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  1. I can't stand open cart.
  2. Not really. Just looking for someone to work with I can trust that I can share some project overflow with.
  3. If I have a project I need help with, any of you want to work with me if I pay per hour? Please message me what your rate is and some examples of your work! Thanks!
  4. How is your project coming along?
  5. The blog post says: Since servers is plural, I take it that there are more than one?
  6. Are the assets folders located and synced on all ec2 instances? Or hosted on a common file system all ec2 instances can access at the same time? How are the various EC2 instances mirrored? Did you need to install a script to have this work?
  7. If that is the case, I would like to test it out as soon as it is ready! That would be great!
  8. With a custom field type you are not required to store the file locally. You can choose to have it only on s3 or b2. Is that the case with your module? Or do you need to keep it both places? With so many vps being small ssd, it would be great to offline files to cloud.
  9. I need this also. Backblaze b2 would be great even as it is even cheaper on both bandwith and storage space.
  10. I built this one on bootstrap 4 with a number of extras. ie. Animate on scroll for photos and carousels, navbar animate on scroll, lightbox, facebook sdk for page embed, google map embed, and font awesome. I am using the page tree as a row builder instead of navigation. I detached the menu system from the page tree to give more control on external links, single page website situations that need to link to sections, and add new window target options. It also lets you have different footer links vs header links this way. You can add something like a privacy policy to the footer and not the header and still have one place that controls your menus. Extensions used: Color Picker, Inputfield ACE Extended, Google map marker, MarkInPageTree, Media Library, and Hana Code. I made a little module that will combine all of my ACE code fields into one merged javascript file and one merged css file on page save also. (Filename time stamped for cache busting.) Its pretty neat! I have code tabs on pages that contain css and js ace fields tied to various things. containers, themes, quick styles, and my sitewide code snippets can all have css or js that are merged on page save. While the page rows are great for adding elements to single pages, the sitewide snippet template is very powerful also. Located under the template page, these are filed under the location name. It has fields for files, css, js, php, and html code. By adding this one page to the correct location; Top, Head, Body, Bottom, it will autoload and add code to various locations all at the same time and keep everything organized. ie. Install a header file, and it pulls in all of the related css styles and javascript code at the same time for you. You can check out my screenshots to see how it all works! You can insert bootstrap rows, columns, and add bootstrap elements to columns.
  11. I think I had to add the repeaters manually and not export and import?
  12. Yeah, from what I understand, Any number of different ec2 servers could all run the processwire files and serve users with apache or nginx but connect to one file system for assets and one database. (Aurora and EFS are both fully managed and fault tolerant so ec2 would be stateless.) 100 gigs of EFS is about $30 per month with unlimited requests and bandwith, so no additional charges.
  13. Have you tried using EFS? Turning on cloud front is also an option to speed things up.
  14. has anyone tried this yet?
  15. I found it! Posting for future people.