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  1. The latest NextGen Javascript! https://t.co/LYR0zN0A9Y

  2. 25 Social Media Tools Your Brand Should Be Using #infographic #Inspiration https://t.co/M8qDN6ycbq

  3. The latest NextGen Javascript! https://t.co/WBrgSyNIg8 #javascript

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  5. Hi @Robin S, I don't use Tracy Debugger so I can't give you any response about the issue you mentioned above but thanks for the link, just in case it will happens with some old PW version
  6. I'm not using any VPN or anything else that could change my IP. The only thing I could think to is that something in SessionHandlerDB's tables/data has been corrupted for some reason and didn't allows me to login. Since I'm still not migrated to the lastest 3.x version, I'll take my time to do an as clean as possible migration, trying to remove every possible troubles maker thing.
  7. No solution still, the only thing I've been able to do is to programmatically uninstall the SessionHandlerDB module. Now I've got again the access to the back-end.
  8. Hi all guys! I've a BIG problem here and hope you can help me to solve it. Suddenly yesterday my PW installation stopped letting me to log in. I can access the front-end, but each time i try to log into the back-end it gives me "This request was aborted because it appears to be forged." I already have searched into the forum and tried every possible solution, without any result In order: site/config.php is readable site/assets/{cache,logs,sessions} is present and 0755 (and setting them to 0777 doesn't make any difference) tried to backup site/assets/sessions directory and make another new empty one nothing is changed with user:group permissions setting $protectCSRF, $sessionChallenge, and $sessionFingerprint to false the error disappears but the login page still remains making the sessions table empty doesn't make any difference enabled/disabled the www. redirection in .htaccess, just in case but nothing enabled $debug and no error removed cookies restarted the server Anybody has an idea?
  9. Cinema 4D #Ocean #Generator: Infinite Ocean by C4Depot https://t.co/tIsUwqrCaB #c4d

  10. I just liked “Infinity ²” on #Vimeo: https://t.co/sgTnaIz9Qz

  11. The latest NextGen Javascript! https://t.co/LB58MG6zIQ Thanks to @EisenbergEffect

  12. The latest NextGen Javascript! https://t.co/nVA2yTX7Kq Thanks to @EisenbergEffect

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  14. The latest NextGen Javascript! https://t.co/aYGs2QaEiJ

  15. I just liked “Parametric modelling in Cinema 4D using booleans and Xpresso...” on #Vimeo: https://t.co/AaxWQgB0k5

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