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  1. Marek

    hey, I wanted to show you my latest redesign that i did a few months ago for fun, hope you like it.
  2. Marek

    So do you always start with pocket grid only? Or you have your base stylesheet with styles that u often reuse? If so, what is in it? For example I for some reason hate styling form elements... that would be a reason for me to use something bigger than pocketgrid. But other than that, i think another advantage of bigger frameworks is that they have base styles for html, body, typography, box-sizing and stuff like that. However , i also dont like these big ones that come with js plugins... i rather like to choose/make plugins myself. But there are some people that like to throw every possible jquery plugin on top of bootstrap... and then make it a wordress theme .... and throw some more js scripts by wp plugins... i hate those slow ugly websites And if you like naming conventions like .w20 you might like atomic frameworks. And then, you could run some task in grunt for example, that would read all html files and delete all the classes and stuff in css that you dont use in html. There should be something that does that.
  3. Marek

    But pocket grid doesnt contain column classes, does it? Then dont you find yourself needeing it? it can be nice to specify width for main block and aside sidebar without using unsemantic classes for columns. But when i need to put 2 text inputs next to each other i really like to use classes like .column-6 . What other name would i give to those classes anyway? Now i have been developing my own kind of framework strongly influenced be style of basscss . I really like this functional/atomic approach. Something to try if you have not already. But start with open mind, because it may not follow common "best practices"
  4. What are some other projects that you follow or find interesting? For example in open source world? Here are some that I find interesting Godot engine - open source, relatively new game engine... when reading through tutorial they are explaining working with scenes and nodes, as it makes this engine kind of different from others, it works in a tree structure, everything can be a scene, and it is something that is very powerful after you understand it ... you know, that reminded of something Red lang - different kind of programming language that you can cross compile, with native GUI ... you can be download it, it is under 1MB ...on their website they mention that they are fans of eve-lang which is also interesting. Open source ecology - not a software, but they are building houses, in 5 days, self-sufficient on energy, water, with greenhouse, which can produce more food than a family needs, so you can sell it. ad it is still cheap. But not only that. They are also developing tractors, 3d printers, wind turbines and what not. Like PW these projects seems to be all very well thought out, something that is not yet fully understood by a lot of people, but there is a future in them... kind of genius projects ... i don't know how to explain simply, for me they are in similar category like PW.
  5. Marek

    kuba you are linking to documentation for foundation 5. you need to build it like here if you have downloaded foundation 6
  6. Marek

    Hi, yesterday I found out about a service called CloudCannon. I think it is interesting way to develop small size sites. you can see video about it at there are a few thinks that I like about it that I find time consuming when working with pw. When you use PW you have to think in advance about the structure, fields that you are going to use, how you gonna name them etc. With CC there is not such a problem. I think when you combine it with an ability to just push code to git, it saves a lot of time. so my question is, considering small size projects, what would you use? what could be some advantages of using PW? and are there any solutions to "problems" with PW I mentioned?
  7. cool topic, i am building one css/scss framework myself so keep talking about what dont like about other frameworks
  8. each user would be expected to upload max around 1000 images. if we have 1000 users that could make a million.
  9. would that be relatively good structure performance wise? i mean, that custom parent page storing all the images could then have millions of children ....
  10. you mean creating a pagetable field for user template and storing pagetable items as a children of some other custom page? do i understand it correctly ? if so, what would it be good for? those images are only important for a particular user, expected to be shown on the front-end only if he is logged-in, and upload would be done on the front end only.
  11. Hi, I'm thinking about what could be a proper structure for one project. basically, each user is expected to upload many images over time for himself. lets say max about 1000 images per each user. plus, each image needs to have defined 3 integer values that relates to the image. so my question is what could be a proper structure for this? As far as i know repeater isn't a good choice for this. I was thinking about creating template that would be allowed to be a child page under user template, and each such a page would store image and those 3 integer fields. what do you think ? thanks !
  12. Marek

    I don't have any favorite casters yet. there is not that much streams going on yet. usually around 10 to 15 at a time. it is not that easy to find a good stream to watch. it is fun to watch for me when their skill is better than mine but not too much so I can follow and learn something new. for example 2 days ago i have been watching a stream in html/css category. she used Jade in her project. It didn't surprise me that a tool (or language) like that exists, but I have not considered it in my project. but as i saw it in action, it is actually exactly what could help me in my project... so yesterday I spent learning jade from youtube videos, and today i am using it in my project. it is interesting and fun to see other people how they work... I made this topic, so maybe some people who want to make tutorials might consider it as a way to make them. I believe that I am not only one here who would like to see how exactly some PW pro does some extensive project. and for the streamer it wouldn't even mean he has to do much work - just record his screen. I bet active people on this forum would take time and watch the stream. development process could be discuses and everyone would learn something new. plus, it could be a great way to make new people interested in PW. however, I know such a projects are usually made for some client, so that could be a problem.
  13. Have you seen ? Wouldn't that be cool if someone experienced shared his development process like that ? I don't know about you, but I would definitely watch it.
  14. Marek

    to me it feels hacky to do it, and i am not sure about browser support. however I have never really looked at it in depth, so I might give it a try. thanks, havent seen that. it seems good.
  15. Marek

    Hi, recently I needed some off-canvas solution for off-canvas menu. I thought that there must be some simple jquery plugin for that but i couldn't find anything. Some of theme were a part of some bigger framework which i do not prefer, or they were too complicated. So I decided to do it myself, thinking that it can't be that hard ... i just need to toggle some classes. Only experience i had with JS or jQuery is from Codecademy, which I did more than a year ago. So after a few days I had something working and I decided to put it on github. Also, had to learn github since I haven't used it before. But the problem is, although it works, performance is not that good, i tried it on smartphone and it lags. I don't know what to do, I think the problem is somewhere in my JS skills. So my question is if you have any time for checking my code and tell me how bad it is. if it is just a mess or what changes needs to be made. also, I would like to ask, what do you use when you need off-canvas? What are your usual requirements? Thanks!