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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to import some heavy data into Processwire, but I'm not sure what would be the best way to do it. Usually I use CSV to Pages plugin, but this time the data is too heavy(~40k rows with 10+ columns of excel sheet), thus this plugin can't help. I also tried Tasker plugin but I can't seem to go through the setup itself, it requires some template setup but I'm totally clueless about how to do it, so that plugin is not of any use either. I wanted to know from you guys how you do it and in future what would be the best way to migrate thousands of rows of data in to PW. Thanks.
  2. Hi all I need help with something. Situation: We have let's say 2'000 Files (Excel) that should be displayed (list with links) on a page. We'd need to filter these files by given Keywords or a tree structure or both. Now, I'm looking for a solution whereas our customer can synchronise the files from his local computer with the folder on the webserver. They will update and upload files on a daily basis. Therefore, it would need to synchronise rather than load the files manually in pages or repeaters. Maybe indexing would be an idea, too. Are there any modules for Processwire that would help achieving this? Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I need to import regularly - every 15 or 30 days - a big .xslx file into my PW installation. This file now has 14 columns, 5.000 rows and grows every month. I'll need to group, order and work with these data to: analyse User monthly costs analyse User costs per Asset ... User (real AD account) has to match with a PW user - I can't join to the domain - but as you can see I have some services users (start with sca_*) or no user at all. Those rows have to be assigned to a specific user, e.g. account100. And: I would like to be able to have a kind of diff function to compare User assets between this and last month (and so on) other request is to have a notification when something change for a User between actual and latest import First request: which is the best solution to store those data in your opinion? Page, Table, Repeater Matrix, ...? Those are very repetitive data and I think a page reference is better than to import all the data every time but I have to understand how to manage those "dynamic" groups of software (AccType Det), hardware (Asset), ... For example Price will be imported and not stored with the description because it could be change in the future and I'll not have any control on it. Thanks! User,OE,productNmr,AccType1,AccType Det,Count,Price (€),Sum,ASNA,CC,AccType Info,Asset,AccGroup,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  4. In some previous posts, I demonstrated a simple proof-of-concept CRUD “application” for PW using jTable. I really wanted to use DataTables since it is older, wiser and with a huge fan base. One thing I wanted was for the CRUD system to be as simple as possible and possibly be Excel-like (more below). With DataTables plugins, you can perform stuff like inline-editing and Auto-fill. The latter works just like in Excel and allows you to quickly populate cells (quick copy). But that’s as far as it goes. Google led me to other Table management systems. Some of the front runners include jqGrid and SlickGrid. SlickGrid is nice and using virtual rendering can display millions of rows with ease. Its support for displaying data delivered on demand (Ajax/server) is minimal; it requires you to download all your data before it starts manipulating it. Someone has created an Excel-like extension for it allowing copy-pasting between SlickGrid and Excel. Awesome! But, it still didn't rock my boat completely, especially the Ajax content issue. Then I stumbled upon Handsontable, a new kid on the block that describes itself as “a minimalistic Excel-like data grid editor for HTML, JavaScript & jQuery”. Though relatively new, it is as Excel-like as you can get. You can copy-paste from/to Excel [single to multiple cells and multiple to multiple cells], use the usual shortcuts (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-Z - i.e., undo/redo, etc., and tab navigation, etc.), use Auto-fill (vertically and horizontally), freeze cells/columns, make cells/columns read only, Right-click context menus, insert/delete rows and columns, perform inline-editing, etc. Double awesome! Handsontable (HoT) is minimalistic but comes with a rich API. However, most of the implementation is down to you (sounds familiar?). It will render the Table and provide you with Methods/Events/Options to manipulate it. You just have to provide the data as an Array or JSON defining your columns and containing your data. Soma has a DataTable module that is currently read only; you cannot edit the displayed data directly in the table. It is also in lazy development . So, I started toying with the idea of using HoT as an Excel-like CRUD system (module) for PW. I wanted something that could quickly and easily do mass editing (Batcher-like). Imagine quickly creating basic pages/records by copy-pasting from Excel. Or quickly changing records by dragging (Auto-fill) or pasting new values over old ones. Well, the result can be seen in the screencast below. I’d like to hear your thoughts whether this is something that I should consider developing into a module; something that could be used by Superusers. Depending on implementation, it could be used by other users as well. All HoT needs is data. What you do with that data is up to you (the developer) and your code! This can be very dangerous if not implemented correctly, of course! You could easily delete important records! However, HoT does not touch your database! Deletions, insertions, etc., will not alter your database unless you specifically write the PHP code to do that. All it does is send data to the server via a method your specify (post, get, Ajax, etc.), and even that is your implementation. You do not need to implement deletions or additions. You can use it for updating content only or as read only, but where’s the fun in that ? In the screencast , apart from the table itself, all the other implementations are custom - the buttons, selects, auto-save (can be tricky? can DDOS your server?). The current implementation is not perfect; it is a demo after all. Certain stuff would need to be implemented differently . I didn't want to spend too much time on something that would not be useful in the end. All CRUD operations are via PW API and/or vanilla PHP. Deleted pages are Trashed and not permanently deleted. If there is interest for a module of this kind, I would request all the help I can get to develop it please. I would put it up on Github of course. In the demo, this is running off Diogo’s ACP module. Let me hear your thoughts please. Should a module like this see the light of day? Thanks Wasn't sure in which forum to post this...
  5. Hi there, I've got some code that bulk uploads the contents of Tab Delimited files into our Processwire CMS. It looks like the $page->save functionality stops working after a certain number has been processed. Haven't worked out where it starts failing yet but all the rows towards the bottom have certainly failed. Unfortunately, there isn't anything in the error logs (at least the php error log) to see if there is an issue. I have tested the rows that were not working by putting them individually in seperate tsv files to prove that the code works, the data is clean and it actually updates the CMS. I was wondering if there's an internal limit on how many page saves the CMS can handle? Thanks in advance. Below is the copy of the code I'm using to do a bulk upload. I'm using a 3rd party module called SimpleExcel to help with the reading and processing of the tab delimited files. $_rowStart = 13; $_colTitle = 1; //A $_colMeta = 10;//J Meta Title = SEO Title $_colDesc = 11;//K $_colURL = 12;//L $_colURLnew = 13;//M $_colCanonical = 14;//N $_colAlt = 15;//O $_colKeywords = 16;//P $excel = new SimpleExcel('TSV'); $excel->parser->loadFile(__DIR__."/{$file}"); //$url = $excel->parser->getCell($_rowStart, $_colURL ); $row= $_rowStart; do { $title = $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colTitle ); $meta = $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colMeta ); $desc = $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colDesc ); $url = $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colURL ); $urlnew = $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colURLnew ); $canonical= $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colCanonical ); $alt = $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colAlt ); $keywords= $excel->parser->getCell($row, $_colKeywords ); $internal= str_replace("http://sprachspielspass.de",'',$url); $page = wire(pages)->get("path=$internal"); //TODO: Error handling and logging if (!IsNullPage($page)) { $page->setOutputFormatting(false); $page->title = $title; $page->seo_title = $meta; $page->seo_description = $desc; $page->url = $urlnew; $page->seo_canonical = $canonical; $page->image_alt = $alt; $page->seo_keywords = $keywords; $page->Save(); WriteLog("{$internal} saved"); } else { WriteLog("{$internal} NOT FOUND!"); } $row++; } while (!IsNullOrEmptyString($url));
  6. Hi, i am new to Processwire. I want to make an user interface using Processwire. So, please let me know, if it is possible! Requirements are like this : - 1. Login System according to the user type i.e for different user, there should be a different login system. 2. According to the user type, their view page should be different 3. Importing and exporting the excel file(xls, xlsm, xlsx) 4. Editing the excel file on the user interface (I have seen on the forum, Kongondo has integrate the handsontable with the processwire, so please let me know how he did that). The 3rd and 4th requirement are important. Thanks and Regards Lokender Singh Shekhawat
  7. A group of architects doing field and statistical research on city neighborhoods came to me to create an online database that they could edit from anywhere. PW seemed like the perfect choice since it's very easy to customize the admin to fit their needs, and they are indeed quite happy. Now, however, they'd like to have an Excel file of all the neighborhoods, one on each row, so that they can work with the data offline and produce printed documents of their research. The PW tree is organized geographically: region > city > neighborhood. In other words, each neighborhood is a page with about 40 fields (and growing). How would you guys go about it?
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