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  1. I found a way to made Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.0 somewhat usable for browsing the net: disable JavaScript in the browser.

  2. "See you on 7th, please don't ask about those €13bn" #AppleTax #GoogleNextPlease https://t.co/0a2NM6ZfR6 https://t.co/3Kvu2Gm1uu

  3. Smashing Colossus, Adonis & Dreamliner loud in my car like a teenager. A masterpiece. First thing to do at work: Buy tix. @WildBeasts

  4. RT @MajewskiMichal: Dorota Kania zaraz ujawni, że Kurski to brat tego Kurskiego z Wyborczej.

  5. Recently in PL a non-islamic white guy killed a random man on the street. Allegedly for sporting tattoos. Somehow it wasn't a global news.

  6. Cost of 1GB of storage on iPhone vs. 1GB on Class 10 MicroSD card - always amusing.

  7. @RafalWos @Polityka_pl tekst OK, ale aż się prosi o jakąś infografikę "Co jest w Planie MM", i krótką "notkę bio", i jakiś powiew XXI wieku.

  8. .@_HEALTH_ DISCO 3 coming up? https://t.co/RCMCC3UGzU

  9. One suggestion: the forum threads linked in the post require not only for the viewer to be a forum member, but also to have enough number of posts to see them. That could make an impression of closeness of PW, while certainly that's not the case.
  10. I've made a module that's basically an editor for a certain type of templates, but with additional logic. To make things less confusing for the client I would like to keep it in the Page Tree - so, if the user clicks on the "edit" button the module page is displayed. Is that possible?
  11. The problem with total privacy is that it sometimes stands in the way of some nifty features: https://t.co/q6rscbg2rb

  12. The best illustration of what #HTTP2 is: https://t.co/XosEkVzKpI (works on some browsers, I guess)

  13. RT @_HEALTH_: GUESS WHO'S BACK MOTHERFUCKERS! http://t.co/15jsw5ewMj

  14. Poland is about to start fracking the shale gas, and meanwhile in some other Poland: http://t.co/p1Ik1OF6f8

  15. Win 10 image is on http://t.co/kSk6eeHXIf. Easiest way to run Hyper-V stuff (Win Phone emu) on Win7. See: http://t.co/qLLtMhMyGD #cordova

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