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  1. Ok thanks. I checked in around 6 years or so ago and we were talking about it so I was hoping someone made some progress. I can always attach an EFS share and make a sym link to that to get it off my server.
  2. Do the files stay on the server or go to cloud instead?
  3. I have a few websites that are getting really large. Is there support for offloading the images from the server to something like AWS s3?
  4. Best to just update core!
  5. Has anyone had an issue with thumbnails showing upside down? If so, how did you fix? using $img = $image->size($x, $y) Cropping into a horizontal rectangle and it is taken as a tall one.
  6. A lot of the hate wordpress gets is from people doing it wrong or being handed a website that was done wrong. The "right" way to do them now is to use a custom fields plugin like metabox and then updates are very similar to a processwire website. There is a custom post type the client accesses and adds posts to, and they dont mess with the design side at all. You can even lock them out of it using roles. You just have to use a little restraint and hit the dynamic data button on your page builder instead of typing it in. And bricks builder is much better than the more popular elementor. Clean code, made in vue3. Even has php blocks. Done the right way takes away many of the arguments people use against it. I can pop one out at $130 an hour using something like frames that has predesigned rows. https://getframes.io/
  7. I have really enjoyed using Laravel with Livewire on my last project. Its so nice to have things like database migrations and factories. So much easier to keep the database in sync across live and dev installs. And it gives you an easy way to make everything more reactive, like with search fields not refreshing the whole page, and even updating as you type, and drop downs filtering without refreshing, and all in php without doing javascript for it, it really spoils you. And if you need to move the file hosting in the admin section from the server to something like s3 or digital ocean, it was super easy. I never got that working with processwire since the admin expects everything to be on the server. That are not drivers for file storage. I hate to say it, but with page builders like bricks builder for wordpress that live update as you type and design, that let you knock out 15 page brochure websites in 10 to 20 hours total, and with Laravel for more complicated or custom things like cloud friendly company intranets, I find myself not reaching for processwire like I did in the past. ACSS and Frames combo is really nice also. A unified front end builder using a variable based CSS framework with prebuilt content sections that follow proper css naming conventions and accessibility, you can just pull the existing rows in? And they all read your existing color scheme and support screen set images and they are already responsive? Game changer.
  8. Has anyone tried to share a login with a wordpress install? So if you logged in with wordpress, you would also be logged into processwire? Thanks!
  9. This capability would directly impact how many of my projects I do in Processwire and how many I do in Oxygen/Wordpress/ACF. I am currently only using Processwire for things that will make heavy use of the API for very custom projects, and using Oxygen for all projects that are design/marketing/brochure heavy. Its just so much faster to see changes as I make them. This is what I would like to see, working backward from the user side to the tech side. When I edit a page, as I am changing fields, if I change a text box or a drop down or a range slider to change a heading font size, my page preview is updated as fast as possible, so I can see what that new heading size looks like on the page. As soon as the field is changed, it adds the change to a change history list that I can use to roll back edits I don't like without needing to remember what changed. Next, when I am ready for the user to see my changes I have made to my draft version of the page, I can hit a publish changes button to make my draft version replace the live version of the page. I am assuming editing the page in this live preview mode would need to make a new copy of the page that would replace the live page if you save it. Right now, I must save after every font size change to see if it works, and it doesnt remember how far down the admin page I was, so I must scroll all the way back down to that field and change the size again and hit save again and switch tabs again. Its not a great experience. These changes would be great!
  10. What is the best way to get datetime field as the unix timestamp? (Not formated) I am grabbing the formatted date and putting it back to a unix timestamp and figure, it would be better to just grab the unformatted data! $s = strtotime($location->location_message_start); Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to show more pages/links in the admin page tree before it shows more button? Thanks!
  12. This got me where I needed to go! This is what I did: $wire->addHookBefore('ProcessPageLister::execute', function(HookEvent $event) { if($event->page->process != "ProcessUser") return; $lister = $event->object; $lister->defaultSelector = 'name%=, firstname%=, lastname%=, email%='; });
  13. I know, it's really a pretty big deal. It makes it hard to reuse things.
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