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  1. Website: Modules: Form Builder, Lister Pro, Profiler pro, Tracy debugger, Procache (still not installed) It's a simple landing designed to handle registrations to a Gatorade Tournament, but it's kind of cool to see a big brand like Gatorade running Processwire.
  2. @Adrian shame on me... is the first time i see the Clear Compiled Files button. The login template it's working. Thanks for your help.
  3. @adrian thanks, i did't notice the custom message on the home page, my bad. The login template option isn't working on 3.0.4 Notice: Undefined variable: loginForm
  4. The settings seems to be ok. I check it on incognito to avoid caching, but the default message persists. I'll try reinstalling the module,
  5. Soma, i never thank you for your accurate reply. The SQL query makes a perfect job. Thanks!
  6. Hi @adrian thanks for your response. As you say, i get the undefined variable error. About the custom protected message isn't working. I save a new one but isn't rendering on the front-end. This is what i get: <form class='PageProtectorForm' action='./' method='post'> <legend></legend> <input type='text' name='username' placeholder='Username'> <input type='password' name='pass' placeholder='Password'> <p><button type='submit' name='login'>Login</button></p> </form>
  7. Hi Adrian, the login template isn't working for me. I setup a custom template (login.php) and select it on the module settings, but the login form doesn't show. I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.3 devns. login.php: <?php include("./"); ?> <div> <?php echo $loginForm; ?> </div> <?php include("./"); ?> Edit: When i disable the login template, the custom protected message isn't displaying either. The default "This page is protected. You must log in to view it." message is shown.
  8. Same problem here. Did you get any solution?
  9. Phillipp, the website has around 10,000 sessions per month, 5 pages per visitor and 4 minutes / average session duration. By the way, is very simple and really helpful. I'm proud of the speed of the website thanks to minimize, proCache and AIOM. Take a look of the minimize stats: Images sent 500 Traffic In 225 MB Traffic Out 53.8 MB Saved 171 MB Compression 76.1%
  10. This website was made for a local supermarket on Dominican Republic. The recipes and the pictures were custom made.
  11. Recipes website: Modules Used: ProCache ProcessImageMinimize / Batcher AIOM
  12. Thanks Horst! Works for me.
  13. Hi, did you integrate it with PW users?
  14. I was playing with the module but it doesn't creates new users. For example, If i'm logged with my processwire "admin" user and enter to myurl/facebook-login/, it adds the "facebook-login" role to the admin user (but the Facebook ID field remains empty). But if i'm not logged in and enter like a guest, it adds the role to the guest user. I was expecting that a new processwire user was created. Am i right?
  15. @Joss Take a look at Semantic UI and UIKit