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  1. @bernard, many thx Delete the row in db table 'fields' did the trick thx for your quick and efficient reply
  2. Hi, I removed the 'recurme'-module. As a result my field 'kalender' has no fieldtype (fieldname: kalender, fieldlabel: kalender, fieldtype: none, assigned to templates: 0). Entering the field gives an error message. Is there any way around to delete an existing field that has no fieldtype? thx
  3. @elabx thx for your suggestion. Callbacks in Uikit are not well documented. Do you have an example for 'sortable'?
  4. Hi I use UIKIT3 Sortable at the frontend to make the blocks M1, M2, ... Each block is a page. I can move (sort) the blocks at the frontend, but how can I save the sort-order so the pages at the backend have the same sort-order as at the frontend?
  5. I think, my question was not really clearly. In my template 'x', I have a field 'Relatie' (see screenshot). The field 'Relatie' is a Page reference field. Page 'y' may only be viewable by 'Raad van bestuur'. How can I make a permission / role for the value 'Raad van bestuur' of the field 'Relatie'?
  6. Hi I have a question about Access control In my template, I have a field 'relations' (= a page field) with e.g. board of directors, members, ... The board of directors may view a page, the members not. How can I manage in permissions / roles that only the board of directors can view the page? thx in advance
  7. @wbmnfktr thx, this is working (in Chrome, Win10). fine after cleaning browser-cache and closing browser-tabs,
  8. Hi I have some difficulties with customize the lay-out. I have a custom calendar and want to put the month with navigation on top of it (in place of 05 = month may). Is there an API call $recurme->month()->next ? Is there an api call $recurme->month()->prev ?
  9. Hi I try to install MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe. Is it possible that this module is not compatible wit php 7?
  10. @adrian thx, I try your suggestion with AdminAction module
  11. Hi Is it possible to import into repeater fields? hansv
  12. @horst This works perfectly in alle pages. many, many thx
  13. The solution is working fine. The code is placed in _main.php and is shown in the header-part of the template. When going to another page, the information is lost and I get the error: Trying to get property 'naam' of non-object in /....../_main.php on line 83. I tried session-variables. The variables are stored, but when I go to another page the sesson-variables are not retrieved. My code $gebruikerarray = json_decode($gebruiker); $session->naam = $gebruikerarray->naam; $session->voornaam = $gebruikerarray->voornaam; $session->klas = $gebruikerarray->groups[0]->name; $session->email = $gebruikerarray->emailadres; $session->email_coaccount1 = $gebruikerarray->email_coaccount1; $session->email_coaccount2 = $gebruikerarray->email_coaccount2; echo 'Bestelling voor ' . $session->naam . ' ' . $session->voornaam . ' - ' . $session->klas . '<br>'; echo 'Email: ' . $session->email . '<br>'; if ($session->email_coaccount2 !== '' ) { echo 'Email co-account 1: ' . $session->email_coaccount1 . '<br>'; } if ($session->email_coaccount2 !== '' ) { echo 'Email co-account 2: ' . $session->email_coaccount2 . '<br>'; }
  14. @teppo@horst thx for your quick, very usefull, respons The combination of $input->get and allow url-segments in the home page did the trick. I was to much focused on the _main.php, but the real page was home.php. With the url-segments allowed in the home template, the magic of processwire was there. if(($input->get->u) !== ''){ $gebruikersnaam = $input->get->text('u');
  15. Hi everybody I want to catch a variable from outside processwire into _main.php if(isset($_GET['u']) && $_GET['u'] !== ''){ $gebruikersnaam = $_GET['u']; ... ... This is working fine in a php file in a non processwire environment. In a processwire environment, I get the variable when I refer to /site/templates/_main.php but a great part of my template-code is not shown. From outside processwire I refer to mydomain/index.php. If I place $gebruikersnaam = $_GET['u']; in index.php, how can I pass through my variable to _main.php? Or is there an other solution? thx hansv
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