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  1. following the tutorial on youtube by Philipp Reiner On the part on putting image I copied the code <?php foreach($page->children as $c): ?> <div class="row"> <br><br> <div class="col-lg-6 centered"> <img src="<?= $c->image->url; ?>" alt="<?= $c->image->description; ?>"> </div><!-- col-lg-6 --> <div class="col-lg-6"> <h4><?php echo $c->title; ?></h4> <?php echo $c->body; ?> </div> </div><!-- row --> <br><br> <hr> <br><br> <?php endforeach; ?> But it doesn't show.. see attached
  2. Hi, Just installed blank processwire and followed tutorial on youtube by Philipp Reiner. In his tutorial there is a rich editor on his text area field. But mine has none. Please help! Thank you
  3. Is there a free way for me to add a contact form in my PW site? As far as I know I should buy the form builder module for that?
  4. Are there any modules for Comment System and Upvote Downvote System in PW? I would like to implement a comment system in PW. Used WP in the past and it is built in. Are there any modules for that? Also another feature of my website would be upvote downvote system. Where users can vote on a POST and then it will show up on my sidebar let say as POPULAR POSTS or I could just get it via how many views my posts gets Thank you
  5. Thank you guys for the replies. Finally solved it
  6. How do I exactly activate reno theme? went to module and tried to change color set of reno but it doesn't change my admin theme. Is reno admin theme the one that is being used in the demo of processwire? Thank you.
  7. Is there any admin theme compatible with PW 2.6? Checked all admin themes and all of them does not support 2.6 on their desciprtion. Thank you
  8. Is it possible to create a 9gag.tv like website in processwire? I have good html css skills, and some basic PHP. here are the features: - admin and ability to add accounts or moderators that will be able to add videos on the website of course add, edit, delete, video post - comment system ( maybe I can just use DISQUS ) - social links - facebook likes ( I think this is fairly easy to do ) - trending videos or most popular videos on the sidebar - recent/latest videos on the sidebar thats pretty much it.. and is processwire good with SEO? is there a plugin for that? I don't know much about SEO. and I am going to be developing this on my own. tried WP and felt its bloated clunky and has some features I won't be needing plus it is really hard to develop a theme there are some nice theme but I want total freedom on my design I am also worried about the security. Thank you see attach for the sample layout I'm thinking
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