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  1. Hi, I'm building a picture gallery, consisting of multiple pages. On each page I would like to add tags to my images, which I can do nicely using the predefined image tags I can set up. However, I was wondering if it is somehow possible to fill the predefined image tags with more dynamic values, like for instance a list of pages (using title or a different field of that page, adhering to the rules for tags). This would make it more flexible for me, as I would not have to have multiple different images fields with different sets of predefined tags.
  2. Thanks @horst, Adding a count check did in fact solve the problem. if(count($page->banner) > 0) { $thumb = $page->banner->getRandom()->size(200, 200); echo "<a href='$thumb->url'>"; echo "<img src='$thumb->url' alt='$thumb->description' />"; echo "</a>"; }
  3. Hi all, I have an images field on my template, which can contain multiple images, returning an array. When trying to get either first() or getRandom() image of this array and then applying size(width, height) to it, the image will render properly resized, however in the PW logs I find: Fatal Error: Call to a member function size() on null. I can't understand why. When limiting the field to only 1 image and applying size, no error occurs. Also when looping through my array and applying size to each individual image, no error occurs. Does anyone have any clue as to why the image renders properly, but the log gets filled up with an error? // No errors foreach($page->banner as $image) { $thumb = $image->size(200, 200); echo "<a href='$image->url'>"; echo "<img src='$thumb->url' alt='$image->description' />"; echo "</a>"; } // Error in the logs, however rendering properly $random = $page->banner->getRandom(); $thumb = $random->size(200, 200); echo "<a href='$random->url'>"; echo "<img src='$thumb->url' alt='$random->description' />"; echo "</a>";
  4. Thanks, Sakkoulas and Adrian, I will contact my hosting provider as well to see if he can fix the problem!
  5. Hi Sakkoulas, did you by any chance solve this problem yet? I'm running PW 2.4.0 on a Windows machine and am running into the same problem. Frontend is working fine on my end, problem only occurs in the Admin environment. I'm on PHP 5.3.28.
  6. Thanks Adrian, your suggestion made the difference! I indeed had not set the parent template correctly. Apparently the underlaying templates inherited those settings. Updating the parent template to add children and create pages then displayed the "copy" button in the tree
  7. Hi, in PW 2.4.0 I have setup a role "publisher", containing the permission to Clone a page and Clone a tree of pages. All Permissions for this role: Delete pages Edit pages View pages User can update profile/password Clone a page Clone a tree of pages The user that is being set to publisher should then be able to view and edit, but also clone a page or tree of pages. Within the templates' Access tab, I have selected the publisher role to be able to: VIEW PAGES EDIT PAGES CREATE PAGES ADD CHILDREN Am I missing a "CLONE PAGES" option here? On the family tab, I have set "Can this template be used for new pages?" to "Yes". For some (for me) unapparent reason, I do not have the option to copy a page from within the tree, the button is missing, even though the template and role/user seems to be setup properly. How can I get this to work? Kind regards, Pascal
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