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  1. Sanyaissues

    Hi, @flydev! Recaptcha v3 came out, would you mind taking a look?
  2. Sanyaissues

  3. Sanyaissues

    @Robin S using the same Jquery version on the front-end and back-end worked for me. Thanks.
  4. Sanyaissues

    New website for the Camel cigarette brand. When you enter you will see an legal smoking age alert in Spanish, please click on the lower right option "Soy mayor de edad, me registraré luego" (Legal age confirmation) Modules used: ProCache Croppable Image 3 Form Builder Login for Facebook ProDrafts Profiler Pro ProcessWire API Explorer Tracy Debugger ListerPro Redirects
  5. Sanyaissues
  6. Sanyaissues

    New Facebook Login Module by @ryan:
  7. Sanyaissues

    All the ingredients are pages and they are linked to the recipes with repeaters. Each repeater has an ingredient and a description: Butter / 1 cup butter. Did you try another approach?
  8. Sanyaissues

    Website: Modules: Form Builder, Lister Pro, Profiler pro, Tracy debugger, Procache (still not installed) It's a simple landing designed to handle registrations to a Gatorade Tournament, but it's kind of cool to see a big brand like Gatorade running Processwire.
  9. Sanyaissues

    @Adrian shame on me... is the first time i see the Clear Compiled Files button. The login template it's working. Thanks for your help.
  10. Sanyaissues

    @adrian thanks, i did't notice the custom message on the home page, my bad. The login template option isn't working on 3.0.4 Notice: Undefined variable: loginForm
  11. Sanyaissues

    The settings seems to be ok. I check it on incognito to avoid caching, but the default message persists. I'll try reinstalling the module,
  12. Sanyaissues

    Soma, i never thank you for your accurate reply. The SQL query makes a perfect job. Thanks!
  13. Sanyaissues

    Hi @adrian thanks for your response. As you say, i get the undefined variable error. About the custom protected message isn't working. I save a new one but isn't rendering on the front-end. This is what i get: <form class='PageProtectorForm' action='./' method='post'> <legend></legend> <input type='text' name='username' placeholder='Username'> <input type='password' name='pass' placeholder='Password'> <p><button type='submit' name='login'>Login</button></p> </form>
  14. Sanyaissues

    Hi Adrian, the login template isn't working for me. I setup a custom template (login.php) and select it on the module settings, but the login form doesn't show. I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.3 devns. login.php: <?php include("./"); ?> <div> <?php echo $loginForm; ?> </div> <?php include("./"); ?> Edit: When i disable the login template, the custom protected message isn't displaying either. The default "This page is protected. You must log in to view it." message is shown.
  15. Same problem here. Did you get any solution?