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  1. I've this problem with that site: cookie isn't created. All other cookie are created but not this. Production site (linked) now use ProCache so it is right. But dev site with ProCache disabled has the same problem. It works for a while.
  2. Hi, any experience with no cookie creation? Local and production site (not finished yet, piazzaffariimmobiliare.com), same issue. Thanks, Marco
  3. For unknown reason I lost permission in admin template. I have to add "useRoles":1 in data for admin template.
  4. Hi, with the latest dev I notice some problems to login in the admin area. domain.com/cp/ (example) thrown in 404 error page. If a user is logged in and he is in the admin area he can works without problems. When he logged out.. 404. Last time I have a superuser logged in and with a ProCache clean(ing) I can log in with other user. I haven't superuser logged in in this moment and a manually rm on ProCache*/* does not work. I have ProCache for entire site but home template use core cache system. How I can debug this? Thanks
  5. Ok, I have some problems to understand that because in my test it doesn't work but I have understand the logic.
  6. Perfect, it works. No hook required (read below). The "problem" is not for Language pages but for all other pages (template): - with page-publish not installed translator can edit pages (e.g. Contact page) and unpub them - with page-publish installed translator cannot edit pages (no action in tree menu, ecc - even with "contact" template edit page permission) - with page-publish installed and enabled for the role, translator can edit pages and unpub them - wanted behavior: with page-publish installed and not enabled for the translator role, translator can edit pages but not unpub them.. is it possible? Make sense in your opinion? Some wrong setting in my installation? In any case I tried your hook and there is an issue for me: translator can edit also Language pages that are not assigned to him.
  7. Hi ragnarokkr, have you added standard page-publish permission? If yes, try to delete that. I have a similar issue for my translators.
  8. Yes, I know and you are right. (my) Bad english not helps me. 'as' means that I would edit site/core translation field without the page-edit-lang-none permission applied. If a role has lang-edit, it must be allowed to edit site/core translation files in my opinion. Ryan helps me a lot even if 2.7 is in rc1, I know that he not wants add too many changes before 2.7 final.
  9. Hi, the edit problem is tied to page-publish permission. I added this standard permission and not give it to the translator role (so, with page-hide, translator cannot hide on unpub pages), after that they cannot edit pages anymore. Probably is intentional but is it necessary with the new permissions? Other request: make site/core translation files fields as multi-language-field so they are editable also without page-edit-lang-none permission. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your support. Ok, with page-edit-lang-none permission translator can see site/core translator files fields. But in this way they will see also non-multi-language fields in other pages right? Mmm.. Yes, every translator role has page-edit and page-edit-XY permissions but the edit problem is still here. Probably I have made some error in my previous tests if you cannot duplicate the behavior.
  11. Another little think: translators cannot edit any page. There is no 'edit' action shortcut in tree view and if I try http://domain.it/cp/page/edit/?id=ID I got 'The process returned no content.'. With the warning 'You don't have access to edit'.
  12. Thanks Ryan, this is grandioso! I saw the commit this morning and I tried immediately. Only one problem.. I think that permissions are ok but.. translator now see Setup->Languages menu but when they choose one language they not see Site translation file and Core Translation File fieldtype. And "edit" permission is not listed in permissions list (see image): in this case translator has "view, edit, create" and translator-es has "view, edit" (only for test).
  13. Thanks Ryan. Yes, built-in process provides everything and more (blank and replaced strings for example) and works well but how I can allow translator to use these pages? They haven’t an “Access” tab or similar to manage permission. I tried editing Admin template (view for translator) and language template (view and edit for translator) but I not see the Admin page in the tree view. I can wait for the “limitation” aspect for now but translator have to be allowed to use built-in process.
  14. Hi, is there an easy way to allow translators to edit strings in our template files? I know Admin->Setup->Languages->$LANG page where we can create blank template translation files and edit them, but: - translator must have the right permission and it is not so easy (EN translator must be allowed to edit EN page only and we are under Admin page) - (or) when admin creates blank files, download them and send it to translators, they haven't source string and/or ID I could solve my problem (in this case) if I could create a page that call "Site Translation Files" input field (like Admin->Setup->Languages->$LANG) and allow translator to edit this page, like a shortcut. Another way to solve this can be don't use __() methods but use a sort of placeholders (like $myTranslationsPage->myPlaceHolder) in template files and enable translators to edit /myTranslationsPage/. Any suggestions? At the moment I have about 100 not translated strings and 4 translators for 6 languages. Thanks, Marco
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