. I haven't tried reproducing this yet from a clean install, but something funny happens when there's an image that's referenced in a rich editor field and it gets removed.
  10. formulate

    Ok, starting to get really frustrated. I have a client that is upset with me as they can't edit their site. I have tried re-installing the site from scratch with the latest 2.8.x version and it still logs me out all the time. It's become worse actually... now 100% of the time if I edit the home page it will kick me out. What's going on? Why is it doing this? What do I do now? I'm at the point of desperation, I need content updated but the site is broken because of this logout issue. All the other PW sites on the same hosting account are working just fine.
  11. formulate

    It's a fresh site. The only module installed is markup simple navigation, but it was doing this before that was installed. I strongly suspect it's because it's running in a sub-directory and therefore I have two copies of PW running on the same domain. I added the following to my config.php to try and make things behave: $config->sessionName = 'wire2'; $config->sessionFingerprint = false; However, this doesn't seem to make it work either. I suspect once I move the site out to it's own domain, things will work. PW just gets grumpy when there's multiple copies on the same domain, even though they're in separate directories, etc.
  12. formulate

    Tried this for an hour, didn't resolve the issue.
  13. formulate

    SOLVED. Ugh, yes something as simple as sessions that I overlooked. I'm running two copies of PW on the same domain and forgot to change the session name in config.php. There was cookie conflict because of the same session names. Changing the session name seems to have solved my issue. I will test and if there's any further issues, report back. Too good to be true... still having the logout issue, just took longer than normal this time.
  14. formulate

    Yes, I've read the zillion other threads about this same issue. No, nothing in those threads resolves my issue. I'm really frustrated. I have 30+ PW sites all running on the same server, all various different versions of PW. They all work fine, but twice now I've had a site that just refuses to keep me logged in. It will constantly log me out of the admin and only keeps me logged in anywhere from 15 seconds to 3ish minutes. I have other PW sites of the same version running on the same server that do not do this. I have no idea why this is happening and I'm pulling my hair out! I've tried everything in the other threads and it still does it. At this point, I'm just going to try re-installing everything from scratch. Any thoughts or advice on why this is happening?
  15. While this didn't solve the problem, I really appreciate the more elegant date selector. I will update my code post above to reflect the new selector. Now, to get this silly paging to work!